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Paperdoll Clearance Sale!

Hello all! So much things to blog about but so little time! *gets shot* Just dropping by my blog to share some news =D My friend is having a clearance sale at her boutique as she’s closing by the end of April :3 Sale of up to 60% in the boutique so do go check it out!

Entrance of Paperdoll.

The beautiful decor you get to see once you step in~

Pretty dresses nicely arranged and screaming “try me! try me!”

Nice full length mirror for you to check yourself out. It’s also called the boyfriend area >D

I have a few pieces of her clothes in my wardrobe and they’re so cute <3. Cut-throat price for a person like me but I can tell you it’s worth the penny and I’ve never regret those impulse purchases since most of her new arrivals get snagged up pretty quickly XD;;

Do drop by when you can within this month and have a look =D or you can check Paperdoll’s Facebook as there’s photos of the dresses she has.

Paperdoll is located at:
Tropicana City Mall,
Lot L1-43, First Floor,
3, Jalan SS20/27, 47400
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Monday to Sunday
11.30am – 9.30pm


Today was a really weird day. My mum woke me up to sign a parcel of mine which turned out to be cornflakes from Nestle. I recalled signing up on FB to be one of the first 1000 people to get a free box of Cheerios cornflakes 300gm but I didn’t think it’ll take this long to arrive omg.

Tadaa~ my breakfast for the next 2 weeks? =P Now I just gotta remember to buy milk.

There’s another parcel yesterday too but I wasn’t around >_> CityLink threatens to return the parcel after 3 days omg @A@;; I’ve honestly no idea what the hell I ordered……. scratch that, I didn’t order anything! @w@ Ah well gonna drop by Audrey’s house tomorrow and pass her my details for collection ><;;.

The past 24 hours have been sort of productive. I got myself a new top from Paperdolls as much as I told myself not to spend anymore D8. Dammit Joanna just keeps bringing more cute stuffs in DX. Then I reached home and washed my clothes, at least 50% of them are washed now.

This morning had to clean the bookshelf =w=;; cleared a hell lot of books and my mum nagging behind me cuz the bookshelf is full. Well…. the reason its full is cuz she asked us to keep the unwanted books there as well since our house really lacks space =w=;; By the time I cleaned the bookshelf, it was already 5pm ;w; so I had to rush to Berjaya Times Square for some emergency shopping which was just to get my pimple stickers XP. Needed them desperately cuz they’re the only things that are keeping me from touching my pimples. Thought of getting some shampoo but the Gliss Kur and Tsubaki shampoo is damn expensive D8… hello LYN~! >w</

The green box are the acne stickers, concentration patch that I bought out of curiosity and my Nature & Co samples that arrived in the mail last week =D

After my trip to TS, spent a while in the squash court playing tennis with the wall. I’m so happy my skills are still decent! I could still rally with the wall and play with my left *o*/. Played for about 30 minutes then jogged 7 + 5 rounds around the court and did my sit ups.

Productive day YES? XD

My Pillow Talk

Those who have me on Facebook or hung out with me recently know that I’m obsessed with the Ikea pillows I felt a couple of weeks ago. The soft down that cushions your head and also shaping itself to fit the curves *dreams on* ah but alas TwT the pillow also came with a heft price tag of RM129.

I was considering to use next months salary to buy it but then there’s Uniqlo’s store opening on Nov 4th ;__; I’m hoping to get a nice jacket and some shirts from there. Then there’s also great discounts at CCKids! My Miku wig is only RM145 after discount and then I need to get Coffy’s tail and her getup prepared before CF. Oh how money fliesss ;_;

Face is slowly recovering, just the huge cysts left. No breakouts so far =) even if there is, the whiteheads are all visible and popped easily. Speaking of which, I’ll have to get my supply of serums since I’m on the second last box. Oh I think I’m drifting away from the topic

End up, I think I’ll probably get the RM29 Ikea pillow ;__; judging by how much I’ll spend within the next 2 months and that ends Neko’s pillow talk *flees*

Skin Updates #310

As you guys know, I’ve switched to Artistry products 2-3 weeks ago. I can’t give any review on this yet until the 15th. I’m not even sure if my skin condition has improved or deteriorated D: My T-zone is cleared but now my cheeks are filled with pimples. It’s like my pimples got bored of my T-zone and decided to migrate to my cheeks instead thinking they’d grow more prosperously over there….. AND SO THEY DID! I have huge red bumps over my cheeks now =( and no signs of the oil seeds appearing *tears hair in frustration*

I suspect it was the cream that the doctor gave me to treat my cysts. She did told me there would be pimples appearing but I didn’t expect it to be this drastic!!! My cysts is almost gone now so I decided to stop the cream. So far no pimples appear phew =w=;; and it’s been a week since I’ve stopped the cream.

PIMPLES BE GONEEEEEEEEE I need clear skin before I hit the turf!!!! Speaking of which…

Got my invite for Sasa’s Ladies Day held at the Selangor Turf Club =D

It’ll all be ‘datin’ wear and we’ll have to get a hat as well >___< I googled up the past Ladies Day reports and omg these people dress up so well DX my wardrobe choice feels like normal casual wear! *facepalms* Must look for hat!!! ;A;

I’m a Good Girl Aren’t I?! *_*

Pressies from the surprise birthday dinner!!! Thank you!! *sobs*

From Jared: Heart necklace

From Teri, Ezel and Audrey: Chamomile Tea, Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Therapy and Saiyuki Reload Vol 8 hohohoho *o*

From Michy and May: Crabtree & Evelyn Iris Shower Gel and Lotion *o*

From Jonathan: The Exorcist mwhahahaa~

I love all my presents! *_* and it’s my first time getting a surprise birthday dinner @A@;; cis you guys can keep secrets so well from me ;__;

Thank yew darlingsss *3* I feel so loved!

Weekend Summary

Super busy schedule last weekend. Gwen came up to KL for our Sandplay photoshoot and we rushed like hell for our props on Friday. I had to take leave so that I won’t feel so exhausted on Saturday……. I was still end up dead exhausted anyways lol. We manage to buy our materials and complete most of the stuff but the weather was against us that day =( It started raining around 3pm+ We thought the rain would stop by 7pm but oh boy we were so wrong =(. The rain kept coming and going. In fact, it started drizzling again around midnight FML!

Thankfully the rain stopped around 8pm so we all gathered at the wet, muddy park D8. I can’t say the shoot was a success nor was it a failure =/. The weather conditions really ruined the shoot *sobs* but I’m happy with the photos.

One of the shots. Photo by Darrell

Only thing I’m happy from this shoot was my makeup XD;;

Sunday I KO-ed till 1pm and couldn’t wake up till Gwen mentioned that Razrig uploaded photos! And my eyes snapped open *_* Decided to take Gwen on a small food trip starting with Beef Balls at Lai Foong, Petaling Street.

*slurpppp* I would recommend this place for its soup but for better Beef Balls, try Soong Kee XD

Dessert was Choco Banana Cake at Zang Toi, Pavilion. I ordered some mint tea and was surprised to find some mint leaves in there!

Checked out Farenheit 88 too and found a nice place to get my boots! I just need to slim my legs down >__<

Friday Itinerary

Arm covers set to the tailors and embroidery will be done by Wednesday =D so Friday’s list is:

  • Wax and thread my scandalous body parts
  • Shop for head accessory materials at Dexon and Art Friends possibly
  • Bum at Mika’s house to fix the embroidery, make head accessory and try on costume
  • Confirm the places for the shoot
  • Makan, makan, makan!

Friday will be a superbly busy day! I’ve scheduled a massage for tomorrow and will probably do a facial on Thursday or Friday since my skin has been looking so dull. Blame myself for not taking care of it =( it’s been ages since I’ve done a mask after my breakout problem started.

To The Point Of Tearing My Face

The saga continues, my face has been in a sad state ever since the period I used Eumora. I’ve been going thru product after product to get my face to calm down. I tried ampoules and it worked for a while but from the second to the fourth bottle onwards, I see no visible results so I stopped and tried Dermadex. Dermadex also didn’t show very satisfactory results so I ended up seeking medical help from a well known skin specialist in Subang. The doctor prescribed some pills and gel for my face.

I started on the pill by mixing it with water as usual but the bitter taste was terrible! I almost forgot how nasty it tasted since I hardly visit the doctor for anything. Even when I had the fever, I threw the meds aside because Paracetamol didn’t help as much as the usual meds that are prescribed. Sadly, I can’t eat the usual fever pills since I’m allergic to the drug used in them.

So when it came to this pill for my acne, I thought ‘hey it looks small, why not cut it in half just for a start’ It still looked kinda big to me @@;; and I had to mentally prepare myself ;_;,  I then put half the pill on the base of my tongue and swallowed a big gulp of water, and YES! I made it! *o* I swallowed it! *o* No trouble with the next half of the pill. I tried to swallow the whole pill the next day and I did it! *_* I’ve never felt so proud of myself and after 6 years of being afraid of pills, I did itttt!!!!

Just as I thought, hey no more problems now that I’ve learned to swallow pills *_*V, they decided to come back and slap me in the face. Ok not literally, the problem started on Tuesday. I ate my pill before heading out to buy lunch, by the time I reached back in office, I started feeling a little nauseous so I called it a half day and went home to get some rest. My stomach started doing flip flops for the rest of the day but I got my appetite back during supper LOL. On Wednesday, the usual routine of eating my pill before heading out to buy lunch. After buyiing my food, my stomach started to feel uneasy and something was making its way up ;_;. I wanted to rush drive back to office but something told me to just sit at the side and take deep breaths to push it back down lol. Failed sia, my stomach scrunched up and I vomited out what’s left of the pill. Amazing enough, my breakfast decided to stay in so I didn’t vomit much but my stomach feels so cramped after scrunching up to barf the contents of one miserable pill =_=.

Some people think that I’m just really traumatized to swallow pills, some say I’m allergic to it. Who knows, I’m having another appointment with my doc after Raya and I expect my meds to be replaced without extra charge. I’m back to using the gel they gave to nurse my cysts and Dermadex for my pimples. Thinking of ditching all my skin care products and start fresh with Artistry’s skin care range. They have a 90 day money back guarantee after all so there’s nothing to lose =)

Weekend of Jakun-ness

For those who don’t know where I disappeared to during the weekend, I went to Singapore =D. Took a night bus on Thursday night and arrived at 1.30am in the morning x_X. Much thanks to Gwen and her family for hosting our stay in Singapore and taking us around. Being my first time in Singapore, I obviously jakun-ed over a lot of things XD;;


Oh gods there are malls EVERYWHERE! *O*/ Charles and Keith is EVERYWHERE! They bring in killer looking shoes that makes the Charles and Keith in KL look so conservative =A= *flips middle finger* Average price per shoe in Charles and Keith, KL is about RM129 minimum and when they have sales, it’s only the ‘ah sam’ looking ones that are cheap D8, about RM60+? B-b-b-b-but in Singapore! Oh gods! Killer heels for $39.10 after discount, normal price $59+ but trust me, if I had the money, the discount wouldn’t have bothered me one bit and I would’ve just snagged the shoes! All the shoes there look much better than the ones KL brings! Argh!!! *tears hair*

And then the Watsons, oh lord the Watsons is god sent! Sworn to rip your pocket to shreds! T___T I found super thick lower eyelashes *_*b from Canmake but it was $9.90 oh the pain DX. Some of the stuffs are cheap and some are expensive, whole time we were doing some price comparison session. The word most used for the whole trip is either ‘cheap’ or ‘expensive’ =w=;;; Found the Nexcare fashion tapes too which were cheap going at $5.95

Sasa…. *drools* they have much better deals here and they bring as much wider range too! I bought a BeautyTalks Collagen mask for $1.95, normal price $5.95! =D I spotted Ardell lashes at both Watsons and Sasa but I couldn’t find the falsies that I wanted ;___; The BeautyTalks OxyMask was HORRIBLY CHEAP TOO DX $62 only!!!! KL is like selling for RM189 cheapest so far D8

Sephoraaaaaa!!!!! The playground for big girls like me! No SA’s to hover over you and ask what you want XD;; The place is equipped with vanity tables filled with face makeup remover, nail polish remover, cotton pads and cleansing oil =D. Those vanity tables are located at every counter brand ❤ so everything was quite accessible. Had so much fun playing with stuff. Even the hair care section had a counter for you to play with the products! ❤ We smelled this REALLY good bath product that smells of chocolate fudge. Even the strawberry one smelled like you’re bathing yourself in strawberry jam lol, but we forgot the name of the brand! *bangs head on table* Stuff there is pretty expensive though =(. Good thing we have Smashbox in KL lalala~ It’s RM10-20 cheaper here XD

Shopping at ION is so intimidating D8, I thought Pavilion was horrible, ION is just much worse after I saw how large their LV boutique is…. What happened to lack of space?!?!?!?! Inside the shopping centres is quite cramped =/, I found it difficult to get a hold of the floor plan since we can’t see the whole shopping centre from where we are unlike Pyramid, Times Square or MidValley where it’s divided into wings and we can spot what shops there are on the floors.

Expensive water is expensive!

I jumped out of my skin when I stepped into 7-11. Water costs $1.65! wtf DX and then I remembered SG buys water =w=;;;; Ah but I looked so pathetic pawing the fridge door looking at the water ;__; Thank you Gwennn ;__; I promise to be a good host when you come downnnnnn.

Singapore is not friendly to Tourists D:

Blasted Wifi and MRT is so hard to use =(. Why can’t the machine eat up the train tickets like our trains do! >3<;; Instead, we have to grab refund from the machine when we reach our destination D8 *kicks machine* and the MRT is even MORE confusing than our LRT D8. One thing I like is how fast the escalators are 8D I can’t access the Singtel Wifi D8 apparently it’s only for SG lines? D8 sucks to be a tourist.

I’m just too lazy to post any pictures from the trip =( so here’s a picture of the souvenirs I got from the trip XD

From the left, Fucking Urgent memo 8D from Cotton On for my boss, Nexcare non-slip tapes from Watsons, BeautyTalk Collagen Mask from SASA, Canmake falsies from Watsons and a pair of chopsticks from Daiso XD to keep in office.

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