Experience at Beauty Works

Yesterday, I went for my overdue facial at Beauty Works. I bought the deal from Everyday.com for RM50 for 2 facials. The place was at Jalan Jalil Perkasa 14 and the staff there weren’t very helpful in giving directions =/. I later on found out on GoogleMaps that it’s formerly known as Jalan 14/155B.

The place is in quite a new area. No pictures of inside the salon as it’s quite dim.

Hoho they places a sensor along the stairs so the moment you are about to reach the top, the door bell rings and alerts the staff so there’s no waiting! 8D I was greeted by Penny who ushered me into one of the facial rooms to undress. The room was small but cozy, there was a nice fluffy thick robe for me to wear *w*.

Beauty Works specializes on facial treatments using Soothys from Paris. There’s more than 20 signature Soothys available at Beauty Works. The coupon I bought entitles me to receive 2 times trial of their Personalized Beaute Treatment (60 minutes), Active Eye Treatment (30 mins), Essential Neck Therapy (30 mins) and Luscious Lip Treatment (10 mins).

Somehow the timeline didn’t seem to fit with what I’m entitled to. After a short consultation, the beautician said that she’ll be doing the Purifying Treatment for that day which is to cleanse my skin. Somehow I have a problem when it comes to doing facials….. the language barrier *sighs* The beautician could only talk in Cantonese so I barely scrape by in understanding what she was talking about.

I must say… the extraction was horribly painful till there was tears in my eyes. Never before I’ve reacted that way towards extractions. She even stuck the extracting thing up my nose wtf o_o;;. After the extraction, she applied lotion plus the mask and proceed with the shoulder massage…… without cleansing my face again @A@;; The procedures felt a bit weird but I shrugged it off since the mask has to be cleansed away later on.

After my treatment, I was given some tea while the beautician explained the facial courses they have. She recommended me the RM988 package which consist of 6 full course Sothys treatment and there’s a free gift of a bottle of Sothys cleansing milk (500ml) with purchase of the course. Honestly, I’m not keen on going through that extraction again and RM988 for six treatments is just too steep for my pocket. I do love the effect of Sothys products on my face *w* but they’re so expensive >A<

Beauty Works is located at:
No. 7-19M, Jalan Jalil Perkasa 14, (formerly was Jalan 14/15SB)
Taman Esplanad,
57000 Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 016-2300101
Email: workofbeauty@yahoo.com
Website: http://flibbertigibbetgirls.blogspot.com/