Flying $$$! *headwalls*

Been so busy getting hounded during the weekday that I lost my interest to blog for a while…. well add my Angry Birds obsession into the equation, there goes a full week of no updates haha.

KitKat’s in Green Tea and Sakura flavor that Ian brought back from Japan *o* Damn they taste so good, I wonder how much will it cost here T_T;;

Busy cleaning the office bit by bit too. Lots more to do, thank god we have young men in the office now >D

The weekend was a wonderful day of shopping and lots of eating involved DX. My stomach wasn’t feeling very well but it was much better by dinner time so I got to enjoy the food fully at Kalamazoo Cafe!

The owners each resided in the States between five to ten years. A couple of years after their return, they realized they missed those days so much and decided to recreate them here, thus Cafe Kalamazoo was born.

Kalamazoo Cafe is located at Aman Suria, beside Betty’s Midwest Kitchen. Originally we were suppose to join Ezel and the rest at Betty’s but since we arrived late, the guys were finished and the waiting line was just so horribly long, we decided to retreat to Kalamazoo, suggested by Shaun.

The interior looks like a university bar, very nice and cosy =D. The wall full of polaroids there are pictures of the Western Michigan Alumni visitors. The menu had…. had….. had pork! which gives it a double plus! d*_*b

Jared’s BLT. Best bacon sandwich ever! The taste of the bacon invades your mouth the moment you sink your teeth into it *drools*

My pork lasagna. It’s so soft :3 and perfect for me with braces. The egg and potato salad is really nice too. It really looks like a pile of mush

Meals are not complete without dessert! (and because we were still hungry) We ordered a chewy brownie. The taste of chocolate is so overpowering, I should’ve said yes to the ice cream offer >_<

Toffee banana cake! Not to sweet and easy to slice through the layers =D.

After looking at these shitty pictures, I should really consider getting a better camera x_X Pictures are all horrible especially under yellow lighting =/.

I bought a polka dot vintage skirt and a nice white top yesterday =P A bit pricey but worth it! >w< Suppose to have a skirt coming in this week and waiting for my wigs too =/ Gods with all these spendings, it’s no wonder I can’t save >A<. Ok, I shall keep a ledger book starting April! >_<

Talked to my mum earlier too, will be sending my gypsy skirts for repair in May to one of my relatives so I can save marnee! *_*b


No Longer A Tony Roma’s Virgin~ =D

Yes you saw that right, I’ve never been to Tony Roma’s in my life D8 The opportunity came when Jon invited me and a few other friends for dinner on the third day of CNY. Since there was only 3 of us, we decide to venture further~ and the first thing that popped in my mind was Tony Roma’s so we made our way to the nearest branch~

Tony Roma’s at 1MontKiara

We ordered a main course each and shared a Caesar salad with half a salmon. My hot chocolate arrived and looked really diluted o_o but they immediately changed it without questioning XD;;

Caesar salad with shredded cheese and huge croutons!

My shrimp scanty scampi pasta. They gave me so many prawns that it was a torture to finish them orz but the prawns tasted so gooodddd *_*

Roon’s chicken dish, not sure what’s the real name x_X. Looks like it was splattered with ketchup/chili sauce, tastes a bit like it too.

Jon’s sad sad sad burger >D but the fries taste good though.

As we left the car park, we saw this cat relaxing along the ramp *o* It didn’t flinch when we winded down the window to take a pic of it ❤

Crashed back at Jon’s place and played a game of Saboteurs with a few more of his friends.

That pretty much sums up my Saturday! RM182 in my NB fund now *o*/

A Day of Non-Stop Eating T_T

Wohoo I still went out even though I came back at 2.30am in the morning on Wednesday night. It’s not gonna stop me from going out on a public holiday. I’ll have lots of time to sleep during the CNY holidays since I’m not going to Ipoh =P. Woke up at 10am all by myself @A@, my body is probably used to the 5-6 hours of sleep I get everyday so it woke up by itself T_T so I forced myself to sleep all the way to 12. SMS-ed Ezel and fell asleep again waiting for his reply lol!

Finally dragged myself out of the house at 2.30 to meet up with the guys for yamcha at Murni USJ. I swear the whole day my money just flew to eating ;_; We adjourned to Whisk at Subang Empire for some cake but the place is full =w=;; so we decided to try The Vanilla Place. Bad, bad bad decision ._. for me cuz my food sucked ._. not sure about the rest but here’s some sneak peeks of some food we ordered.

Ezel’s Pavola. Honestly, I don’t know how to enjoy this thing =/

Shaun’s Nachos that looked really good =D

The rest of the photos are just too yellow and too unappetizing for me to put up >_> Unlucky for me, my monthly relative decided to pay me a visit 5 days early from the expected date haih. I ordered a Beef Lasagna and an Ice Lemon Tea and both of them tasted terrible. The lasagna tasted weird and it was too hard at some sides, Ezel said it was overcooked and my Ice Lemon Tea had too little lemon =( it was like they hurriedly brewed some Boh teabags then dunked the slide of lemon in.

After paying for the nasty food, we went to Toys R Us cuz some of us were attracted to the bling store D8. There’s a new Nerf gun out but I’m still happy with my Maverick =D Unless there’s another intense war, I can’t be bothered to get another Nerf gun.

Jared got a new set of privates supported by Ezel and Shaun

I finally got my grip tape replaced too. I decided to try my luck at sports specialty shops instead of Jusco since the staff wanted to charge me extra to change my grip tape wtf o_o. I somehow suspect it’s their way of making money since there’s no official receipt issued if I pay them >_>.

Since I was at Sunway, I dropped by Studio R to check out the grip tapes. Boy they cost 3 times more than the ones sold at Jusco D8 but they look much better! The ones sold at Jusco were the normal grips while Studio R had a few types of grips depending on what you’re expecting. I finally got the grip tape with texture since hoping it would help my small hands keep hold of the racket :3 My hands seem to always slip during practice so I can’t hit the ball properly after some. Grip tape cost RM23.60 after discount T_T aih expensiveness but at least they helped me change the tape for free :3

My new grip tape =D

The staff told me I should start using it everyday so that the grip won’t spoil D8 Well at least I’m forced to play then XD;; Time for me to start getting a pair of shoes next month :3 Both my wallet and heart hurts today cuz of all the sucky food I paid for =( except for the wondeful Inari and Edamame I ate at Sushi Zanmai for dinner.

Of Flaming Boxers & Egg Tarts

Ugh it was surprisingly a VERY frustrating Sunday cuz everyone seemed to have a bone to pick with me. I woke up at 8am to line up for the DC comics goodie bag at Pavilion. Got my special ‘free’ parking spot near the Ritz, or so I thought it was free =(

Some parking attendant came and asked me for RM3!!!! I mean it’s nothing compared to paying RM7 at Starhill but all the while I’ve been parking at the area for free, so I argued with him a bit D: then decided to let it slide since he had this official looking receipt with ParkWay’s chop…. not without leaving a threat that if there’s a single scratch on my car, I will personally ram him down to add on to the deco =P (okay I didn’t exactly say that but it was what crossed my mind).

Then as I walked into Pavilion, a guard stopped me saying I can’t go in till 10am WTF?! I asked him what reason is there and he said just cause it’s closed wtf??? This is the first time I’ve been shoo-ed from a shopping centre just cause they’re not open D: I saw some people walking to another direction from the corner of my eye so I followed the trail of ants people and got in from the side entrance! >o</

Again as we queued up in front of the store, we got shoo-ed again wtf =( but the staff were kind enough to give us a running number so that we can get our goodies for us early birds 8D. On my way out, I found a nice corner near the lift where I could hide till 10am >D so I stayed hidden till 9.51am then went back and join the queue. Thank god, I stepped out just as the lift opened and a flood of people came out cuz there was a guard at that corner too ma cheebai >_>

The crowd at 10am.

As Johnny told me on Saturday, the store didn’t opened till 11am, again they didn’t open till 11am today but luckily I brought a book to kill time. It’s a bit sad that people just walked off the moment they received the goodie bag without bothering to tour the store =(. I on the other hand decided to browse through to see if the store concept, it looked kind of interesting from the pictures Johnny posted.

The shoe aisle caught my eyes omg the pretty shoessss ;o; but they cost RM199! I wanted to take a closeup of my fav but the salesgirl was there so I dare not =( but I like those pink fluffy shoes and the neon colored ones at the bottom shelves =/ I’m starting to like some pink stuff but the amount of pink fanatic girls out there just scares the shit out of me =_= from buying anything pink related.

I find it quite reasonable actually as their shirts cost RM119 minimum wtf and a cap with a Superman logo on it cost RM99 o_o I wonder if it’s real swarovski gems or they’re just charging us for the painstaking labor to stick all those on the cap.

My goodies~ A superman shirt, my flaming boxers! XD and also a superhero calendar which shall be on my office desk! =D

After the DC comic event, I went to pick some egg tarts before heading home. I’ve loved the egg tarts at this place but never got the chance to stop by here cuz there’s no public transportation near this area despite it being in the heart of KL =/ so I’d like to introduce you toooo~ *drum rolls*

Win Heng Seng coffee shop! Some might know this area especially with the huge Tropicana ad up there. This place is infamous as a lunch area but there’s a jewel within the cluster of hawker stalls~

Lives the king of all egg tarts that can put Jon King to shame!!! >A< Ok not really the king but it’s one of the tastier egg tarts in KL.

Egg tarts fresh from the oven! Their tarts are so famous that a fresh batch comes out from the oven every 15 minutes and before the next batch comes out, they’re all finished! People come from Singapore, ‘tapau’ 20-40 pcs before they board the bus.

The uncle and his magic oven~

After fighting with the crowd, I manage to get 15 tarts to take home. These tarts can fit into your mouth so you won’t make a mess at home =D The tarts are priced at 70 cents per pc. They do sell other snacks such as siew pau and pineapple tarts, not sure for the pricing of those.

On my home, some stupid herd, yes it’s a bloody fucking herd of about 20-30 Malays decided to cross the road when the traffic light on my side is still GREEN! I’m not trying to be racist but it was a whole fucking family of Malays =_= I’m telling it as it is. These are adults carrying small children and crossing the road when the light was green! Are these people that suicidal! They see my hugeass green car coming towards them and they just take a step forward!!!!! Retards I tell you, fucking retards!!!! They only know how to copulate to populate wtf.

I dropped by Jusco to grab my Sebamed stuff and ended up spending RM196 wtf! Most of the amount went to my beauty drink as there was a promotion going on or else the actually price would me RM149 D: I didn’t expect to spend till mid-Dec but ugh the promotion caught me off guard! Never mind ;_; I have to tell myself that it’s cheaper compared to if I buy it later. My Sebamed was going on discount too so I grabbed the cleanser just incase mine finishes. The sample kit is lasting really long =D even though I’m using quite a generous amount on my face every day. I take it as a good sign =)

Covers and Food Discoveries

This weekend has been great! Though it’ll be nice to update this blog a little about my personal life =)

This week was one of the very rare weekends that I stayed at home on a Saturday! D: Bored out of my mind deciding what to do ;_; Was quite thankful when my parents dragged me out to have dinner with some of their Singaporean friends. We ended up in some small hawker store at Taman Cahaya.

SG-ians can really eat in KL o_O. They ordered Bak Kut Teh Porks Legs, Char Kuey Teow, plate of cockles, Claypot Chicken Rice, and Satay D8. The BKT and Porks Legs was worth as they came in huge claypot bowls when we ordered only for a portion of 2 people. Whoever said that only Klang provides the best Bak Kut Teh can go drown themselves in the river =D This weekend I really stuffed myself good like yesterday I had awesome Beef’acon burger and Burger King!

At night, me and Mika went on a cover spree (actually I think only I did =.=;;;) covering random songs that I can remember. It was fun and the results were funny =) like hell I’m posting here!

Also, just a reminder I should make a trip to Kota Damansara to check the clothes boutiques. Back to work now! *sobs*

Friday Adventures

Yes I realize it’s a little late =( but I i like to share good stuff! \*w*/. On Friday, my office had a little bubble war XD;;

Our toy weapons! Looks lame I know! XD

War zone~

Others were not spared~ Bother, bother bother! *w*

Boss joined the fun too XD;;

It’s decided that Friday will be a Nerf gun battle *_*. Dragged Jared to check on the Nerf guns at Empire XD;; and we found a great lepak place there!! *_*

Pretty place deshou?! Looks so comfy! ❤

Beanbag chairs and dim lights 8D

Private rooms where you can watch TV, movies or play the Wii :3

Ordered our food :3 Dinner sets start from RM8.80 onwards

Eating area at the cafe :3

Comes to the food part! Mushroom soup served with garlic bread. They both go together really well and there;s a heck lot of mushrooms in the soup! Best part is, there was no bitter aftertaste like the one we had at the cafe with cow pictures.

My spaghetti =D which looked kinda small when they served it @_@ and for RM10.90, it’s really worth your money =D. Much better than the spaghetti at Simply Fusion, and by the way…. I couldn’t finish it! D8

Jared’s burger, first thing I noticed was.. ‘omg big fat patty! o_o’


Overall I quite like the setting of the place =D and the food is good buuuuuut, I’d recommend to take the soft drinks =.= They were kind enough to switch my soft drink to warm barley and even added the barley seeds in for me but the barley was TASTELESS! like they forgot put the sugar in T__T.

Still got 2 more entries to put up, MAGE report and my beauty hauls from the weekend.

Spreading Bits Of Happiness

Now that I have given King his present….. This is what I bought for him! :3

A Vichy settttt TwT I’m crying cuz I’ve never tried this myself and I bought it for himmmmm.

Dinner yesterday had some romantic setting but with the wrong company =A=;;

My awesome pasta~ They were very generous with the tomatoes in their sauce =D

The dessert that stole my heart! Banoffee pieeeee

As you’ve noticed (maybe?), I don’t plan to reveal my location but the last picture has a hint~ =P

Driving to Ipoh tonight with lots of things to pack. Too many items I can’t go without, like my GLISS KUR!!

Zen with the World

Beautiful place for lunch =) Good service to boot.

Lunch at Zen, Sunway Pyramid with Jared :3

Initially, we wanted to go to Sushi Zanmai for lunch but the line of teenagers was so long >_>;; we went to the lonely restaurant next door. I was under the impression that the place will be super expensive since it’s so quiet but turns out it was just slightly higher than Sushi Zanmai.

Our soft shell crab roll :3 RM8 and worth every cent of it. Crispy seaweed and super crispy soft shell crab ❤

Inari~ Just so-so, nothing special. RM2 each.

Jared’s Chicken set. No rice, but comes with sushi~

Close up on the sushi. Generous portions X3

My Unagi set :3. Unagi of that amount costs RM45 in Enju DX

There’s this super cute mushroom in our miso soup~ *o* Couldn’t bear to eat it :3 (actually, I just don’t like to eat mushrooms haha)

The place is quite cozy and lots of privacy. The air cond is super cold too >w<

Terrible Friday Experience

Thank you Jared for bringing me to nice places to eat ;_; it was definitely a good weekend~

Went to Gardens and had lunch at Zouk :3

They had a lunch set for RM21.90 or RM18.90 an add RM4.90 for dessert or soup. We took the RM21.90 and added soup and dessert. I ordered cake as my dessert only to have the waiter telling me that they only serve beef pie and muffins on that day when clearly the menu says dessert is any cake selection or panna cotta. So our dessert is Beef Pie and and for soup, we picked Wild Mushroom soup

Jared’s Seafood Aglio Oglio

My Fish and Fries that took AGES to arrive

The service was TERRIBLE. Our soup didn’t arrive and when Jared asked about it, they went back to the kitchen and came back telling us there’s no more mushroom soup. Again, I whinned about the cake so the waiter said he’ll go and ask the manager. I got my cake in the end thanks to him. My Fish and Fries took ages too. We were long done with the Seafood Aglio Oglio before the Fish and Fries arrive.

The Beef Pies enough for two mouthfuls if your mouth is as small as mine. Tasted like super expensive ‘siew pau’ if you ask me.

Our Chocolate Moist Cake that’s crumbly and dry D8. This is RM12.90 ala carte price. Even cake mass produced in factories would taste better =_= and more moist. This cake is so dry it felt like it was left in the fridge for days.

After lunch, we walked around here and there. I realized there’s nothing to shop at MidValley D8 compared to Sunway Pyramid and 1 Utama. 5pm, I went for the CLarins launch which was ANOTHER bad experience *sigh*.

I registered and was ushered to the refreshment table. There weren’t enough seats and the drinks took a while to be refilled. After that we were attended to individually. I was brought to the skin analysis table and was given the most inexperienced consultation I’ve ever come across =_=. I won’t bother going into details but in short, she asked me to change my moisturizer only cuz it’s a common brand. My moisturizer has clearly helped in improving the hydration level of my skin judging by the comments of the Clinique SA and during my most recent facial session.

After the skin analysis, I was brought over to the makeover table. There was a queue but it was good that the SA took her time in making sure each guest gets a good makeover. When my turn came, another SA came and switched places. She did my makeup in a rush D8. Coverage was good but the eyeliner was all smudgy and the lipstick she applied onto me was too thick.

Then it came to the tunnel where guests can walk thru the tunnel to know more about the product and at the end of the tunnel there’s 4 doors. You pick a door and 4 random keys from a basket full of keys. If the key you picked, unlocks the door of your choice, you’ll get a prize =D. I was a bit disappointed that no SA walked with me through the tunnel and the shove the basket of keys with me without telling me more about their product. When I came home and read the reports of other bloggers, I was also sad that I wasn’t presented with my door gift >< *sigh* quite a messy launch.

My freebie from Laneige. Saw the cutout coupon in the Star newspaper on Thursday =D

Restoran Kim Kee Nom Nom

My second time eating at this place and I have no regrets =D. Had dinner there for Christmas Eve.

It’s not really a noodle house. You can order dishes at night. The place is located at Taman Len Seng.

This is the dish my whole family can’t stop eating. The onion rings can send A&W packing up!

Sweet and sour fish, nothing to hoohaa there.

Super green vege XD Cooked nicely so it was easy to bite through.

Egg fried with prawns.

Comes with free soup and total for 4 of us only came up to RM48 =D. The other day we ordered 3 dishes for 3 people and it only came up to RM27 huhu~

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