Bits of Life #2302

Oh thank god I got my images back! I’ve been seeing froggies all day till I sent in a request to register a domain DX. Quite some time ago that I blogged about my life =D Work has been hectic as usual. Before CNY, clients were rushing for deadlines since suppliers normally go on a 1 week leave. After CNY, clients get busy concocting nonsense for us to get stressed over ~_~;; My hopes to take leave are gone~~~~ T3T

We had a dealers launch last week. It was fun :3 even though I had the cramps from womanly issues. Johnny and my boss have sync-ed their minds. They wore the same shirt on that day -3-

Boss hired a new copywriter too. He’s a bit weird =/ Long story.

Boss dragged us to help out and be slaves to the client T3T I stood at the side and looked pretty! *flees* Nah I just took some set up pics and placed my bum on any chair available, damn period….. I spent most of my time trying to catch people in the most awkward positions. Victim is mostly Johnny hehehe!

Cinderella Johnny!

Boss and Fifi playing ‘finger drama’. Hah! I finally caught his face >D

Well karma paid me a visit for taking all these ridiculous photos lol. Turns out the place where I parked turns into a hawker area at night. So I arrived to my car to find it surrounded by tables and a stall grilling sotong beside my car @A@

T_T My car could actually move if we moved 2-3 tables away but the fella told me that the Char Kuey Teow guy parked his car at the entrance and there was no way he was gonna budge =( Thank gods Audrey came and saved the day! >A< but I could only collect my car by 1am D8

The sandals that I wanted turned out to be Grendha shoes and upon closer inspection, the flats are actually VERY hard so I settled for a pair of normal Ipanema flip flops……. which by now has turned a little grey-ish OTL damn you dusty Malaysia!

My cosplay plans is also progressing smoothly. Settled most of the material after 2 days of material hunting thanks to our kiam siap nature. My A4 sheet of paper is full of cloth samples haha but most likely we’ll buy the cloth next week =D Here’s a last pic before I end my entry.

Happy cat relaxing in the middle of the pavement at SS2


A Day of Non-Stop Eating T_T

Wohoo I still went out even though I came back at 2.30am in the morning on Wednesday night. It’s not gonna stop me from going out on a public holiday. I’ll have lots of time to sleep during the CNY holidays since I’m not going to Ipoh =P. Woke up at 10am all by myself @A@, my body is probably used to the 5-6 hours of sleep I get everyday so it woke up by itself T_T so I forced myself to sleep all the way to 12. SMS-ed Ezel and fell asleep again waiting for his reply lol!

Finally dragged myself out of the house at 2.30 to meet up with the guys for yamcha at Murni USJ. I swear the whole day my money just flew to eating ;_; We adjourned to Whisk at Subang Empire for some cake but the place is full =w=;; so we decided to try The Vanilla Place. Bad, bad bad decision ._. for me cuz my food sucked ._. not sure about the rest but here’s some sneak peeks of some food we ordered.

Ezel’s Pavola. Honestly, I don’t know how to enjoy this thing =/

Shaun’s Nachos that looked really good =D

The rest of the photos are just too yellow and too unappetizing for me to put up >_> Unlucky for me, my monthly relative decided to pay me a visit 5 days early from the expected date haih. I ordered a Beef Lasagna and an Ice Lemon Tea and both of them tasted terrible. The lasagna tasted weird and it was too hard at some sides, Ezel said it was overcooked and my Ice Lemon Tea had too little lemon =( it was like they hurriedly brewed some Boh teabags then dunked the slide of lemon in.

After paying for the nasty food, we went to Toys R Us cuz some of us were attracted to the bling store D8. There’s a new Nerf gun out but I’m still happy with my Maverick =D Unless there’s another intense war, I can’t be bothered to get another Nerf gun.

Jared got a new set of privates supported by Ezel and Shaun

I finally got my grip tape replaced too. I decided to try my luck at sports specialty shops instead of Jusco since the staff wanted to charge me extra to change my grip tape wtf o_o. I somehow suspect it’s their way of making money since there’s no official receipt issued if I pay them >_>.

Since I was at Sunway, I dropped by Studio R to check out the grip tapes. Boy they cost 3 times more than the ones sold at Jusco D8 but they look much better! The ones sold at Jusco were the normal grips while Studio R had a few types of grips depending on what you’re expecting. I finally got the grip tape with texture since hoping it would help my small hands keep hold of the racket :3 My hands seem to always slip during practice so I can’t hit the ball properly after some. Grip tape cost RM23.60 after discount T_T aih expensiveness but at least they helped me change the tape for free :3

My new grip tape =D

The staff told me I should start using it everyday so that the grip won’t spoil D8 Well at least I’m forced to play then XD;; Time for me to start getting a pair of shoes next month :3 Both my wallet and heart hurts today cuz of all the sucky food I paid for =( except for the wondeful Inari and Edamame I ate at Sushi Zanmai for dinner.

To Broga We Go, Insane but Worth It!

Since one of our companions pulled out from the trip and I hate canceling plans, gathered a few more people to make that insane trip up Broga. Initially the plan was to meet at Leisure Mall at 4.30am but some sakai mentioned the sun rises at 5am so we decided to meet at 4am instead. God I have never left my house this early in my life ;__;

The journey was a little bumpy but we made it there by 4.45am! hahaha. Thankfully there were a few more people preparing to climb up the hill so we don’t feel so lost.  We hiked up for 45 minutes trying to catch up to the team in front of us but ended up losing them halfway cuz we girls were slowww >w< Ended up the rest of the teams behind us, followed us up HAHAHA When we stopped, they stopped rofl.

The hike up was very rough T_T I slipped on the ground so many times and ended up using Jared as leverage. The ground was wet and I could barely see where I can place my foot to take the next step x_X The fog light we brought up ran out of batteries just as we’re about to reach the top, thanks for lighting up the way XD. The guys continued to the second peak while Audrey, Justin and me waited at one of the rocks. No pics till about close to 7 since my cam can’t take pics in the dark T_T

The sun didn’t rise till 6.30+ *roundkicks Leong* so we started chatting while waiting for the sun. Rubbish talk from singing Lion King’s Circle of Life to bastardizing the lyrics about breakfast we never had.

Amount of people at the top of the hill @_@

Photogs finding their spots and snapping away. Guess whose butt is whose.

First sign of sunrise that I can catch with my camera TwT

The prettiest pic of the sky that came from my camera *sobs*

People making their way to the second peak.

The hills are aliveeeee~~~~

Me snapping Edo who’s stalking Leong (what it looks like lol)

I don’t know what he’s doing at this point.

“Right, lets run for the hills!”

The things people carry up the hill!

When mamak stores just don’t give the right atmosphere

Last pic on the top of the hill.

Group pic before we left! =D Edo looks like an outsider jumping into the photo XD;;

The trail down ;_; ugh another rough walk

Found a pretty flower on the way down~! Finally something that’s not green or brown!

Thought this looked kinda cute :3

Great trip! *_*b we should do it again like… 6 MONTHS LATER AHAHAHAHA *KO’s to bed* I Can’t sleep but I won’t deny a nice rest on my bed ❤

Terrible Friday Experience

Thank you Jared for bringing me to nice places to eat ;_; it was definitely a good weekend~

Went to Gardens and had lunch at Zouk :3

They had a lunch set for RM21.90 or RM18.90 an add RM4.90 for dessert or soup. We took the RM21.90 and added soup and dessert. I ordered cake as my dessert only to have the waiter telling me that they only serve beef pie and muffins on that day when clearly the menu says dessert is any cake selection or panna cotta. So our dessert is Beef Pie and and for soup, we picked Wild Mushroom soup

Jared’s Seafood Aglio Oglio

My Fish and Fries that took AGES to arrive

The service was TERRIBLE. Our soup didn’t arrive and when Jared asked about it, they went back to the kitchen and came back telling us there’s no more mushroom soup. Again, I whinned about the cake so the waiter said he’ll go and ask the manager. I got my cake in the end thanks to him. My Fish and Fries took ages too. We were long done with the Seafood Aglio Oglio before the Fish and Fries arrive.

The Beef Pies enough for two mouthfuls if your mouth is as small as mine. Tasted like super expensive ‘siew pau’ if you ask me.

Our Chocolate Moist Cake that’s crumbly and dry D8. This is RM12.90 ala carte price. Even cake mass produced in factories would taste better =_= and more moist. This cake is so dry it felt like it was left in the fridge for days.

After lunch, we walked around here and there. I realized there’s nothing to shop at MidValley D8 compared to Sunway Pyramid and 1 Utama. 5pm, I went for the CLarins launch which was ANOTHER bad experience *sigh*.

I registered and was ushered to the refreshment table. There weren’t enough seats and the drinks took a while to be refilled. After that we were attended to individually. I was brought to the skin analysis table and was given the most inexperienced consultation I’ve ever come across =_=. I won’t bother going into details but in short, she asked me to change my moisturizer only cuz it’s a common brand. My moisturizer has clearly helped in improving the hydration level of my skin judging by the comments of the Clinique SA and during my most recent facial session.

After the skin analysis, I was brought over to the makeover table. There was a queue but it was good that the SA took her time in making sure each guest gets a good makeover. When my turn came, another SA came and switched places. She did my makeup in a rush D8. Coverage was good but the eyeliner was all smudgy and the lipstick she applied onto me was too thick.

Then it came to the tunnel where guests can walk thru the tunnel to know more about the product and at the end of the tunnel there’s 4 doors. You pick a door and 4 random keys from a basket full of keys. If the key you picked, unlocks the door of your choice, you’ll get a prize =D. I was a bit disappointed that no SA walked with me through the tunnel and the shove the basket of keys with me without telling me more about their product. When I came home and read the reports of other bloggers, I was also sad that I wasn’t presented with my door gift >< *sigh* quite a messy launch.

My freebie from Laneige. Saw the cutout coupon in the Star newspaper on Thursday =D

Penyet Penyet~

I woke up at 12 in the afternoon yet I can still nap after buying lunch >w<;; Lucky Jon dragged me out or else I’ll be napping =A=;; We were suppose to go for cake but instead

We went to eat flattened food! Our food arrived unflattened, both the beef balls and the chicken, I feel so cheated!! @A@;;

They got the drink order mixed up too… I got Dinosaur Milo instead of my Ice Lemon Tea DX

I…. forgot to take picture of the food so I asked permission to take picture of the food before they served to others >w<\ and now Jon claims he doesn’t know me pfft.

Walked around The Curve bazaar and saw Garden opened a new branch along The Walk. Nicer place for photoshoot compared to the main branch in 1U since it’s outdoors.

Snug fit jeans!

My original plan was to try on those kiddy flower girl dresses since I’m confident I can wear the biggest size =D Turns our Debenhams doesn’t stock on those dresses, they only had casual clothes (and a very small selection I might add) for 3 – 8yrs and 11 – 16yrs (wth happened to the in between?). I tried on a pair of jeans suited for a 12yr old and they fit VERY snugly DX and I’m totally in love with them cuz it’s in boot-cut style ;w;. Very difficult to find this style since skinnies and straight cuts are the trend. To buy or not to….. it’s RM115 TwT

Kuey Teow Madness

Last weekend I followed my dad to Penang since we could claim the travel expenses from the company. Happy to say I drove up to Penang! *w*V I hope I won’t need to drive to Singapore next, it’s too tiring TwT.

I brought extra luggage too lol. Thank god this one can walk by itself! XD

First stop before dropping my parents off was along Jln Burma where there’s some delicious curry puffs sold by some ‘la la chai’. RM1.50 per piece, a little pricey but worthwhile~

Mee rebus from a shop nearby the curry puff stall. We just wanted a place to sit and eat.

There’s a funny story behind this scandalous looking piece of paper. When we parked our car to buy curry puffs, we didn’t pay for the parking since there’s no parking meter to be seen. 30mins later we came back and started the car, this random guy in a vest comes over on a motorbike and wrote something on his pad. We thought we were getting a summon for noy paying for parking but then he tore off the sheet of paper and handed it to us. On it was a fee of 30 cents…. WTF he was just collecting money for the parking and we were scared shitless DX

By night, we had Jin and Sizer drive us around and they took us to the maid cafe. It was…. a bit of a disappointment as the food isn’t very good, I had trouble biting my pork and according to Jared, the maids aren’t that pretty lol.

Instead of rice, Kuey Teow is a staple food here ;__; this plate costs RM2.70. Most of the time we ate along Jln Burma cuz the roads in Penang are very confusing @_@

Took this picture while Jared went to the florist, there was a wedding shoot going on. Houses here are nice :3 I had the pleasure of visiting the cemetery at 8pm T_T and it’s not fun.

My first cat in Penang! I swear all cats in Penang are posers~

Jln Pasar is alive at night with so many hawker stalls. We ‘tapau’ pork satay and belacan fried rice to take to our room to eat. There were at least 4 Char Kuey Teow stalls there >_>;;

It was the first time we saw ‘lok lok’ being presented this way =D

Before heading home, we had lunch at another hawker center very near Jln Burma.

Everyone ordered Char Kuey Teow with duck eggs. I couldn’t tell the difference honestly D8

A souvenir from Penang, Crabtree & Evelyn Organic Lemongrass Tea. Found it in a convenience store wohoo~

Interview went very well and I’m hoping for the best =D

A Visit To Chic Pop

Somehow it was a stroke of luck that I didn’t attend the Hennessy Artistry since I heard it was jam packed.

Hur, I woke up at the crack of dawn… ok just kidding, it was only at 8am. The reason? to perform my weekly chore of cleaning my room and rush out to the Chic Pop bazaar at Zouk, KL. Surprisingly I arrived TOO early, public transportation gets too efficient at times XD;; Signed up at the entrance booth, received some samples and rushed inside for a quick look. Lecka-lecka was at the entrance but there was no ice-cream at their booth =w=;; guess I was too early.

Za and The Body Shop samples =D

I’m just itching to rant about the behavior of the vendors. They seriously need to be educated on basic customer service. Have they been communicating through emails too often till they’ve forgotten how to serve customers face to face? Normally when a customer approaches and browses through the shop or booth in this case, the salesperson either:

a) Looks at you and smile
b) Say hi
c) Ask ‘What are you looking for?’ or
d) ‘How can I help you?’

Well most of them picked the option d) Ignore or e) Talk to partner. If it’s just one or two I can just let it slide and curse silently but I’m talking about EVERY. SINGLE. BOOTH that I visited =.= and I’m not even including the ones who were busy setting up. So it didn’t take me long to cover the bazaar. The lighting was just too dim to browse for clothes. In a way, I’m lucky enough to be saving money I guess.

Even though I said, I wouldn’t be able to attend the meeting, I was the first to be there. *facepalms* Oh hail efficient public transportation which only works on Sunday mornings XD;;

Jared in my sunnies.

Sausage fest at TMNK’s new house was awesome =D. Been ages since I’ve attended outings like this :3

Coffee That Emos

After that 13 hours of sleep, I was just too darn lazy to drag myself out of the house. Woke up at 12 and later on discovered I was too late to go for my Typhoid jab so started to trace back for my blue card from Starbucks only to find out they threw it away >(. My only hope is that the DBKL clinic will print another copy for me D8

Then Jared called so I had to drag my ass out to exchange the dress. Very disappointed that the blue dress was sold out D8 but I had a nice chat with the boss >w</ and I found a nice blue bag XD;; Paid a visit to the Bad Ass Cafe before leaving 8D;;

The Bad Ass menu and lookie~ it’s Donkey~ 8D

The baristas wear Hawaiian looking shirts and go ‘Aloha’ at you when you step in the store.

We ordered the Bad Ass Mocha latte (yeah that was the name) and sat down to have a nice chat <3. The mocha was normal, not much difference compared to Starbucks and Coffee Bean. The only plus is their loyalty programme. 5% off on your 2nd and 3rd visit, 10% off for beverage on 4th and 5th visit and so on. A card will be given and it’ll be stamped on every visit XD;;

The doughnuts are effing huge and fat @A@

Took a peek at the merchandise before we left. There was a nice pink cup, just the right pink color that won’t make you wince XD;;

The Bad Ass tumblers XD;; which costs a hefty RM49 @A@. The designs are very similar to Ed Hardy designs.

Lastly a shirt XD;; This really reminds me a lot of Raving Rabbids XD;;

Have a Bad Ass day. I’m starting work today so hopefully it goes well *w*

How Was This A HAPPY Day?

1. Semi-major break from exams.

Finished my third paper today and the last paper will be on the 23rd *goes on a semi-partying spree.* Finished the paper within record time and rushed to Pantai Medical for my yearly eye check ups. My power is stable now which means I’ll only need to come back once every 2 years hooray! The cafeteria was renovated.

Looks very nice after renovation =D

Price shit expensive wtf!

The food looks delicious lol. Do they serve this to the patients too?! 8D;;

2. My eyebrows have been tamed!

After my check up, I realized I still had time to make a quick detour to KL Sentral. Lucky to find a meter parking spot *o*b and rushed to my beautician TwT9. The last time I had my eyebrows thread was before Shana’s wedding and now they’re back to a nice thin arch~ /^o^/ Hopefully I can maintain them :3

3. Awesome freebies~

Finally, to MidValley~ Still had plently of time so went to Metrojaya to redeem some freebies. The SA at Estee Lauder was very helpful! Thank you, Rianne :3 I came to find out what is so epic about the ANR but they ran out of freebies in almost every branch (I went to 4 branches to try and redeem this). Instead of shoo-ing me away, she introduced me to some new products and even gave me some samples to take home :3

Her recommendation for my skin condition :3 Am writing a letter to Suria Meriang right now XD, writing another one to Kiehl’s too. Yes I don’t only write complaint letters lol

Redeemed the new Lancome perfume =D

Super cute way to promote perfume! ❤ Benefit’s Cresent Row

4. Embarrassing myself for the second time of the week.

Hmm it should be the third by now XD;; I forgot my purse in the car and I went to buy the tickets for the movie @A@;; So I was turning my bag upside down hunting for it then realized I left it in the car *sigh* so I had to rush to my car in Gardens =_=;; That wasn’t very embarrassing compared to what I did in Carefour. Again it involved me leaving my purse in the car and I didn’t notice till I had to fork out money to pay the cashier OTL and there were people in line waiting to pay TwT..

The queue when I first came.

And when I came back WITH my purse TT__TT;;

5. Meeting my old ‘twin’ after so long

Yes finally met up with Joanne after ages. We knew each other since the days we sneak to our ‘hiding place’ and talk, play masak-masak, Barbie dolls frenzy, cockroach woes and all that shiz. Hoho yea that was ages ago. Went to watch UP today =D yes I know I’m darn left out. Surprisingly, a lot of people I know have yet to watch UP >_<

6. Crying to a beautiful movie

UP is just… wonderful *sniffs* I cried at the first 20 minutes. The scenes I cried to:

  • When the bird looks so stressed up carrying those dangerous babies ;_; it’s in such a sad condition.
  • The cloud emo-ing ;___;
  • The bird didn’t give up and never left the cloud’s side!!! TTATT
  • Carl and Elie’s love story TAT
  • The numerous times he nearly lost his house
  • And when he lost his house too
  • The scene of the house beside Paradise Falls!

Oh my, that’s a lot XD;; and I’m tearing from just typing the scenes I cried to ;__;


End of happy things lolz. After the movie, we went for some cake at Delicious.

The Chocolate Banana Cake she ordered.

The layers look really good but the cake was kinda hard and a tad bit too dry and the banana’s are just to big >_>;; After that nice day, came in some stupid heavy traffic jam. My journey from MidValley back home took 2 HOURS. Apparently, 2 trees fell near my area which caused the massive jam. Long post is long, and I still have some other stuff to post =/

Cake Madness and Sore Feet

FHM 2009 was awesome! =D Thanks to Ashlyn, I hogged her business card and got in~ Didn’t know it was open to public on Friday which explains the por por and aunties behaving like starving African people =A=;;

Cute test shot in uni =D

Everyone forgets about the H1N1 chaos when there’s freebies and samples involved >D


Once enter the hall, we were greeted by a decent selection of Australian wine to taste =D

Sensory Basics booth and their bathtub of awesomeness!! In the bathtub, there’s a heck lot of samples mostly Crabtree & Evelyn and Acca Kappa toiletries. Body wash, lotion, shampoos and contidioner =D This was my main mission for going to the convention >D

Next stop!

Where we get to try ice-blended drinks and coffee with their syrups. Thank god I snapped this pic early cuz all the hungry aunty and por por crowding and waiting for the free sample drink =_=;;

The perks of registering for a business tag =P. Chatted a little with one of the owners and he asked the barista to make me a cup of of their premium coffee =D I was impressed that they served it like this XD and when I started to snap pics like some jakun, the barista made more for me *fallsover*

So I got this…

and this XD Seemingly they’re opening an academy to teach coffee art in December =D Drank 3 cups of coffee and 1 cup of steam milk with cream cookie syrup from this booth alone @@;;

Lobster sez hai~


This is not a cake convention @@;;; The cakes just look more interesting to me lol. Think I better upload the rest on FB for a better view :D. Before I end:

Samplessssssssss 8DDDDD I’m a very happy cat 8D

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