Flying $$$! *headwalls*

Been so busy getting hounded during the weekday that I lost my interest to blog for a while…. well add my Angry Birds obsession into the equation, there goes a full week of no updates haha.

KitKat’s in Green Tea and Sakura flavor that Ian brought back from Japan *o* Damn they taste so good, I wonder how much will it cost here T_T;;

Busy cleaning the office bit by bit too. Lots more to do, thank god we have young men in the office now >D

The weekend was a wonderful day of shopping and lots of eating involved DX. My stomach wasn’t feeling very well but it was much better by dinner time so I got to enjoy the food fully at Kalamazoo Cafe!

The owners each resided in the States between five to ten years. A couple of years after their return, they realized they missed those days so much and decided to recreate them here, thus Cafe Kalamazoo was born.

Kalamazoo Cafe is located at Aman Suria, beside Betty’s Midwest Kitchen. Originally we were suppose to join Ezel and the rest at Betty’s but since we arrived late, the guys were finished and the waiting line was just so horribly long, we decided to retreat to Kalamazoo, suggested by Shaun.

The interior looks like a university bar, very nice and cosy =D. The wall full of polaroids there are pictures of the Western Michigan Alumni visitors. The menu had…. had….. had pork! which gives it a double plus! d*_*b

Jared’s BLT. Best bacon sandwich ever! The taste of the bacon invades your mouth the moment you sink your teeth into it *drools*

My pork lasagna. It’s so soft :3 and perfect for me with braces. The egg and potato salad is really nice too. It really looks like a pile of mush

Meals are not complete without dessert! (and because we were still hungry) We ordered a chewy brownie. The taste of chocolate is so overpowering, I should’ve said yes to the ice cream offer >_<

Toffee banana cake! Not to sweet and easy to slice through the layers =D.

After looking at these shitty pictures, I should really consider getting a better camera x_X Pictures are all horrible especially under yellow lighting =/.

I bought a polka dot vintage skirt and a nice white top yesterday =P A bit pricey but worth it! >w< Suppose to have a skirt coming in this week and waiting for my wigs too =/ Gods with all these spendings, it’s no wonder I can’t save >A<. Ok, I shall keep a ledger book starting April! >_<

Talked to my mum earlier too, will be sending my gypsy skirts for repair in May to one of my relatives so I can save marnee! *_*b


Shopping and Sobbing

Damn I shoukd stay at home every weekend for the rest of the month T_T I spent so much today *sobs* Jon accompanied me to get my new specs and after trying them on together with my disastrous haircut, I feel like I’m downgrading my appearances instead of improving each year *sigh*

And my new specs too. I’ll have to wait 2 months before I can go for a director’s cut T_T

My new frames =D It’s simple and not to flashy since I don’t want people to be looking at my glasses. The frames are just nice, not too big for my face.

After collecting my specs, I went to get my scar serums and of all times they ran out of gold serum when I thought of trying on my smile lines ;_; Oh well stock should arrive next week. In the mean time I shall review the scar potion soon! =D

Went to visit Paperdolls since Jon wanted to get a dress for his friend. I ended up buying a dress for myself too T_T damn temptation. I bought another bag too since it was cute, large enough for me to take out to do my shopping and it’s only RM30!!

Cute? The aunty had a very black face on when I said I’ll come back on Monday to buy the bag D: sheesh….

Mental note to myself T_T stop spending till the end of the month. I still have a dress that has yet to arrive =( Seller not replying to me…. cis…

Geek Fashion Change!

My chance to get a pair of Transitions came when I got the chance to attend the Malaya Optical Eye Wear event organized by Miu. The event was a chance for her readers to check out the 2011 collection of designer and branded eye wear products. On top of that, there will be vouchers and lots of discounts for frames and color contacts! A great opportunity for those who which to stock up on contacts or those who want to invest in a branded pair of frames =D

I myself decided to go for it in case I got a good deal for the Transitions >D I’ve been inquiring different opticians on the price of Transitions. Most of them quoted between RM450-RM650 for Transition lens and basic frames only. I refuse to go back to my old optician as I haven’t been really happy with the service he gave me. Because of them, I’ve been wearing tilted glasses for the past 2 years *sobs*. The last time I went to them to realign my specs, he keeps insisting they were straight >(. Long story short, I decided to go for another optician.

I was there by 11am because I mistaken the time *sobs* but at least we got parking! =D and we were the first thanks to me >_<. Good thing too as we got to have the first look at the frames and test our eyes before the crowds floods in 8D.

The moment we stepped in, we were greeted by Mr Ryan, the boss of Malaya Optical. He immediately removed my glasses saying it’s tilted and asked his staff to repair it! @A@ omg such good service! It’s slightly better now and they cleaned it using some cleaning machine @w@. We were served Teh Tarik and lollipops rofl while looking through their latest collection. They have quite a large range of brands @w@ there’s Bonia, Tag Heuer, Elle, Coach and a lot more I’m not familiar with.

Crazy crowd as there was an irresistible promo of RM15 for a box of contact lens! Sadly I’m stuck with specs for life =(

The drawer of candy~

I picked out a green pair of frames from United Colors of Benetton and Carl Zeiss Transition lens. Total after discount was RM650 8D not too bad considering it’s branded frames and Transitions. My specs have cost as high as RM800 before as they were multifocal + multicoat and they were RM250 on each side @@. I didn’t mind going slightly over budget (I think it was horribly over my budget T_T) as all Carl Zeiss Transitions are reflection free, high resistant, dust and scratch resistant and blocks UV rays from the PC screen thanks to the Zeiss coatings.

After picking out my frames, I was ushered into the room for a short eye check. My power went up slightly >_< and so did my astigmatism. My astigmatism is crazily high according to one of the staff as a normal person would have an astigmatism of +0.25 while mine was +1.00 @_@. They made me wear those heavy dorky glasses with the lens inserted inside and walk around the store for the next 10 minutes to see if my eyes can adjust to the power in my future-to-be specs. Decided to roam around and catch up with a few of the girls to kill my time XD;; Met Camie, Elle and even Arisa was there for the contact lens offer haha!

Some of the Benetton frames, if you look closer, you might be able to see the price @_@

The staff helping her customers picking out the right frames. Some frames cost as high as RM800 @A@.

After paying and nibbling some munchies from the snack table, we made our way to Tropicana for our movie. Popped by Paperdolls first and got myself a polka dotted dress!

It came with a polka dot bag!!!! LOL

Lunch was Bobalicious lunch set! This is their passionfruit orange smoothie

My Chicken Bolognese Spaghetti~

Ahhhh I can’t wait to receive my specs now! >w< *runs around with excitement* No more tilted specs!!!!

Malaya Optical’s FB page can be found here. Thank you Malay Optical for the wonderful service! ❤

Christmas Cheer

Halo everyone! How has your Christmas been? I’ve just returned from an awesome Christmas bash~ Great company, cold food and awesome gifts! *w* Everyone’s been in the Christmas mood since last week XD

Even Johnny is pretty frisky a few days before Christmas >D

Charsiewpau also received a present! Ok it’s just some random cookies on the table. I just wanted to show a picture of charsiewpau =D

Christmas Bash at Audrey’s place was awesome =D. We tried a lot of new things like orgies *points above* Darrell had to kiss everything and slapped by everybody, we sang carols and Medan Audrey, hearing fail proposal.

Woke up in the afternoon on Christmas day and went Christmas shopping ahahaha. I wanted to go to Laneige while Audrey wanted to visit Baviphat. We bought the presents and I just have to mention here that Parkson’s service is just fucking bad. Firstly, I hate Parkson for introducing such high requirements for their membership *sobs* Seriously RM500? What the fuck can I shop in Parkson for RM500? D: Even if I were to bring out my greedy self, there’s just nothing in the whole bloody store I want that can amount to RM500 D: This is like the 2nd most ridiculous membership after Crabtree & Evelyn who has a Rm600 purchase requirement to get membership. I shouldn’t really rant during Christmas.

There were two cashiers and both not far from each other. One of the staffs asked me to head to the other cashier as it just opened but omg both cashiers were just as slow zzzz. Even the Laneige sales assistant just gave totally bad customer service D8. She just wrote my item, hand it to me and ran off o_o. I could’ve just ran off with the item if I’m a dishonest person o_o and also she didn’t introduce me to Laneige’s membership wtf D: and when I asked to apply only she mentioned about it and also they ran out of application forms so they just asked me to fill up a piece of paper wtf? Ok I think I better stop ranting about my bad shopping experience.

Enjoyed some Zang Toi goodness before the long walk to Sungei Wang.

Choco banana cake nyammmmm~

I was hunting for Jared’s present too but Parkson Pavilion felt the brand I wanted was just too cheap for their branch FML so I had to go to Parkson’s Sungei Wang branch to get it. Oh shit there I go ranting again OK I’LL STOP IT D: Anyways I got the gift, now to get it wrapped since I’m such a lazy ass. Pressie was a bit over the budget but worth itttttt *_*

There was a manly guy at the gift wrapping counter! And he taught Audrey how to wrap too ROFL

Popped by the pet shop to see cute puppies before going to feed Jon’s dog XD

We’re still confused what dog is this. Looks like a Corgi with a hint of German Shepperd lol

Gifts from people! and myself rofl Dirt Candle from Jared <3, Baviphat mask and cat thingy from Audrey, Laneige Multiberry Peeling Gel from myself hahahaha.

Of Flaming Boxers & Egg Tarts

Ugh it was surprisingly a VERY frustrating Sunday cuz everyone seemed to have a bone to pick with me. I woke up at 8am to line up for the DC comics goodie bag at Pavilion. Got my special ‘free’ parking spot near the Ritz, or so I thought it was free =(

Some parking attendant came and asked me for RM3!!!! I mean it’s nothing compared to paying RM7 at Starhill but all the while I’ve been parking at the area for free, so I argued with him a bit D: then decided to let it slide since he had this official looking receipt with ParkWay’s chop…. not without leaving a threat that if there’s a single scratch on my car, I will personally ram him down to add on to the deco =P (okay I didn’t exactly say that but it was what crossed my mind).

Then as I walked into Pavilion, a guard stopped me saying I can’t go in till 10am WTF?! I asked him what reason is there and he said just cause it’s closed wtf??? This is the first time I’ve been shoo-ed from a shopping centre just cause they’re not open D: I saw some people walking to another direction from the corner of my eye so I followed the trail of ants people and got in from the side entrance! >o</

Again as we queued up in front of the store, we got shoo-ed again wtf =( but the staff were kind enough to give us a running number so that we can get our goodies for us early birds 8D. On my way out, I found a nice corner near the lift where I could hide till 10am >D so I stayed hidden till 9.51am then went back and join the queue. Thank god, I stepped out just as the lift opened and a flood of people came out cuz there was a guard at that corner too ma cheebai >_>

The crowd at 10am.

As Johnny told me on Saturday, the store didn’t opened till 11am, again they didn’t open till 11am today but luckily I brought a book to kill time. It’s a bit sad that people just walked off the moment they received the goodie bag without bothering to tour the store =(. I on the other hand decided to browse through to see if the store concept, it looked kind of interesting from the pictures Johnny posted.

The shoe aisle caught my eyes omg the pretty shoessss ;o; but they cost RM199! I wanted to take a closeup of my fav but the salesgirl was there so I dare not =( but I like those pink fluffy shoes and the neon colored ones at the bottom shelves =/ I’m starting to like some pink stuff but the amount of pink fanatic girls out there just scares the shit out of me =_= from buying anything pink related.

I find it quite reasonable actually as their shirts cost RM119 minimum wtf and a cap with a Superman logo on it cost RM99 o_o I wonder if it’s real swarovski gems or they’re just charging us for the painstaking labor to stick all those on the cap.

My goodies~ A superman shirt, my flaming boxers! XD and also a superhero calendar which shall be on my office desk! =D

After the DC comic event, I went to pick some egg tarts before heading home. I’ve loved the egg tarts at this place but never got the chance to stop by here cuz there’s no public transportation near this area despite it being in the heart of KL =/ so I’d like to introduce you toooo~ *drum rolls*

Win Heng Seng coffee shop! Some might know this area especially with the huge Tropicana ad up there. This place is infamous as a lunch area but there’s a jewel within the cluster of hawker stalls~

Lives the king of all egg tarts that can put Jon King to shame!!! >A< Ok not really the king but it’s one of the tastier egg tarts in KL.

Egg tarts fresh from the oven! Their tarts are so famous that a fresh batch comes out from the oven every 15 minutes and before the next batch comes out, they’re all finished! People come from Singapore, ‘tapau’ 20-40 pcs before they board the bus.

The uncle and his magic oven~

After fighting with the crowd, I manage to get 15 tarts to take home. These tarts can fit into your mouth so you won’t make a mess at home =D The tarts are priced at 70 cents per pc. They do sell other snacks such as siew pau and pineapple tarts, not sure for the pricing of those.

On my home, some stupid herd, yes it’s a bloody fucking herd of about 20-30 Malays decided to cross the road when the traffic light on my side is still GREEN! I’m not trying to be racist but it was a whole fucking family of Malays =_= I’m telling it as it is. These are adults carrying small children and crossing the road when the light was green! Are these people that suicidal! They see my hugeass green car coming towards them and they just take a step forward!!!!! Retards I tell you, fucking retards!!!! They only know how to copulate to populate wtf.

I dropped by Jusco to grab my Sebamed stuff and ended up spending RM196 wtf! Most of the amount went to my beauty drink as there was a promotion going on or else the actually price would me RM149 D: I didn’t expect to spend till mid-Dec but ugh the promotion caught me off guard! Never mind ;_; I have to tell myself that it’s cheaper compared to if I buy it later. My Sebamed was going on discount too so I grabbed the cleanser just incase mine finishes. The sample kit is lasting really long =D even though I’m using quite a generous amount on my face every day. I take it as a good sign =)

Updates #2711

Ah after all that iPhone hate released onto the entry, I feel much better. Been feeling very frustrated lately cuz I sent my car to Lim Tayar after discovering one of my tires having low air pressure despite me pumping air last week. Turns out 3 of my tires need to be replaced. 1 is leaking, 1 had a bump and the other tire is cracking =( so I got myself a set of GoodYear tires for RM600

They look like kiwi now~

Then while they were fixing my new tires, the service guy called me saying my rims were dented too so it’ll be another RM210 to fix 3 of the rims *sobs* Gods this debt is going to hang on my head till February, I’m praying for a bonus this year!!! T_T

My face is getting much better. Ever since I started on the beauty drink, I noticed the healing process speeding up. Will probably continue on the drink for another month, gods this is expensive maintenance =( but I still have 12-14 days before I make the final decision.

Need to get new work clothes too so I’ve been scouting around and nearly decided to buy mori styled clothes but the thought of washing them just killed me so I settled for some basics. Already purchased a pair of skorts after I found out I can wear them in office >D and I’m eying a basic cardi, puffy sleeve blouse and a fluffy skirt X3 just waiting for some detailed pics. Oh and I also caved in and got myself the Balenciaga inspired messenger bag :3 should be coming in before 15th December. Wow… that’s a lot of spendings I realize >_< and I got to buy toner too since my sample kit toner is running out (like finally!)

Well, that’s pretty much what happened this week. I’m staying home for the weekend so that I won’t go and spend on anything, but might go for the DC comics hunt on Sunday depending on Johnny’s experience today >D

Next update is about work 8D~

Random Picture Post and Hauls

The amount of masks I have at home =/ I told Johnny I would upload them when I have the time lol. Reason there’s so much piling is because I never had the time to spare to use them =/ but I kept buying cuz they were going at a cheap price orz. Some were given by friends, some were exchanged. Now, I’m not using much masks cuz of my acne skin. The amount of blackheads on my face are quite alarming =3=;; should probably make an appointment for a facial soon.

Lotus fried with salted egg me thinks? Ate this when I had dinner with the J’s couple of weeks ago XD;;

And now for not so random entries, yesterday, Jared, Edo, Toki and me went to Uniqlo again. Yes! Again! (for me lol) cuz everyone wanted to buy the t-shirts XD;; The queue was long but we only waited for less than an hour before we could go in. Well I ended up with an appointment at Pavilion while the boys went in.

We has Nerv shirts now!!! *_* Why can’t this be CF’s staff shirt for 2010!! argh ;__; Too bad the whites were out of stock =(

After Uniqlo, made a quick stop at TS to collect my body scrub for reviewing :3 Will probably put a review up some time this week. Suppose to blog about something work related, but I think it’s best to wait for a few more days :3

Of Training and Coincidences

PS: This entry was suppose to be up on Sunday, I don’t know why WP didn’t upload it!!!!!

Just reached home from Port Dickson =D I attended my company’s training session for the weekend *sobs*. My shoulders hurt and I’m surprised I’m not exhausted yet haha. Training started from Friday onwards, gather time is at 9.15 but me and Jared decided to go for dim sum first 8D dragging poor Ezel along.

The spreadddddd. Total came up to RM45 *kills self*

The van was late so we killed time by folding paper plans and throwing it around office lol. Even boss joined.

All 10 of us were cramped into a van. Surprisingly I didn’t feel cramped even though I had no leg room and 2 bags piled on my thighs. We reached Corus Hotel around 11am+, just in time to throw our bags aside and head for lunch! But before that, I had to admire the hotel for a while *_*

PRETTYYYYYY Ignoring orange pipe and yellow wet sign! The lobby is downstairs.

Nice piano smack right in the middle of the hallway =D

Nice stairs too!

and…. and… and… CORRIDORS! Ah the photoshootssss ;_;

I was actually hyper about coming to PD just cuz of this water slide!!! but omg the waters is so shallow, my bum might hit the floor instead D8

I didn’t really enjoy the food for this trip TwT it was all horrid! The desserts were sickeningly sweet till I felt like puking and the food is all Malay food *cries*. Thankfully we had Chinese meal for the annual dinner D:. Speaking of which, we had a dresscode for the annual dinner which was pajamas. Sadly I couldn’t execute my banana in pajamas project since the striped pajamas were expensive ;A;

Fiyond prepping for the night.

Julia as a baby lol

Put 2 people together and you have scandalous scenes.

The annual dinner was super fun 8D and our team won for having the most points 8D. I got a prize too for the 30 seconds to fame with the Billionaire spoof rofl. We all laughed till our stomach hurts and my voice is a little screechy too lolol.

Saturday was torture day, it was a whole day of ‘lectures’ by our boss on how to write campaign briefs and execute the creative strategy to presentation skills. By the end of the day, we were given a case study to analyze and work overnight. Our task was to come up with a campaign to fulfill the client’s objectives.

We were divided into 2 groups and slaved through the night. My brain broke into pieces D8 but luckily I had Jared for some help ;__;, we manage to complete everything (even rehearsed my presentation twice! =D) and got some shut eye by 5am. Woke up at 7.30am to practice and coordinate with the rest of my teammates ;_; for at least another 2 times before we headed to the conference room.

Overall I was quite happy with my presentation. I didn’t refer much to the paper or my notes. Only problem is I was going too fast teehee so I guess it’s a slight improvement from my college days =D

We left PD on Sunday by 3pm but I only arrived home around 6 ;_;. Frustrated that my weekend was dedicated to work, I dragged Jon for a little shopping in Bukit Bintang. Manage to find my shoes and the bag I’ve been hunting around but the bag was in terrible condition so I decided not to get it *sigh*. But at least now I’m happy I did something for myself for the weekend XD;;

My new shoes *hearts* to replace my sandals that broke while I was at my client’s office. They make my feet look pretty without the need to elevate my height!

PS: I met Nao while I was at PD, she was staying in the same hotel too! It was a total WTF moment XD;;

Weekend Getaway

I’ve been so busy during the weekend, waking up at 8 onwards to do my stuffs and coming back by midnight, my weekend felt just like an extremely long working day =(. Saturday I woke up at 8+ and headed out to Taman Bahagia, met up with Job around 10 and we went to the embroidery shop at Puchong. The guy was nice on the phone and kindly even explained to me and even provided suggestions on how the embroidery will look like. Total came up to RM134, I guess that’s the price to pay for ordering shitty Taobao costumes DX

Had lunch at Village Park, nasi lemak forever good *o*/, Jon went to fix his accident with an old uncle who I might add was wearing the same color shirt as him + pants so it almost looked as though I was staring at an older version of him >D. After that, rushed to the Beauty Expo at KLCC. Darn I forgot there was an entrance fee and I forgot to bring my name card to BS my way through D8 so Rm10 flies~ >w<

The expo was kinda so-so to me. So many beauty brands I’m not familiar with D8 and I dare not try anything since my skin is still recovering from the bad experience. I was set on getting my makeup case and got it at such a good bargain :3 for only RM60! I saw a thread on LYN selling for RM90 so you can imagine how happy I was! There were 2 cases going for RM60, both were the same size but different material. One of them looked quite cheap upon closer inspection. The finishing was terrible and the material felt like cheap plastic! *gasps* I found my crystal masks too from Yokoso Japan =D, not a very good bargain compared to last year where I could find them going for RM1-2 a pc. This year it was an average price of RM3-4. So now on to my haul!

Makeup case was at RM60 <3, Freebra at RM16 which was a good bargain as average price on LYN was RM16 =D, Crystal masks for face and eye at RM3 per pc, eye pigments at RM5 for 3! Tweezers and blackhead remover at 2 for RM20 and lastly the 3 bottles of nail polish (purchased from SASA not from the expo) for my Luka cosplay which only cost RM12.90 =D

Good haul but I’m so dead broke TwT especially when a large portion of the money is going to my costume fixing D: Brush sets at the expo were VERY expensive and the smaller sets didn’t feel that good =( and there wasn’t much of a selection *sigh*. The whole expo was mainly monopolized by skincare and nail stuffs D:

After the Beauty Expo, I had a few hours in between to breathe and get ready to head for Michy’s farewell at TS. By the time I reached TS, my eyes were drooping so I took a very short nap at the car park and got woken up by a kid screaming her lungs out =(. I reached home close to midnight and the only thing that came to my mind was to sort out my new makeup case!

THE CHALLENGE! Clearing my briefcase of makeup

Compartment 1: Used to stuff my basics for makeup such as foundation, brow cake, concealer and powder.

Compartment 2: All my eye and lip makeup. Also some blushers somewhere in that jungle.

Compartment 3: All my tools such as spongers, makeup remover, hair ties, thermal water and etc.

Looks simple and easy but it’s always a problem when it comes to finding a certain lipstick color or a palette in that jungle despite it being ‘organized’.


TADAAAA! *ish proud*

Right Tier Top: All my pigments + compact mirror
Right Tier Bottom: Small samples and hardly used stuff such as my black and red lipstick

Left Tier Top: Tools such as bobby pins, hair die, eyelash curler and tweezers
Left Tier Bottom: All my lipsticks, glosses and eyeliner =D

Main compartment containing all the big stufff like palettes, cleansing wipes, sponges, foundation, brush cleanser, makeup remover.

That’s all for my Saturday *o*/ Sunday would be another day or depending whether I’m still keen or not since I was really cheesed off for that whole day.

Definitely Good Bargain XD;;

As though my pocket didn’t bleed hard enough, I just had to spend when I came home to KL. Definite Coesmetics had a clearance sale at their Sunway Pyramid outlet and so happened I was there ;__;. Miraculously enough, most of their products were on sale and 70% off including their foundation! Others that were on 70% off were their eyeshadows, lipsticks, lip glosses, liquid foundation, concealer, compact powder, duo way compact….. that’s pretty much almost everything on their shelf at 70% off except their corrector palette and skin care range.

Helped Audrey get a bottle of foundation. It looked quite dark but upon application, it blended well with my skin tone and even made my face look much brighter =D. Got myself a concealer too since I couldn’t stand MAC’s concealers. All together they were only RM60+ =P and the salesperson was sweet enough to give me a make up base sample <3.

Got my finishing powder too since my shoot is near and I need to do my make up test asap~

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