Another Adventure~

After our Broga expedition, we decided to visit Ulu Yam next =D. I thought of going at 7am at first but since Jared said 10am I thought, why not since I could use the extra hours of sleep *w*. Both sides had some mishaps so we only left around 11.30am OTL. We saw a lot of food shops and touristy places on the way! (Zoo and Batu Caves lol)

Reached the area after driving through the uncomfortable windy road x_X Fee is RM1 for adults, 50 cents for kids. I couldn’t pass as a kid =( so I’m an adult midget!

Looks like a recreation park lol. I was expecting a hike to the falls XD;;

We had to cross this suspension bridge to get to the other side of the river. The bridge was swaying so much >A< Till now I’m not sure if it’s someone deliberately swaying it or he bridge was not sturdy enough to handle all of us walking on it.

We packed some food to eat there. Brunch consisted of McD’s family breakfast (lol), delicious Mee Siam and Nasi Lemak, 100 Plus and icky water that tasted like SeaMaster. Damn, everyone looks so serious while eating ._.

It rained a little after we finished eating but thank god it didn’t dampen our spirits of splashing in the river =D. The rain was having its own mood swings since it was raining then stopped then rained again wtf.

Don’t be fooled…. the water was damn effing cold!!! XD;; See Jared perching on the rock refusing to dip in *flees*

The 3 people who manage to dunk their whole bodies in. Audrey looks like she’s having some orgasmic fun in here lolol.

On the way back we passed by Batu Caves and made a spontaneous decision to climb up just for workout sake. Since we’re here why not right?

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA TTATT Breathe Neko! Think of the benefits! Your legs shall be toned! Improve stamina! Really, I had to chant those in my head just to keep climbing.

Climb was worth it though as we were welcomed by a cool breeze~

We climbed further to explore the area. I was climbing up the steps and watching out for… unknown things when this black pigeon suddenly popped out from the barricade and scared the living daylights out of me! I screamed on the spot and the aunty that was walking down the stairs saw the whole thing and laughed at me T___T. When we left the area, that pigeon was still walking on the stairs >_>. I swear its just finding another chance to go ‘booyah!’ at me.

Some pictures of the area before we climbed up Batu Caves

Koi pond~ There’s plenty of fish there @A@;;

Fluffy duck resting at the side~ ❤

We had dinner at Jalan Peel and I can feel the carbs and fats all seeping back in D8 damn we should do this more often. I hope to climb Broga again or maybe go Bukit Hijau next ~_~;;


Review: Kiehl’s Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque

Back in 2009, Kiehl’s introduced the Rare Earth range formulated with Amazonian White Clay to help purify and detoxify skin, while minimizing pores. Sounds good right? =D Well it seemed like a miracle product judging by the reviews I’ve read so I decided to pick a sample from the nearest Kiehl’s outlet. My pores have always been huge =S I’ve had people telling me that so I was crossing my fingers hoping it works.

The Rare Earth Collection comes with 4 items:

  • Rare Earth Pore Refining Tonic, 250ml
  • Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Lotion, 75ml
  • Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser, 150ml
  • Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque, 142g

I did get samples for the cleanser and tonic but I only tried the masque since I didn’t want to break my skin regime for now as its been working wonderfully =).

Our Rare Earth masque helps purify and detoxify skin while minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores. Formulated with Amazonian White Clay to gently draw out oil, dirt and toxins that can clog pores. The addition of Oatmeal and Aloe Vera will help soothe, hydrate and protect sensitive skin.

Mmmmm I read that oatmeal also absorbs the excess oil from the skin AND in the pores while aloe vera is good for sensitive skin as it soothes and heals skin. As clay can be quite drying, this range is only recommended for normal to oily skin types. The sample sachet I got was more than enough for my face =D there was a bit of extra but I wan’t keen on keeping in case it dries up >_<. Instruction says to apply a thin layer onto face and leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing.

I noticed a tingling effect while the mask was on my skin but I ignored it since it wasn’t that bad compared to other masks I’ve tried but I immediately rinsed it off after time’s up. My nose area was red but my skin felt clean and my pores are smaller, well they normally do look smaller after my bath so I can’t go screaming happily yet.

The next morning I woke up and damn my pores are back to being big =( and my T-zone horribly oily by midday >_< Could it be that I need to use the whole range to see results? Or that I need to use the mask a few times before I can see results? It won’t be something I’ll buy if I can find a better smelling clay mask and since I haven’t been able to see the desired results, I think I might weigh on the decision a bit longer.

Bits of Life #2302

Oh thank god I got my images back! I’ve been seeing froggies all day till I sent in a request to register a domain DX. Quite some time ago that I blogged about my life =D Work has been hectic as usual. Before CNY, clients were rushing for deadlines since suppliers normally go on a 1 week leave. After CNY, clients get busy concocting nonsense for us to get stressed over ~_~;; My hopes to take leave are gone~~~~ T3T

We had a dealers launch last week. It was fun :3 even though I had the cramps from womanly issues. Johnny and my boss have sync-ed their minds. They wore the same shirt on that day -3-

Boss hired a new copywriter too. He’s a bit weird =/ Long story.

Boss dragged us to help out and be slaves to the client T3T I stood at the side and looked pretty! *flees* Nah I just took some set up pics and placed my bum on any chair available, damn period….. I spent most of my time trying to catch people in the most awkward positions. Victim is mostly Johnny hehehe!

Cinderella Johnny!

Boss and Fifi playing ‘finger drama’. Hah! I finally caught his face >D

Well karma paid me a visit for taking all these ridiculous photos lol. Turns out the place where I parked turns into a hawker area at night. So I arrived to my car to find it surrounded by tables and a stall grilling sotong beside my car @A@

T_T My car could actually move if we moved 2-3 tables away but the fella told me that the Char Kuey Teow guy parked his car at the entrance and there was no way he was gonna budge =( Thank gods Audrey came and saved the day! >A< but I could only collect my car by 1am D8

The sandals that I wanted turned out to be Grendha shoes and upon closer inspection, the flats are actually VERY hard so I settled for a pair of normal Ipanema flip flops……. which by now has turned a little grey-ish OTL damn you dusty Malaysia!

My cosplay plans is also progressing smoothly. Settled most of the material after 2 days of material hunting thanks to our kiam siap nature. My A4 sheet of paper is full of cloth samples haha but most likely we’ll buy the cloth next week =D Here’s a last pic before I end my entry.

Happy cat relaxing in the middle of the pavement at SS2

Review: Kao Essential Damage Care Rich Premier Intensive Hair Mask

Whoa that seems like a mouthful for a product XD;; I read about this brand on XiaXue’s blog and thought of giving it a try. Problem is that the Kao Essential hair care range isn’t available in Malaysia *sobs* but thankfully we have such good friends 600km away! lol So I pleaded Gwen to bring a tub of that rich goodness the next time she swings by Malaysia. She passed me the product back in September I think but I didn’t have a chance to use it as I just bought my Sunsilk hair mask at that time (and damn I hated it) T_T.

Essential Damage Care is specially formulated with high purity honey & milk protein to repair damage hair even to the last 15cm. Perfect for me since my hair has endured all kinds of chemical treatments in the last 3 years. I’ve bleached, highlighted, dyed twice, permed twice and rebonded my hair XD;; in a span of 3 years. Now the ends of my hair are so dry and frizzy from my abuse that despite conditioning them every day, I still wake up with my hair in tangles.

The Kao Essential Damage Care comes in 2 ranges which is the Nuance Airy (in Pink) for light and bouncy hair and the Rich premier (in Orange) for smooth and manageable hair. Obviously I picked the Rich Premier series considering the state of my hair! Kao Essential Rich Premier range is formulated with natural ingredients and contains protection ingredients like honey and milk protein and repair ingredients which is lanolin fatty acid. On top of that, the Rich Premier series contains sunflower oil essence which is the key to the smooth and manageable effect.

Cute tub? 8D

According to the demonstration, the hair mask is suppose to be left on for 15 minutes to get the full effect. Since I’m lazy, I used the mask in the shower after washing my hair and left it on for a couple of minutes. Just scoop out a generous amount of the mask and start coating your hair from the ends while avoiding the scalp area. The mask smells really sweet :3 me likeys~ Verdict? I love it! I could consider it as some intensive conditioning as my hair behaved really well for the next 2-3 days without any conditioner~!

The hair mask comes in a 200ml tub which can last for quite a long time and this is one mask that I can afford to be generous with because this masks costs only $9.90!!! which is only around RM24 roughly about the average price for hair masks in pharmacies.

My New Love, Box! ……and a chunk of rants.

Hmmm my Valentine’s was spent with an object. A box. Oh I’m making it sound so sad when I’m actually CRAZY OVER A BOX!!! We had a delivery on Monday, some Ikea stuffs for one of our projects so the guys assembled and left the huge box in the office.

Box beside the entrance *_* I has evil thoughts

We played with it of course, before sending it to the recycle bin *o* It’s so big and comfy~

Johnny for sale

I want to be adopted!

Recently splurged on this cuz my temper is flying sky high into the heavens =_=


incoming rant ahead

For those who don’t know, I’ve officially resigned from Comic Fiesta. Some dick decided to pull a ‘listen-to-what-I-have-to-say-first-and-let-me-finish-then-oh-you-were-saying?’ THE FUCK. It’s been ages since I’ve felt THIS pissed and I still feel just as pissed as I was even though this happened more than 24 hours ago.

Well guess what, the reason I quit CF is because of me and nothing but me! I shall use this as an official reason just so that no one bothers to reason with me and apparently it’s the only reason that HE will side me for it. Yeap it’s me and not that anyone else’s problem. I’m just the problematic bitch and everyone is perfect and dandy~ Now the whole world is satisfied and at peace YAY!






*spits to the floor*

Yes indeed it’s ME. Because I have a problem with the latest structure and people fitted in it. Because I can forsee shit happening and I don’t wanna be a part it. Because I believe that nothing is going to change. But nooooooo people are telling me I’m not giving it a chance and telling me its childish to leave right after AGM.

If I leave before AGM, I won’t know who’s the new comm of 2011.

When I left right after AGM, I am called childish.

If I leave halfway, people will tell me it’s not right to leave halfway and stick through till the event is over then leave which will be TOO LATE by then.

So tell me, when the FUCK is the right time to leave.

It’s like when you go for a job interview and got accepted, it comes down to signing the employment letter and get chained. You start to notice that the environment is not how you thought it was, you might not be comfortable with the T&C in the letter or you think that you might not be able to handle the job responsibilities and maybe other reasons that make you not sign the letter. Well, SAME FUCKING THING. SO HOW DOES THIS MAKE ME CHILDISH?! It’s not as though I left my job hanging unlike some idiots nor does it require me to find a successor so what the fuck is the big deal.

Well I regretted saying anything. I should’ve just kept my bloody mouth shut unless I have something good to say about anything cuz that’s the only thing people want to hear. God I should’ve just said I wanna leave CF for personal reasons, period. *goes regret in the pit of despair*

Comedy Thursday

Wohoo~ Thursday I got dragged out by Jared & Shaun to watch Comedy Thursday organized by TimeOut KL. One of our friends was performing so we all went to support him. Show was at 9pm so I had to rush all my work and leave by 6pm since the guys will be picking me up from my house. God damn jam, but we made it in time to Velvet Underground @ Zouk KL.

Place didn’t reek of cigs thankfully but Jared was sneezing like heck. By the time the show ended, we were dying of hunger orz. We didn’t eat any dinner and by the time the show ended, it was around 11.30 T_T so we dropped by Jalan Alor for some beef ball noodles before heading home.

We discovered how much pepper Shaun puts on his noodles @A@

Damn I should’ve just wrote a review since this entry seems so half assed =w=. I’m just not in a mood to blog but I really wanted to share some photos *w* I wanted to share my experience at J.W Marriot hotel but unfortunately it’s about work so I can’t put up and photos. Next entry should be a review…… when I can bother myself to do research OTL.

Oh one last photo…

We papered the whole office yesterday since the pest control people are coming over to spray the place. We’ve been getting flea problems for the last 2 weeks =(

No Longer A Tony Roma’s Virgin~ =D

Yes you saw that right, I’ve never been to Tony Roma’s in my life D8 The opportunity came when Jon invited me and a few other friends for dinner on the third day of CNY. Since there was only 3 of us, we decide to venture further~ and the first thing that popped in my mind was Tony Roma’s so we made our way to the nearest branch~

Tony Roma’s at 1MontKiara

We ordered a main course each and shared a Caesar salad with half a salmon. My hot chocolate arrived and looked really diluted o_o but they immediately changed it without questioning XD;;

Caesar salad with shredded cheese and huge croutons!

My shrimp scanty scampi pasta. They gave me so many prawns that it was a torture to finish them orz but the prawns tasted so gooodddd *_*

Roon’s chicken dish, not sure what’s the real name x_X. Looks like it was splattered with ketchup/chili sauce, tastes a bit like it too.

Jon’s sad sad sad burger >D but the fries taste good though.

As we left the car park, we saw this cat relaxing along the ramp *o* It didn’t flinch when we winded down the window to take a pic of it ❤

Crashed back at Jon’s place and played a game of Saboteurs with a few more of his friends.

That pretty much sums up my Saturday! RM182 in my NB fund now *o*/

Festivity Cheer

Greetings guys! Hope you enjoyed your long holidays so far =D and gather as many angpows to keep for a rainy day *_*b As for me, I spent my long holiday isolated from the world. Doesn’t seem very CNY-ish but I wasn’t in the mood to celebrate this year. I wanted to spend the holiday in a quiet environment since the last 2 weeks have been hectic at work for me so I wasn’t in the mood to deal with anymore big company. On top of that, my family is in a war zone especially with us being the bitch’s victims just cuz she’s not getting along with someone. I didn’t wanna come back from Ipoh feeling moody and grumpy so yeah, a good reason to stay away.

Colleagues were gambling on the eve of CNY lol

Boss treated us to lunch then we closed the office for the rest of the day =D I had a meet up with Vinu but the fella was late so I spent the next few hours looking through tennis rackets and hunting for my ankle weights. Surprisingly, Jusco brings in a better selection of rackets compared to Studio R. I’m quite happy that Jusco brought in junior rackets cuz I’ve been considering to get myself a new racket, one with a smaller grip. According to the size of my palm and height, I should get a 26″ racket, 1 inch away from the standard sized racket.

I also went to Fitness Concept and another store in MidValley to find my ankle weights but they only have the sand bag ones and they’re RM89!!! My ideal weights were made from lead and adjustable weight. Thankfully, Jusco has the exact ones I was looking for AND they had a 20% discount!!! *w* top up with my RM20 Jusco voucher, I only paid RM35 for those weights XD~

Presenting my new weights *w* I’ll start on it once my body is familiar with my current workout.

First day of CNY: First, the Green Hornet at Tropicana then we sneaked into TMNL, stole their projector and watched The Social Network. You can see charsiewpao down there in the pile of shoes XD;;

Eve of CNY, I was a Leong! Overnight-ed at Audrey’s place =D cuz it’s too lonely to sleep alone~~ >w< The rest of my CNY holidays were spent with Jared and watching Gossip Girl + Scrubs. Might seem sad to you but I enjoy the solitude =) and much thanks to Jared for accompanying me.

This year, people sure take CNY damn seriously @_@ Shops in MidValley were closed by 3pm on New Year’s eve! Business hours were only till 7pm on the 3rd and 4th of Feb and ALL the shops in my area were closed @A@. On the bright side, roads are empty 8D and I get my peace.

I’ve also gone back to my beauty drink. The last 1 month without it has been a horror D8. My face has been producing so much oil that it I can see DROPLETS on my forehead and nose wtf. My pimples came back too, partially cuz of my new fringe and I suspect because of my inconsistent sleep time. I find that the drink helps speed up the recovery of the pimples and scars and also my face looks a lot clearer with it. I guess there’s no escaping it T_T will have to workout my budget to afford it every month.

I also prepared an envelope called the New Balance Fund. I went to N Concept and looked through their selection of New Balance shoes. Set on a pair of shoes that cost Rm350 so here’s a small fund set up so that I can save but by bit without touching my savings >w< So far so good, I’m putting my angpow money in plus a small bit of extra money I saved from my food money so it’s quite a good start =D.

Dinner with Jon shall be in my next post! =D Too much happening and I’ve been so lazy to blog even though I was at home a lot >_<


Today was a really weird day. My mum woke me up to sign a parcel of mine which turned out to be cornflakes from Nestle. I recalled signing up on FB to be one of the first 1000 people to get a free box of Cheerios cornflakes 300gm but I didn’t think it’ll take this long to arrive omg.

Tadaa~ my breakfast for the next 2 weeks? =P Now I just gotta remember to buy milk.

There’s another parcel yesterday too but I wasn’t around >_> CityLink threatens to return the parcel after 3 days omg @A@;; I’ve honestly no idea what the hell I ordered……. scratch that, I didn’t order anything! @w@ Ah well gonna drop by Audrey’s house tomorrow and pass her my details for collection ><;;.

The past 24 hours have been sort of productive. I got myself a new top from Paperdolls as much as I told myself not to spend anymore D8. Dammit Joanna just keeps bringing more cute stuffs in DX. Then I reached home and washed my clothes, at least 50% of them are washed now.

This morning had to clean the bookshelf =w=;; cleared a hell lot of books and my mum nagging behind me cuz the bookshelf is full. Well…. the reason its full is cuz she asked us to keep the unwanted books there as well since our house really lacks space =w=;; By the time I cleaned the bookshelf, it was already 5pm ;w; so I had to rush to Berjaya Times Square for some emergency shopping which was just to get my pimple stickers XP. Needed them desperately cuz they’re the only things that are keeping me from touching my pimples. Thought of getting some shampoo but the Gliss Kur and Tsubaki shampoo is damn expensive D8… hello LYN~! >w</

The green box are the acne stickers, concentration patch that I bought out of curiosity and my Nature & Co samples that arrived in the mail last week =D

After my trip to TS, spent a while in the squash court playing tennis with the wall. I’m so happy my skills are still decent! I could still rally with the wall and play with my left *o*/. Played for about 30 minutes then jogged 7 + 5 rounds around the court and did my sit ups.

Productive day YES? XD

My Fandom Can Kill Me Someday

Anime has influenced me from way back in 2002 D8 omg that makes almost 10 years I’ve been exposed to Anime! Putting Sailormoon and Doraemon aside, my first time watching Anime in Jap was Gensomaden Saiyuki where I learned how to swear…… LOL. I have only 3 favorite characters up to today. Sanzo from Saiyuki who thought me that swearing is okay 8D, Ryoma from Prince of Tennis and Karupin from Prince of Tennis too! 8D

Presenting Ryoma and Karupin! Yes Karupin is his cat 😛

I feel so bad for fangirling over a 12 year old boy! *sobs* Back when I was 15, I thought it was no biggie XP but now I’m nearing 23 and it almost feels like it’s a sin! =w=;;; Because of him, I took up tennis and self-learn using tutorials from the web XD;; When school reopened, I joined the tennis club *w*b together with Audrey ohohohoh good times *sigh*. This was one of the very rare moments I could ever recall myself taking such initiative =(.

Another reason I joined the tennis club is because the badminton club in school is always full D8 so it’s either we won’t get a chance to play or we play with your neighbor 2 meters away wtf. Besides, tennis was one game I didn’t need to worry about the wind messing with our ball if we play outdoors =D. Your wall is your best partner too if no one else is free *_*b I spent most of my time with the wall during the school holidays.

Sorry for the lack of updates cuz I’ve been so busy at office, most of the time leaving past 10pm and my head only hits the pillow at 2am, waking up at 6.30am to go back to office again T_T. I survived by watching POT which brought back my Ryoma craze *w*. I’m now dying to collect POT merchandise T_T but it’ll be so hard to find by now *sobs*.

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