My New Love, Box! ……and a chunk of rants.

Hmmm my Valentine’s was spent with an object. A box. Oh I’m making it sound so sad when I’m actually CRAZY OVER A BOX!!! We had a delivery on Monday, some Ikea stuffs for one of our projects so the guys assembled and left the huge box in the office.

Box beside the entrance *_* I has evil thoughts

We played with it of course, before sending it to the recycle bin *o* It’s so big and comfy~

Johnny for sale

I want to be adopted!

Recently splurged on this cuz my temper is flying sky high into the heavens =_=


incoming rant ahead

For those who don’t know, I’ve officially resigned from Comic Fiesta. Some dick decided to pull a ‘listen-to-what-I-have-to-say-first-and-let-me-finish-then-oh-you-were-saying?’ THE FUCK. It’s been ages since I’ve felt THIS pissed and I still feel just as pissed as I was even though this happened more than 24 hours ago.

Well guess what, the reason I quit CF is because of me and nothing but me! I shall use this as an official reason just so that no one bothers to reason with me and apparently it’s the only reason that HE will side me for it. Yeap it’s me and not that anyone else’s problem. I’m just the problematic bitch and everyone is perfect and dandy~ Now the whole world is satisfied and at peace YAY!






*spits to the floor*

Yes indeed it’s ME. Because I have a problem with the latest structure and people fitted in it. Because I can forsee shit happening and I don’t wanna be a part it. Because I believe that nothing is going to change. But nooooooo people are telling me I’m not giving it a chance and telling me its childish to leave right after AGM.

If I leave before AGM, I won’t know who’s the new comm of 2011.

When I left right after AGM, I am called childish.

If I leave halfway, people will tell me it’s not right to leave halfway and stick through till the event is over then leave which will be TOO LATE by then.

So tell me, when the FUCK is the right time to leave.

It’s like when you go for a job interview and got accepted, it comes down to signing the employment letter and get chained. You start to notice that the environment is not how you thought it was, you might not be comfortable with the T&C in the letter or you think that you might not be able to handle the job responsibilities and maybe other reasons that make you not sign the letter. Well, SAME FUCKING THING. SO HOW DOES THIS MAKE ME CHILDISH?! It’s not as though I left my job hanging unlike some idiots nor does it require me to find a successor so what the fuck is the big deal.

Well I regretted saying anything. I should’ve just kept my bloody mouth shut unless I have something good to say about anything cuz that’s the only thing people want to hear. God I should’ve just said I wanna leave CF for personal reasons, period. *goes regret in the pit of despair*


Grumpy Pot When It’s Close To The Hols.


I’ve been feeling so grumpy this whole week!!! Lately I’ve been so forgetful at work which is probably why I’m horribly grumpy. CF is drawing near and I’ve so many things to do that CF has become my late night part-time job, and this has nothing to do with my costume yet jeez. Juggling my thoughts between CF and work during my work hours has made me quite forgetful I guess. Somehow I have a feeling that my boss is quite frustrated since we’re like his right hand men and yet I’m forgetting stuff. I look forward for my bonus end of the year so that I’ll be able to pay for my tires and be debt free in 2011!

I’m also suppose to have 3 packages coming in this week and 1 package next week but they’re all being pushed backward I wonder why! #^$#^#@$#@^$ I got a collection note on one of my packages grrr which means I can’t see my lovely buys till Saturday.

Last week I went for my facial to clear my blackheads. The very next day a few oil seeds surfaced up and 2-3 tiny pimples started popping up. I don’t know whether to take this is a good sign or not but I’ve applied the cider mask and it’s under control for now…

*turns into The Hulk and goes tearing things apart*

Remakes and Touch & Go Fuck Ups

Today I woke up at 2pm! ^o^V and decided I should try my luck popping by Dexon to get my trimmings and lace. Gave a quick call to the place and thankfully they were open for a full day! I thought I could top up my Touch & Go at the same time alas, they decided to screw with me.

Most of the public transportation is encouraging the use of Touch & Go by having the lanes and machines specially allocated for Touch & Go users but the company made it so bloody fucking inconvenient to top up the bloody card! I’ve been having this problem since 4 years ago and I still see no improvement whatsoever! I knew I was going to pass by a few places with Touch & Go top up machines which was why part of my agenda going out was to top up the value.

I reached the Pandan Jaya LRT station hoping to top up and then swipe it to take the train but I saw the top up machines still in it’s wrapper (just as it is MONTHS ago)… Fine, I thought since there’s still Plaza Rakyat LRT Station where I was heading but AGAIN both the machines were still in their bloody wrappers. I calmed down and told myself I could still walk to Pasar Seni LRT station to top up since it was a short walking distance from Dexon. Well, the machines weren’t in their wrappers this time but all THREE of them had 2 words on the screen


How bloody fucking long does it take to get those fucking machines working?!?!?!?!? It’s not as though the machine will have to provide change! Insert card, insert money and whala your Touch & Go is ready to be used! As I head back to Plaza Rakyat, I thought I could top up at the Maybank and just pay the extra 50 cents service charge. Turns out all the ATM’s there were the old versions so there was no top up Touch & Go services! #%@%$#%$#^ Omg and I was even more pissed because it was mentioned at the ATM cubicle that it has ouch & Go top up services! Gods now I feel like bombing the Touch & Go building! They don’t even have top up services at most of the tols which forced me to go through all this useless trouble! And I came back with nothing! *huffs* Bah end rant, on topics of by shopping today.

What I wanted to remake

Looks almost the same rite? =D
Cotton Satin – RM13.05
Bias Tape – RM1.40
Lace – RM2.40
Gold tingamagics – RM3.60

WIll probably rush to tailor 101 to see whether this can be done in time =( I hate hate hate rushing for shoots T_T. My Saturday and Sunday will be so packed =( especially since BeautyExpo is around the corner.

I Let Off Some Steam

This year, there shall be NO COSPLAY COMPETITION! Instead, we have prepared some special awards to boost cosplayers fame level above 9000!

Best Snob
Best Elitist (Group/Solo Category)
Best SYOK SENDIRI Cosplayer
Best Bling
Best EPIC PHAIL Cosplay Group Debut
Award for the Most LED Lights
Award for the Thickest Makeup (yes we WILL measure)
Best Almost-Haram-But-Not-Haram-Sexy Outfit aka Best Ban-Worthy-But-Not-Yet-There Costume
Best Fingernail Deco


Stay tuned (that means TO WAIT fyi, cuz we comm are elitists that enjoy using big words just to mindfuck forumers) for more details on how you can qualify for any of these awards.


Oops, did I hurt your feelings~~~~? Too bad if you can’t take a joke.

So You Think You’re Being Abused

After the latest stunt made by the cosplayers of today, I finally decided to make a rage post. It’s been quite some time a bunch of cosplayers started making noise about how they’re been abused and used for commercialism purposes. Things got worse when Cosplay for Fun, We Cosplay to Express Not to Impress and Cosplay Republic came up. It’s like the biggest gathering of hypocrites, attention whores and fame suckers.

These people who so called go by the principle that cosplay is for fun are the same people that participate in competitions organized by companies to attract crowd. They compete and gasak the prize then proceed to update their FaceBook status ‘OMG WE COSPLAYERS HAVE BEEN ABUSED’. See where I’m going? I don’t think you people even understand what is ABUSE. Wanna know what is abuse? Compare yourself to a circus monkey =_=.

Then comes the era of cosplayers going against cosplay for commercialism *laughs*. It started pretty much thanks to NIPS and the stupdity of cosplayers. Already their Facebook event page looks as fishy as it is and looking at how they’re marketing the event itself, you could tell it’s a pretty big thing but noooooooooo, cosplayers being shitty airheads decided to join since greed clouds their eyes and all of their attention was on the prize (wow it rhymes!). After the first round, contestant comes back and updates their status and flame on FB about how they’re being abused for commercialism. Well, too bad for you minorities who couldn’t see it coming from a mile away.

So if anyone is to be blamed for all the bloody mess it’s YOU BLOODY GREEDY COSPLAYERS. Companies have been generous enough to offer a incentive or good prizes for cosplayers and if you don’t think it’s good enough then don’t fucking join in the first place.Yet these ungrateful hypocrites go compete, bag the prize and then go bitch. Just because it’s a little difficult to get the prize money, cosplayers go bitch that they’re being abused. Well you know what? Money doesn’t come easy and you have to earn it. If it’s so difficult for you to spend a few days to compete for some prize money, equivalent to 2-3 months of allowance then don’t join!

After the commercialism era, next comes to the era whereby cosplayers only swear to attend events that are organized by non-profit organizations. Well I have no problem with that but that doesn’t mean you can start wearing character wigs, put a wardrobe together and hop around. It’s just plain degrading to the character and I feel sad just seeing it. If you pride yourself as a cosplayer, fucking make a complete one for gods sake.

Cosplayers today just wanted to be treated like royalty! =_= Demanding for a buffet table, complaining how it’s too difficult to go up to the 14th floor and being harassed by the public every 5 steps they take. Well guess what? Comic Fiesta’s objective has bloody nothing to do with protecting the welfare of cosplayers. We’re not SPCA – Society of Prevention of Cosplay Asshattery (Thank you Ezel~ XD). Go make your own. At this rate, the quality of cosplay in Malaysia is going down, beating Singapore’s

Yay Malaysia Boleh~ *snarls*

(sigh I’m finding it so hard to construct my sentences and facts properly)

Ken’s Ghey Vid

Unmotivated, lazy and bored pretty much describes how I’m feeling right now. So unhappy about so many things that I wanna sit at a corner and cry. Thank gods for my work ~_~;; not that work keeps me busy but I enjoy working and enjoy staying at office. I suspect I’m easily pissed lately cuz I owe my parents RM1.5k for the car and house expenditures so I’m starving myself to pay the bill =__=;; Parents say I can pay them in installments but I hate paying installments. Returning the money for the BlackBerry was so difficult itself (3 months installments *screams*) I can’t imagine having another long debt on my list…. plus I’m going to Singapore next month so I want some spending money instead of another month of starving.

Why I starve? Cuz I’m scared of being short on money, so I never do spend on things until my next salary comes in then only I’ll start using the money from my current salary. This month, my expenditures are extra heavy thanks to so many birthdays ;__; so I’ve used my food money for pressies and expensive expensive food XD;;

So.. hungry *dies* Thank gods I still have the weight drink. Can use it to suppress my hunger pangs XD;;

PS: The title of the entry has no link to the blogpost whatsoever XD;; I was watching Jay Sean’s Down PV and it just looked absolutely ghey.

Weekend Full Of Awesomeness and Disaster


Saturday was absolutely wonderful =D Pictures on Facebook tells it all X3 and suddenly I find another cosplay plan on my lap x_X.

Sunday however… *groans* I went so ballistic over some fucker. The only time I’ve felt that pissed was with my parents. This dolt however is a damn hypocrite and self-centered person. Putting his own personal issues on the table and telling us not to get OUR own personal issues involved. Its bad enough he thinks the meeting is under control when HE’S chairing it, he voices his opinions and then tells us to take the topic online. WHY?! All so that he can end the fucking meeting early and get home.

When it’s his fucking mistake, he blames the comm as a whole ‘It is our fault and I think we can learn something from this bla bla bla’ but when someone else makes a mistake oh boy the amount of arrows that can come out of that fuckwit. Every time people drill sense to him, he gets defensive. Well if talking won’t get through his thick skull, I’m just gonna have to leave a deeper impression.

Fuckwits, when idiocy is just not enough.

So Much For A Good Morning

I wanted to blog about my weekend but…. my morning got ruined by an asshole =(. I was driving beside a bicycle and some asshole on a motorbike thinks he’s small enough to squeeze in between me and the bike. I ended up with a gash on my car and the asshole just smiled, waved at me and drove away. FML

For my birthday this year.. I request donations to repair my car =.=;; There’s 4 dents on that side… one of them has gone rusty.

On to other matters…

Parking my brother’s car

The other day I had to park my brother’s manual car outside since there’s not enough parking space in our condo. So with my manual theory from 5 years ago and the last manual car I touched was 5 years ago (ok I tried driving Jared’s car a couple of months ago and I sucked but at least the car didn’t die XD;;), I went to park his car. After spending an insane amount of time, I parked his car beautifully! It was a failed moment yet I’ve never felt so proud of myself D8. Wonder why it was fail?

  1. Looked high and low for the air con switch
  2. Then I looked high and low for the button to pull the window down
  3. Then comes to adjusting my seat, which totally failed cuz I still couldn’t press down fully onto the cluth so when I was driving, I had to balance my body on the chair and balance my feet on the clutch OTL
  4. The car died more than 6 times cuz my short feet had problems with the clutch D:

Saturday Madness

I squashed all my plans into Saturday so that I’ll have a free day on Sunday. The result was chaos cuz I stuffed too many >< Originally the plan was:

  1. Jogging
  2. Settle YM shit
  3. Go to Chinese funeral
  4. Go to Malay wedding
  5. Collect book from KLCC
  6. Attend Origins Earth Day
  7. Visit product fair at PJU 1

I didn’t realize it was a double wedding lol. Both sons got married at the same time.

Stuff I got from KLCC and Pavilion =D Book from Jonathan, bought pencil sharpener from Watsons and Origins samples from their event at pavilion. They were giving out like hot cakes =D

Saturday was also a fail day since I didn’t manage to jog or visit the product fair TwT. Hope tonite will be great, I’ve got goodies to haul back~

In Despairrrrrr

I’ve hit rock bottom a few days ago which half explains my lack of updates. It’s funny how could a dream could make me feel so depressed. That along with the stress of looking for my first job. The fear of not being able to perform up to expectations. Looking at all the responsibilities that comes with the job just lowers down my confidence. I’ve learned nothing, zero from my degree programme >_> horrible waste of my time.

Thinking about all that just made me stop pursuing for freebies or reading up on the beauty blogs. Gods I hope this phase passes…

Life and Other

Starting my post with a cat provides me with inner peace *gets smacked*. That’s what I need for the weekend =( Will have to work this Saturday but thank god my manager is understanding enough to let me off the weekends for the month of November. I really enjoy work but after giving out the wrong drinks to a few people, having the jugs topple on me and breaking a plate in a span of 2 days, yes my mood went down the drain for the rest of the week.

Social Life
Hurrrr someone dissed me about not keeping in contact with him for months and then shoved a survey up his nose XD;; I admit I haven’t made any attempts to keep my social life on MSN active. With the amount of events, work and assignments I attend to, I hardly talk to people on MSN. I talk to an average of…. 4 people out of the 300 contacts on my list. Sad me yeah but I’d really like a conversation without it dying after 15 minutes so if I’m not confident enough to keep the convo going, I’ll normally wont chat D8 so hit me.

Yesh I’ve been attending events lately. The perks of signing up for random crap you don’t remember doing haha. The downside is you’ll have to endure them trying to sell you their packages and some of them really do hard selling and one of them is Marie France Bodyline >_> I was cornered and thrown into a cell then the consultant shoved me with their Open House package. Next week attending Dermalogica’s launch of their new range which is catered to the younger people~ aged 15-25.

Uni Related JackShit
To say my uni life is so-so would be an understatement of the century… The day I say that would be the day I hack myself to death. My advisor is really being a pain as I have a few chapters with him which hasn’t been approved. I have never been so grateful to purchase some book which I thought would be useless. Some journalist linked my area of research to the agenda-setting theory which is explained in the book, hooray~ The place is just full of simpletons and two-faced people. I guess I can stand two-faced people but the other… *facepalms* I think some of you guys have seen how much they lack…

Love Life
This is for Sylvene lol. I feel like we’re drifting apart with our schedules and his marriage to his boss. As much as I’d like to be obviously upset, it won’t solve anything so… meh. Bertahanlah aku.

And I ban you from dating me wearing this shirt. It’s not a matter of whether I’m embarrassed or not. The shirt is just unfit to be worn out >_>

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