Foodful Weekend

Typing this post quick before I go to bed =D My whole weekend was sort of productive. Didn’t get much of my cosplay stuffs done. I snapped a lot of pictures but many of them turned out blur so the only pics I manage to salvage were the foodie pics hence the post title >_>;;

Friday we went to Sushi Zanmai for a little celebration since Jared received his paycheck. Instead of having bentos, we ordered sushi~~~~ and I found a new favorite~

Tamago mentai~~~~ Cheap, generous fillings and DELICIOUS~ I forgot what is in this mouthful of goodness, must remember to ask Jared again 8D

Sunday was also a food outing. Me and Audrey pretty much drove around Damansara-PJ to get stuffs. From my dentist to Tropicana Mall to 1 Utama to E-Curve XD

Got to try the infamous Churros from Molten Lava. It’s no wonder blogger rave about them, they’re seriously good! Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and the one Audrey ordered had Caramel filling in it! =D

My TomYam Fried Rice that I ordered from the cafe as well while waiting for Guki. It tasted above average for cafe food and I’m honestly surprised =D My only complaint is that the vege stalks and tomatoes were huge though >_> but the chicken is nice and soft. Again it’s a surprise for me cuz I’ve never liked the way chicken is prepared whenever I eat outdoors.

After exchanging the stuffs with Guki, we made our way to E-Curve. Boy, the jam was a bit heavy since it was only 1 lane but the parking was hell! We ended up stalking someone and got a parking spot near the entrance, lucky~! Combed through the bazaar to look for accessories but couldn’t find anything worthwhile. I did found a very beautiful Iris ring though =) It was a bunch of Iris flowers in dark purple, light purple and white clumped together but the ring costs RM20 *sobs*. I hope it’ll be there next month =( (fat chance!)

We had tea at Tenshi No Cafe since I was curious about the cafe concept. The whole cafe was decorated in pink and the maids were pretty much high class hostess made up from underage looking girls who doesn’t smile =( (Some of them don’t look pretty either TwT). They talk so soft that I could barely hear what were they saying DX Gods, it’s as if they were talking to themselves. The place smelled of oil, heck our whole bodies reeked of oil by the end of the visit T_T.

The food was pretty pricey so we didn’t dare to order anything but Darrell says the food is good. As we sat down, we were presented with the 10 commandments of do’s and don’ts to a maid WTF?! Talk about hostility man……. I’ll take my money to Sushi Zanmai or Zen Jap Restaurant anytime. People have been complimenting this cafe to high heavens but I honestly don’t see what’s so good about the place other than the pretty maid uniforms.

*yawns* ok that pretty much settles where I’ve been eating all weekend. My bed calls~


Comedy Thursday

Wohoo~ Thursday I got dragged out by Jared & Shaun to watch Comedy Thursday organized by TimeOut KL. One of our friends was performing so we all went to support him. Show was at 9pm so I had to rush all my work and leave by 6pm since the guys will be picking me up from my house. God damn jam, but we made it in time to Velvet Underground @ Zouk KL.

Place didn’t reek of cigs thankfully but Jared was sneezing like heck. By the time the show ended, we were dying of hunger orz. We didn’t eat any dinner and by the time the show ended, it was around 11.30 T_T so we dropped by Jalan Alor for some beef ball noodles before heading home.

We discovered how much pepper Shaun puts on his noodles @A@

Damn I should’ve just wrote a review since this entry seems so half assed =w=. I’m just not in a mood to blog but I really wanted to share some photos *w* I wanted to share my experience at J.W Marriot hotel but unfortunately it’s about work so I can’t put up and photos. Next entry should be a review…… when I can bother myself to do research OTL.

Oh one last photo…

We papered the whole office yesterday since the pest control people are coming over to spray the place. We’ve been getting flea problems for the last 2 weeks =(

A Day of Non-Stop Eating T_T

Wohoo I still went out even though I came back at 2.30am in the morning on Wednesday night. It’s not gonna stop me from going out on a public holiday. I’ll have lots of time to sleep during the CNY holidays since I’m not going to Ipoh =P. Woke up at 10am all by myself @A@, my body is probably used to the 5-6 hours of sleep I get everyday so it woke up by itself T_T so I forced myself to sleep all the way to 12. SMS-ed Ezel and fell asleep again waiting for his reply lol!

Finally dragged myself out of the house at 2.30 to meet up with the guys for yamcha at Murni USJ. I swear the whole day my money just flew to eating ;_; We adjourned to Whisk at Subang Empire for some cake but the place is full =w=;; so we decided to try The Vanilla Place. Bad, bad bad decision ._. for me cuz my food sucked ._. not sure about the rest but here’s some sneak peeks of some food we ordered.

Ezel’s Pavola. Honestly, I don’t know how to enjoy this thing =/

Shaun’s Nachos that looked really good =D

The rest of the photos are just too yellow and too unappetizing for me to put up >_> Unlucky for me, my monthly relative decided to pay me a visit 5 days early from the expected date haih. I ordered a Beef Lasagna and an Ice Lemon Tea and both of them tasted terrible. The lasagna tasted weird and it was too hard at some sides, Ezel said it was overcooked and my Ice Lemon Tea had too little lemon =( it was like they hurriedly brewed some Boh teabags then dunked the slide of lemon in.

After paying for the nasty food, we went to Toys R Us cuz some of us were attracted to the bling store D8. There’s a new Nerf gun out but I’m still happy with my Maverick =D Unless there’s another intense war, I can’t be bothered to get another Nerf gun.

Jared got a new set of privates supported by Ezel and Shaun

I finally got my grip tape replaced too. I decided to try my luck at sports specialty shops instead of Jusco since the staff wanted to charge me extra to change my grip tape wtf o_o. I somehow suspect it’s their way of making money since there’s no official receipt issued if I pay them >_>.

Since I was at Sunway, I dropped by Studio R to check out the grip tapes. Boy they cost 3 times more than the ones sold at Jusco D8 but they look much better! The ones sold at Jusco were the normal grips while Studio R had a few types of grips depending on what you’re expecting. I finally got the grip tape with texture since hoping it would help my small hands keep hold of the racket :3 My hands seem to always slip during practice so I can’t hit the ball properly after some. Grip tape cost RM23.60 after discount T_T aih expensiveness but at least they helped me change the tape for free :3

My new grip tape =D

The staff told me I should start using it everyday so that the grip won’t spoil D8 Well at least I’m forced to play then XD;; Time for me to start getting a pair of shoes next month :3 Both my wallet and heart hurts today cuz of all the sucky food I paid for =( except for the wondeful Inari and Edamame I ate at Sushi Zanmai for dinner.

Of Small Reunions and Secluded Cafe’s

Finally something personal! Last Friday I joined a small uni reunion for the AV batch. Meeting place was at One Cafe at The Strand. Funny enough, me and Johnny were late but still the first to reach the place lol. Honestly, I didn’t expect myself to go for this kind of gatherings but heck I had time to kill and I didn’t wanna go home =(

Damn this place is so hard to find. The Strand is a whole area filled with retail outlets and the place is BIG. It’s quite near Sunway Giza so I had to trouble finding the area but had difficulty finding the place! D8

Johnny found a stack of Jenga blocks, there’s something to kill time~ It was a draw anyways D: dammit!

My order, the usual Fish and Chips >w< The chips were actually very hard D8 and the fish was totally covered in overcooked bread crumbs. Not really worth the money *sobs*

Dessert!!!! Forgot the name but who cares! I’m sure all of you can see that it’s some sort of chocolate cake D: *gets kicked* It was a bit dry >w<, I’m sad *sobs*

I’m surprised at how honest they were when I said I wanted water, they told me it’s pipe water!! @_@;; End up they gave me bottled water with a glass filled with pipe water wtf. It tasted odd… like very unclean non-filtered water x_X. Thankfully Zef and Johnny were there so this banana isn’t lost or out of place :3

Today I was quite swamped with work. I was running here and there and my period thought it’d be a great time to visit me!!! D: and earlier this morning I drank my slimming drink which I’m not suppose to consume during my period so cheers to the double pain now =w=;; I also haven’t eaten anything except a sandwich today all because that very sandwich ruined my stomach. There were raw onions inside and I wasn’t aware of it =( so here I am with tummy ache, ass hurting and me feeling like barfing.

On the good side, I got selected to review the Collistar Talasso Scrub! *o*/ Just received the news today so I can’t wait to collect the product next week! *_*

Forgotten Time

Lemme just waste 5 seconds of your time by telling you myCGPAfuckingdroppedandIamscrewed

My morning started quite peacefully. Found a Hibiscus tree near my condo and the flowers are blooming nicely =)

Growing perfectly *_* The petals are layed out nicely like how we see it in our books XD

The rehearsal was some fucked up shit. Very unorganized and I’m very tempted to pull out. I hate it when things are unorganized and the committee isn’t fully informed of the situation. This sounds so similar to some other shitty event committee ain’t it? The recruitment manager told us that the meeting will be from 9am to 4pm but it ended at a friggin 10.30am because of the poor attendance. Gods, I could’ve been earning my RM60….. So to avoid wasting my precious leave, I dragged King for breakfast while I called Shaun to drag him out for lunch. On our way to Old Town me and King saw…

FREE EGGS ON THE SIDEWALK! *steals* It was left in front of Jaya Noodle House and no one seemed to be giving a damn XD;;

After lunch, we went to MidValley since there’s just too much time to kill and Shaun teaching me to skip class. We went trolling around The Gardens and found the craziest things!

It’s Teddy Krauser!!! DMC has arrived in Malaysia! GO TO DMC! 8D

Rose Tea for teatime XD