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If Given The Chance, The Past, Present and Future

Now before you start your yapping on how I should look forward and focus on what I’m doing now, here’s a good piece of advice before commenting: stuff it. I’m bloody tired of the way some people are speaking to me in such a damn rude and spiteful manner. You people might now know who you are but I bloody hope you watch your words before you speak next time.

This is just an entry to muse over my situation. I don’t need you telling me ‘You’re in Advertising now, just focus do your best. You can’t take back lost time’ cuz I bloody hell know.

4 years ago right after SPM, being the stupid girl I was, I got shoved by my parents to pick the cheapskate UTAR to pursue Advertising all because I wasn’t set on what I wish to major. It was either that or a 6 year government training on English. Being the KL addicted girl I was (and still am) back then, the though of 6 years away from KL was just horrifying so I picked the first choice.

Given the chance to make my own choice, I would’ve picked PR but heck I’m not surprised if they refute with silly answers. Playing the alpha in the house, I’m not surprised if my choice for PR was denied without hesitation during that time. Now looking at my grades, I’m horribly afraid to say that there’s a high possibility I won’t do well this semester. I do admit I haven’t been performing the best and designing subject covers half of the course. What’s worse is that my group mates are horribly lazy people who make absolutely or close to zero effort. I foresee my 3D Animation subject will have a very poor grade based on my group’s progress and my lecturer’s expectations.

Amazing how one miserable subject can bring me so low. My only hope is to save my grades to a 2.5 to 2.7 CGPA and pray hard, the event management industry won’t give a damn to my grades (fat chance!) or at least interview me before reviewing my grades XD;;

Geez, I can’t even rant properly….

I Shall Not Give In!!!

Easier said than done though especially if something as gorgeous as that is up for pre-orders. Label8Clothing is taking pre-orders for this pretty hairband and it costs RM50. I’ve been hunting hairbands like these eversince BeautifulDisaster came up with their collection! *groans* Oh well will just have to wait till BeautifulDisaster updates in May/June T__T;;

Randon: My make up case should be arriving today or tomorrow 8D and I just purchased a kimono dress (finally!)

To all my single, heartbroken girls. Yea it’s tough embracing singlehood, men can be scums. Just find a new passion to keep your mind off, surround yourself with friends, rant all you want to someone. I’ll be all ears at least =P

God Knows…

I’m still very upset over what happened. That woman didn’t have to tell the whole world over something this small. Sad to say it does remind me of my old self truthfully. Still, I hate people having the wrong impression on me. The time I spent to alienate myself, building up my walls and swear not to get hurt ever again, all wasted. It took so much willpower and strength not to go back there for my own good. Having people tell me I’m a much better person than I was previously, kept me going till then.

Damnations for listening to emo songs lol. It’s okay, there’s still enough concrete to build another wall that shall last longer. *puts on her safety helmet*

Hijikata Heaven

I feel like I was still being leered at due to my history. I don’t feel like a person. Feeling like this drives me to quit but the stress levels in there attracts me. I crave to be overworked, to be pushed till I breakdown and go insane or plainly just end up getting sick…. My happiest moment was me getting a fever right after I got on the bus to head home after working for the last day of PC Fair.

Disturbia. End of story.

Onto more rainbows and happy stories where the princess lives happily ever after, I went to Jusco and bought edamame to fill myself to death. Of course there’s a reason this entry is called Hijikata Heaven.

Wasabi Mayo

Tropical Mayo

Citrus Mayo

Where Are You Sandman?

I can’t sleep for so many unknown reasons so I’ll just be blogging my heart out tonight.

Hmm I’m actually grateful for the president as she’s really made a difference in the committee. So sad she’s leaving >w<. My status looks like it’s STILL hanging and will probably stay like that until March? =_=;; and someone shook hands with me congratulating me for staying in the comm so I don’t know whether I should feel proud or grateful that my ass is saved.

As for which dept I’m planning to go, I’m just hoping I’ll be able to be the walking, talking, breathing portable external harddisk. It’s like the safest position as in it’s free from all political influence and a very passive job haha. Don’t get me wrong, I love work related stress and just enjoy hearing dorama cuz it makes me think from many different views but my Final Year will be the death of me. Also it helps to satisfy my selfish curiosity on how a committee works and at the same time hopefully be their backup for any documents like how some can mysteriously disappear in a CAR =___=;; oh wait that’s the responsibility of the assistant of the dept =P

I was very tempted to suggest that we record all our future meetings just like how journalists do it since I see all the ‘eh I never heard you mention at the previous meeting’ stuff. My dad works for the visually impaired so they have many recording devices, will just see out of curiosity whether they have one that can record up to 4-5 hours or else it’s the old tape recorder~ Okay I’m joking to a certain extent but it would be awesome to actually know the truth at some point.

I also personally think that someone else deserves to be in the department instead of me. Eventhough he doesn’t have an ounce of responsibility but he has definitely more passion towards the department compared to me. As long as he doesn’t take any leading roles soon, it should be fine….

Internship starts today and I’m suppose to be awake at 5.30 but… I’m awake now 8D;; Not really prepared for exam but I believe I can manage. Should really try to sleep now ^o^/


It’s amazing how I was talking to Onini about the temperature feels more like 32 degrees than 27 degrees as said in the weather forecast yesterday and today it IS 32! XD;; ‘Feels like: 36’ That’s so darn right! I’ve been drenched in sweat for the past 2 days D8 no amount of Ice Lemon Tea or Honey Lime can help.

Oh yes pimping a new uber cute anime for you guys~

Shugo Chara! Doki!!

The OP and ED screams absolute cuteness and it’s a very uplifting anime overall. Currently it’s in season 2 =D 52 episodes.

I just realized that CF is around the corner yet I’m not enthusiastic about it at all. If I actually drop all my cosplay plans this year, I can buy myself a DSLR…. take more photos, having more things to write in my blog. Boy, I’m thinking so far in the future.

I would like nothing more than to slap someone actually =( for misdirecting his anger to me months ago. I know I’m suppose to move on and shit, yes I have, except for this teensy weensy issue. It continues to linger in my mind and I just can’t put it to rest T_T. The urge for revenge… I’ve always been a revengeful person =( The satisfaction of him tasting the bitter end of the stick…. an eye for an eye as they say.

The weather isn’t helping with my grudge as well D8

Abroad Vs Local

This might sound of like I’m jealous and maybe I am a little but what’s the big deal studying overseas? If it’s a matter of getting experience, might as well join a homestay program or plan a holiday there instead of enjoying yourselves, getting hit with assignments all the time, complaining you’re homesick and stuff. If the course isn’t offered here then it’s understandable, but why go through so much trouble paying such a large sum to get a miserable sheet of paper that can be obtained locally. Christ the amount I see spent just to study overseas is equivalent to a fully refurbished terrace house =_=.

To me, studying abroad means higher chance to land into a job since locals just love overseas stuffles but recently I think that chance can be obtained without going across the sea. It’s just a matter of your involvements, confidence and how you bring yourself. One person in particular went abroad and came back working as some…. HR ‘kuli’… I honestly think that the requirements for this kind of job is extremely low that even an SPM graduate can apply as well.

Call me an ass for being so critical about what people do with their lives but I just find it so hard to believe that these kind of people are fooling around and throwing money while there’s so much can be done with that kind of money. Maybe… I could be jealous seeing them spending as though they own a money tree XD.

Unlucky or Lucky?

October 13th….. sounds like such an unlucky day to me. Oh yes I’ve been meaning to post some photos but just been lazy. Photos make a post more interesting >< so we’ll start chronologically cuz I’m an very organized person! XD *gets smacked*

First will be a pink rubber ducky that I gave Shaun. It was an impulse buy, I remembered that I didn’t have a bathtub so this will be floating in Shaun’s toilet bowl I guess. He can use it when he emcee’s for the Breast Cancer campaign too.

Dad’s been hooked onto this beer lately and yeah it’s 12%

Sem started today XD and I was suppose to attend rehearsal for the Jap thingy but I was there till 10 and they barely started. Rehearsal was suppose to start at 9.30am so I just ffk-ed and went for my lecture. Since there was plenty of extra time to kill, I went hunting for a warm place which is the computer lab on the second floor.

Rajin people, prolly facebook-ing =P

Zef posing with his rajin look lol.

Shucks I just realized that’s the service guy bending over there *facepalms*

I had to take my car for service and I didn’t know it was in a horrible shape @@;; The service guy was staring at my tyres @@;; cuz they were practically bald and one of them has a gash XD;;; My mum is prolly having a heart attack right now since we took that car in that condition to Ipoh lol. The guy said the tyre could’ve exploded anytime rofl. To think I’m just happily driving it around without realizing it lololol.

By the way, remember I told you guys how I damaged the car frame which was seemingly the strongest part of the car? Well yea since they had to elevate the car to change the tyres, I took the chance to snap the pic of my monstrosity.

*whistles and looks away*

While waiting for the car to get done, I saw a rainbow! >w< Now doesn’t that make you forget your troubles and think everything is okay and just how lucky you are =)

Lecturer gave us a personality psychology test and I scored an ENTP. ENTPs direct their energy towards the outer world of actions and spoken words. They try to create new potential, changing things to see if any improvement can be made, and generally working towards a better future. They are often trying challenging the status quo and instigating change. It makes me feel like I’m a really… strong, outspoken and influential individual which overall sounds too good to be true haha. Can treat this class as a motivational class I suppose haha since she said she’s gonna give us these sort of tests in every lecture.