Flying $$$! *headwalls*

Been so busy getting hounded during the weekday that I lost my interest to blog for a while…. well add my Angry Birds obsession into the equation, there goes a full week of no updates haha.

KitKat’s in Green Tea and Sakura flavor that Ian brought back from Japan *o* Damn they taste so good, I wonder how much will it cost here T_T;;

Busy cleaning the office bit by bit too. Lots more to do, thank god we have young men in the office now >D

The weekend was a wonderful day of shopping and lots of eating involved DX. My stomach wasn’t feeling very well but it was much better by dinner time so I got to enjoy the food fully at Kalamazoo Cafe!

The owners each resided in the States between five to ten years. A couple of years after their return, they realized they missed those days so much and decided to recreate them here, thus Cafe Kalamazoo was born.

Kalamazoo Cafe is located at Aman Suria, beside Betty’s Midwest Kitchen. Originally we were suppose to join Ezel and the rest at Betty’s but since we arrived late, the guys were finished and the waiting line was just so horribly long, we decided to retreat to Kalamazoo, suggested by Shaun.

The interior looks like a university bar, very nice and cosy =D. The wall full of polaroids there are pictures of the Western Michigan Alumni visitors. The menu had…. had….. had pork! which gives it a double plus! d*_*b

Jared’s BLT. Best bacon sandwich ever! The taste of the bacon invades your mouth the moment you sink your teeth into it *drools*

My pork lasagna. It’s so soft :3 and perfect for me with braces. The egg and potato salad is really nice too. It really looks like a pile of mush

Meals are not complete without dessert! (and because we were still hungry) We ordered a chewy brownie. The taste of chocolate is so overpowering, I should’ve said yes to the ice cream offer >_<

Toffee banana cake! Not to sweet and easy to slice through the layers =D.

After looking at these shitty pictures, I should really consider getting a better camera x_X Pictures are all horrible especially under yellow lighting =/.

I bought a polka dot vintage skirt and a nice white top yesterday =P A bit pricey but worth it! >w< Suppose to have a skirt coming in this week and waiting for my wigs too =/ Gods with all these spendings, it’s no wonder I can’t save >A<. Ok, I shall keep a ledger book starting April! >_<

Talked to my mum earlier too, will be sending my gypsy skirts for repair in May to one of my relatives so I can save marnee! *_*b


Sayonara Work LOL

Johnny made an awesome discovery on Monday LOL.


THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR ME XD;;; Now I can abandon the reason to buy an iPod touch hoho~

Bits of Life #2302

Oh thank god I got my images back! I’ve been seeing froggies all day till I sent in a request to register a domain DX. Quite some time ago that I blogged about my life =D Work has been hectic as usual. Before CNY, clients were rushing for deadlines since suppliers normally go on a 1 week leave. After CNY, clients get busy concocting nonsense for us to get stressed over ~_~;; My hopes to take leave are gone~~~~ T3T

We had a dealers launch last week. It was fun :3 even though I had the cramps from womanly issues. Johnny and my boss have sync-ed their minds. They wore the same shirt on that day -3-

Boss hired a new copywriter too. He’s a bit weird =/ Long story.

Boss dragged us to help out and be slaves to the client T3T I stood at the side and looked pretty! *flees* Nah I just took some set up pics and placed my bum on any chair available, damn period….. I spent most of my time trying to catch people in the most awkward positions. Victim is mostly Johnny hehehe!

Cinderella Johnny!

Boss and Fifi playing ‘finger drama’. Hah! I finally caught his face >D

Well karma paid me a visit for taking all these ridiculous photos lol. Turns out the place where I parked turns into a hawker area at night. So I arrived to my car to find it surrounded by tables and a stall grilling sotong beside my car @A@

T_T My car could actually move if we moved 2-3 tables away but the fella told me that the Char Kuey Teow guy parked his car at the entrance and there was no way he was gonna budge =( Thank gods Audrey came and saved the day! >A< but I could only collect my car by 1am D8

The sandals that I wanted turned out to be Grendha shoes and upon closer inspection, the flats are actually VERY hard so I settled for a pair of normal Ipanema flip flops……. which by now has turned a little grey-ish OTL damn you dusty Malaysia!

My cosplay plans is also progressing smoothly. Settled most of the material after 2 days of material hunting thanks to our kiam siap nature. My A4 sheet of paper is full of cloth samples haha but most likely we’ll buy the cloth next week =D Here’s a last pic before I end my entry.

Happy cat relaxing in the middle of the pavement at SS2

My New Love, Box! ……and a chunk of rants.

Hmmm my Valentine’s was spent with an object. A box. Oh I’m making it sound so sad when I’m actually CRAZY OVER A BOX!!! We had a delivery on Monday, some Ikea stuffs for one of our projects so the guys assembled and left the huge box in the office.

Box beside the entrance *_* I has evil thoughts

We played with it of course, before sending it to the recycle bin *o* It’s so big and comfy~

Johnny for sale

I want to be adopted!

Recently splurged on this cuz my temper is flying sky high into the heavens =_=


incoming rant ahead

For those who don’t know, I’ve officially resigned from Comic Fiesta. Some dick decided to pull a ‘listen-to-what-I-have-to-say-first-and-let-me-finish-then-oh-you-were-saying?’ THE FUCK. It’s been ages since I’ve felt THIS pissed and I still feel just as pissed as I was even though this happened more than 24 hours ago.

Well guess what, the reason I quit CF is because of me and nothing but me! I shall use this as an official reason just so that no one bothers to reason with me and apparently it’s the only reason that HE will side me for it. Yeap it’s me and not that anyone else’s problem. I’m just the problematic bitch and everyone is perfect and dandy~ Now the whole world is satisfied and at peace YAY!






*spits to the floor*

Yes indeed it’s ME. Because I have a problem with the latest structure and people fitted in it. Because I can forsee shit happening and I don’t wanna be a part it. Because I believe that nothing is going to change. But nooooooo people are telling me I’m not giving it a chance and telling me its childish to leave right after AGM.

If I leave before AGM, I won’t know who’s the new comm of 2011.

When I left right after AGM, I am called childish.

If I leave halfway, people will tell me it’s not right to leave halfway and stick through till the event is over then leave which will be TOO LATE by then.

So tell me, when the FUCK is the right time to leave.

It’s like when you go for a job interview and got accepted, it comes down to signing the employment letter and get chained. You start to notice that the environment is not how you thought it was, you might not be comfortable with the T&C in the letter or you think that you might not be able to handle the job responsibilities and maybe other reasons that make you not sign the letter. Well, SAME FUCKING THING. SO HOW DOES THIS MAKE ME CHILDISH?! It’s not as though I left my job hanging unlike some idiots nor does it require me to find a successor so what the fuck is the big deal.

Well I regretted saying anything. I should’ve just kept my bloody mouth shut unless I have something good to say about anything cuz that’s the only thing people want to hear. God I should’ve just said I wanna leave CF for personal reasons, period. *goes regret in the pit of despair*

Comedy Thursday

Wohoo~ Thursday I got dragged out by Jared & Shaun to watch Comedy Thursday organized by TimeOut KL. One of our friends was performing so we all went to support him. Show was at 9pm so I had to rush all my work and leave by 6pm since the guys will be picking me up from my house. God damn jam, but we made it in time to Velvet Underground @ Zouk KL.

Place didn’t reek of cigs thankfully but Jared was sneezing like heck. By the time the show ended, we were dying of hunger orz. We didn’t eat any dinner and by the time the show ended, it was around 11.30 T_T so we dropped by Jalan Alor for some beef ball noodles before heading home.

We discovered how much pepper Shaun puts on his noodles @A@

Damn I should’ve just wrote a review since this entry seems so half assed =w=. I’m just not in a mood to blog but I really wanted to share some photos *w* I wanted to share my experience at J.W Marriot hotel but unfortunately it’s about work so I can’t put up and photos. Next entry should be a review…… when I can bother myself to do research OTL.

Oh one last photo…

We papered the whole office yesterday since the pest control people are coming over to spray the place. We’ve been getting flea problems for the last 2 weeks =(

Festivity Cheer

Greetings guys! Hope you enjoyed your long holidays so far =D and gather as many angpows to keep for a rainy day *_*b As for me, I spent my long holiday isolated from the world. Doesn’t seem very CNY-ish but I wasn’t in the mood to celebrate this year. I wanted to spend the holiday in a quiet environment since the last 2 weeks have been hectic at work for me so I wasn’t in the mood to deal with anymore big company. On top of that, my family is in a war zone especially with us being the bitch’s victims just cuz she’s not getting along with someone. I didn’t wanna come back from Ipoh feeling moody and grumpy so yeah, a good reason to stay away.

Colleagues were gambling on the eve of CNY lol

Boss treated us to lunch then we closed the office for the rest of the day =D I had a meet up with Vinu but the fella was late so I spent the next few hours looking through tennis rackets and hunting for my ankle weights. Surprisingly, Jusco brings in a better selection of rackets compared to Studio R. I’m quite happy that Jusco brought in junior rackets cuz I’ve been considering to get myself a new racket, one with a smaller grip. According to the size of my palm and height, I should get a 26″ racket, 1 inch away from the standard sized racket.

I also went to Fitness Concept and another store in MidValley to find my ankle weights but they only have the sand bag ones and they’re RM89!!! My ideal weights were made from lead and adjustable weight. Thankfully, Jusco has the exact ones I was looking for AND they had a 20% discount!!! *w* top up with my RM20 Jusco voucher, I only paid RM35 for those weights XD~

Presenting my new weights *w* I’ll start on it once my body is familiar with my current workout.

First day of CNY: First, the Green Hornet at Tropicana then we sneaked into TMNL, stole their projector and watched The Social Network. You can see charsiewpao down there in the pile of shoes XD;;

Eve of CNY, I was a Leong! Overnight-ed at Audrey’s place =D cuz it’s too lonely to sleep alone~~ >w< The rest of my CNY holidays were spent with Jared and watching Gossip Girl + Scrubs. Might seem sad to you but I enjoy the solitude =) and much thanks to Jared for accompanying me.

This year, people sure take CNY damn seriously @_@ Shops in MidValley were closed by 3pm on New Year’s eve! Business hours were only till 7pm on the 3rd and 4th of Feb and ALL the shops in my area were closed @A@. On the bright side, roads are empty 8D and I get my peace.

I’ve also gone back to my beauty drink. The last 1 month without it has been a horror D8. My face has been producing so much oil that it I can see DROPLETS on my forehead and nose wtf. My pimples came back too, partially cuz of my new fringe and I suspect because of my inconsistent sleep time. I find that the drink helps speed up the recovery of the pimples and scars and also my face looks a lot clearer with it. I guess there’s no escaping it T_T will have to workout my budget to afford it every month.

I also prepared an envelope called the New Balance Fund. I went to N Concept and looked through their selection of New Balance shoes. Set on a pair of shoes that cost Rm350 so here’s a small fund set up so that I can save but by bit without touching my savings >w< So far so good, I’m putting my angpow money in plus a small bit of extra money I saved from my food money so it’s quite a good start =D.

Dinner with Jon shall be in my next post! =D Too much happening and I’ve been so lazy to blog even though I was at home a lot >_<

Daily Digests #1801

Ah my days have been quite hectic >_< Work is piling up a lot since we won some pitches. My posts have been about life and they continue to be about life! >D I just bought another dress again during the weekend ;_; It was a very pretty dress and I didn’t notice the details on the dress till Joanna showed me @A@;;

You can see Osaka, Niigata and Nagoya~! All the cities in Japan on my dress. It makes the rest of the prints look like a subway line XD;;

She recently brought her baby to the store *w* It’s a long haired Chihuahua and her name is Miracle! She’s such a sweetie and a really obedient dog ❤

Just wanna share with you this unique stall I normally pass by on my way to office. It’s just a Malay stall selling food in the morning.

But before you buy, you gotta pick a number! Damn I was number 77 by the time I arrived D8

Next beauty related event I’ll be attending would be the Lancome Spring Collection Preview this Saturday :3 I do need some beauty-related stuff for my bloggie. Tomorrow’s gonna be a crunch time since boss asked us to stay back T___T

Finding Something New Each Day

2011 didn’t kick off at a great  start for me D: Spotted 2 huge roaches in office which means the whole office jumped out of their skin when I screamed =/ There was another one crawling near my cubicle the next day but thank god I clocked out by that time >_< Really, one fine day I might just hand in my resignation if the I start to find one each day D: I suspect that the office was quiet for 4 days so the pests thought they could party or something cuz this normally happens after the holidays D:

Colleagues birthday today. We got her a chocolate walnut cake. I nearly gagged from eating the walnuts =( cuz I generally hate nuts in my desserts.

Yesterday I dropped by the pasar malam after postponing for MONTHS. Manage to get more lashes and found some pretty ones that I can test on =D. I found some pants to wear around at home too but I’m on a very tight budget this month TwT. Total spent was around RM13 on lashes X3

Was comparing the individual pair I got to the 10-in-a-box.

Left: Lashes I have, Right: New lashes from pasar malam~ hehe they’re slightly thicker~

Found good use for the box Brian gave me for Christmas 8D Fits all my lashes perfectly! ❤

I’m so broke this month because I overestimated my expenses ;___; dammit. This shows that I need to get another bank account to put my savings in >_> or I could just get the cat coin box for fun and stuff all my saving money inside ;w;

Work: Trip to the Print Factory

This happened in 3-4 weeks ago but I thought it’s not appropriate to share till the brochures reach the client. After 2 years, this project finally went to printing so me and Johnny got to go see how the brochures were printed =D

We accidentally went to the wrong print factory at first hahaha cuz the building colors were the same >_< thank god it was the wrong factory cuz that factory smelled like something died….. >_>

This factory is thankfully clean hallelujah! >A< and it has air cond! A rarity in print factories since the factory beside didn’t have any air cond and I also recall the print factories in Pudu area didn’t have any air cond too ;_; This rambling on air conds is so totally not relevrant to this entry so moving onnnnnn =w=;;

First we got to see the first set of prints and compare them to the original proofs. If any adjustments needed to be made, they can adjust the ink output before they make the final batch of prints.

Oh I forgot to add, for this brochure, we went ahead with the traditional printing style which is using films rather than providing a CD, reason being that using films assures sharper images and better print quality. On top of that, we’re using special paper for this brochure and according to my boss, the ink on the paper takes 3 days to dry! @A@

The uber heavy machinery used to print the brochures. It looks like a tram ride from here haha!

Buttons to operate that tram ride machine

After making the final adjustments, we did another print to see the results.

Making the final touches. I just realized how outnumbered I am @_@ since I’m the only girl in this whole trip. Hmph must ganba and prove myself worthy!!!! >A<

That concludes my trip to the print factory, hope it was interesting to you readers out there =) Sorry if you guys dozed on your keyboards ;_; I just thought it’d be nice to share some of my work related stuff here.

Of Training and Coincidences

PS: This entry was suppose to be up on Sunday, I don’t know why WP didn’t upload it!!!!!

Just reached home from Port Dickson =D I attended my company’s training session for the weekend *sobs*. My shoulders hurt and I’m surprised I’m not exhausted yet haha. Training started from Friday onwards, gather time is at 9.15 but me and Jared decided to go for dim sum first 8D dragging poor Ezel along.

The spreadddddd. Total came up to RM45 *kills self*

The van was late so we killed time by folding paper plans and throwing it around office lol. Even boss joined.

All 10 of us were cramped into a van. Surprisingly I didn’t feel cramped even though I had no leg room and 2 bags piled on my thighs. We reached Corus Hotel around 11am+, just in time to throw our bags aside and head for lunch! But before that, I had to admire the hotel for a while *_*

PRETTYYYYYY Ignoring orange pipe and yellow wet sign! The lobby is downstairs.

Nice piano smack right in the middle of the hallway =D

Nice stairs too!

and…. and… and… CORRIDORS! Ah the photoshootssss ;_;

I was actually hyper about coming to PD just cuz of this water slide!!! but omg the waters is so shallow, my bum might hit the floor instead D8

I didn’t really enjoy the food for this trip TwT it was all horrid! The desserts were sickeningly sweet till I felt like puking and the food is all Malay food *cries*. Thankfully we had Chinese meal for the annual dinner D:. Speaking of which, we had a dresscode for the annual dinner which was pajamas. Sadly I couldn’t execute my banana in pajamas project since the striped pajamas were expensive ;A;

Fiyond prepping for the night.

Julia as a baby lol

Put 2 people together and you have scandalous scenes.

The annual dinner was super fun 8D and our team won for having the most points 8D. I got a prize too for the 30 seconds to fame with the Billionaire spoof rofl. We all laughed till our stomach hurts and my voice is a little screechy too lolol.

Saturday was torture day, it was a whole day of ‘lectures’ by our boss on how to write campaign briefs and execute the creative strategy to presentation skills. By the end of the day, we were given a case study to analyze and work overnight. Our task was to come up with a campaign to fulfill the client’s objectives.

We were divided into 2 groups and slaved through the night. My brain broke into pieces D8 but luckily I had Jared for some help ;__;, we manage to complete everything (even rehearsed my presentation twice! =D) and got some shut eye by 5am. Woke up at 7.30am to practice and coordinate with the rest of my teammates ;_; for at least another 2 times before we headed to the conference room.

Overall I was quite happy with my presentation. I didn’t refer much to the paper or my notes. Only problem is I was going too fast teehee so I guess it’s a slight improvement from my college days =D

We left PD on Sunday by 3pm but I only arrived home around 6 ;_;. Frustrated that my weekend was dedicated to work, I dragged Jon for a little shopping in Bukit Bintang. Manage to find my shoes and the bag I’ve been hunting around but the bag was in terrible condition so I decided not to get it *sigh*. But at least now I’m happy I did something for myself for the weekend XD;;

My new shoes *hearts* to replace my sandals that broke while I was at my client’s office. They make my feet look pretty without the need to elevate my height!

PS: I met Nao while I was at PD, she was staying in the same hotel too! It was a total WTF moment XD;;

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