Of Lepak and Sheer Annoyance

Today went to submit my supervisor’s evaluation form to Zachary T_T;; then went to check out Cold Storage’s opening day It looks a little unorganized but I love the variety *_*. Highlights of the place would be the amount of instant stuff like instant lasagna (serious… just add water! lol), a very huge slab of Norwegian salmon! *paws* for only RM5+ per 100g and Dirty Rice. Yep you heard it right.

Dirty Rice + King = Dirty Minded King? 😛

Leek overload~

It was great seeing King and Sylvene back again after so long XD. After that was yamcha with Jared 8D.

And he got a very cute cup of milk together with his coffee!!!!

There was a cat outside the cafe. See its lovely silky coat? *_*

Amused yet annoyed, this person has been in my hair for almost the whole week. Amused on how the fella related Langkawi to working situations to friends vs enemies vs trust. Annoyed like shit because the cycle has been going on for almost a week. People ask why I’m still tolerating and I tell them I guess I’m some fucking saint. I have to treat this person as though I’m talking to a 5 year old *grumbles* Now I can’t even rant properly or else… I think everyone can guess what’s gonna happen anyway.

God be damned someone please gimme the strength.