My New Love, Box! ……and a chunk of rants.

Hmmm my Valentine’s was spent with an object. A box. Oh I’m making it sound so sad when I’m actually CRAZY OVER A BOX!!! We had a delivery on Monday, some Ikea stuffs for one of our projects so the guys assembled and left the huge box in the office.

Box beside the entrance *_* I has evil thoughts

We played with it of course, before sending it to the recycle bin *o* It’s so big and comfy~

Johnny for sale

I want to be adopted!

Recently splurged on this cuz my temper is flying sky high into the heavens =_=


incoming rant ahead

For those who don’t know, I’ve officially resigned from Comic Fiesta. Some dick decided to pull a ‘listen-to-what-I-have-to-say-first-and-let-me-finish-then-oh-you-were-saying?’ THE FUCK. It’s been ages since I’ve felt THIS pissed and I still feel just as pissed as I was even though this happened more than 24 hours ago.

Well guess what, the reason I quit CF is because of me and nothing but me! I shall use this as an official reason just so that no one bothers to reason with me and apparently it’s the only reason that HE will side me for it. Yeap it’s me and not that anyone else’s problem. I’m just the problematic bitch and everyone is perfect and dandy~ Now the whole world is satisfied and at peace YAY!






*spits to the floor*

Yes indeed it’s ME. Because I have a problem with the latest structure and people fitted in it. Because I can forsee shit happening and I don’t wanna be a part it. Because I believe that nothing is going to change. But nooooooo people are telling me I’m not giving it a chance and telling me its childish to leave right after AGM.

If I leave before AGM, I won’t know who’s the new comm of 2011.

When I left right after AGM, I am called childish.

If I leave halfway, people will tell me it’s not right to leave halfway and stick through till the event is over then leave which will be TOO LATE by then.

So tell me, when the FUCK is the right time to leave.

It’s like when you go for a job interview and got accepted, it comes down to signing the employment letter and get chained. You start to notice that the environment is not how you thought it was, you might not be comfortable with the T&C in the letter or you think that you might not be able to handle the job responsibilities and maybe other reasons that make you not sign the letter. Well, SAME FUCKING THING. SO HOW DOES THIS MAKE ME CHILDISH?! It’s not as though I left my job hanging unlike some idiots nor does it require me to find a successor so what the fuck is the big deal.

Well I regretted saying anything. I should’ve just kept my bloody mouth shut unless I have something good to say about anything cuz that’s the only thing people want to hear. God I should’ve just said I wanna leave CF for personal reasons, period. *goes regret in the pit of despair*


The New Year with New Resolutions

Good morning world! I just woke up and cleaned my room while enduring the stomach cramps I got from doing my sit ups. The day is pretty good so far if I minus my mum’s bitchings at the background. I just have to think about all those lovely books I’ll get tomorrow and all is fineeee =D

How was everyone’s New Year’s Eve celebrations? I heard there were so many split parties going on @_@ As usual, I decided to go for much laid back chatting sessions at mamaks. Bitching ensured, gotta let off some steam before welcoming the new year.

We did have our own way of celebrating it. Have a long roti tissue =D

Now for the usual New Year Resolutions

  1. Get in shape. There’s at least 2 cosplays of mine that need me to be in shape. Here’s to be able to achieve my desired figure. Started off pretty well so far, now is the challenge of keeping to it =P
  2. Less impulsive buys! Gods I feel broke in 2010 D: I had barely any savings but on the good side, I got most of the stuff I’ve been dying to get so there should be less buys this year! I hope…. =/
  3. Execute 2 of my cosplay projects!
  4. Read more! I think the number of books I bought this year can be counted with my fingers =(
  5. Sleep early! (meaning by 12 midnight lol)
  6. Normally I have a slot which I leave it secret. This slot is a resolution for me to forgive and forget that asshole. It has been on my list for a couple of years and I realize I can NEVER do that. So fuck this shit, this years resolutions would be to take a swing at that pathetic piece of shit when I get the chance.

Grumpy Pot When It’s Close To The Hols.


I’ve been feeling so grumpy this whole week!!! Lately I’ve been so forgetful at work which is probably why I’m horribly grumpy. CF is drawing near and I’ve so many things to do that CF has become my late night part-time job, and this has nothing to do with my costume yet jeez. Juggling my thoughts between CF and work during my work hours has made me quite forgetful I guess. Somehow I have a feeling that my boss is quite frustrated since we’re like his right hand men and yet I’m forgetting stuff. I look forward for my bonus end of the year so that I’ll be able to pay for my tires and be debt free in 2011!

I’m also suppose to have 3 packages coming in this week and 1 package next week but they’re all being pushed backward I wonder why! #^$#^#@$#@^$ I got a collection note on one of my packages grrr which means I can’t see my lovely buys till Saturday.

Last week I went for my facial to clear my blackheads. The very next day a few oil seeds surfaced up and 2-3 tiny pimples started popping up. I don’t know whether to take this is a good sign or not but I’ve applied the cider mask and it’s under control for now…

*turns into The Hulk and goes tearing things apart*

Negative Emotions and Exciting Trips to the Supermarket

Officially back and settled down from Animangaki. Days before the event I kept changing my mind back and forth between going and not going for the event haha. Then Hisa asked me whether I can fix his makeup for Animangaki and of course I agreed to if (free tix man!).

Attempted to do a little eye makeup before I head to Sunway but it ended up too dark =/ ah wells. Reached the hall at 9.10am and I saw visitors crowding the entrance to the hall which was across the other side of the building. I ended up in the staff entrance of the hall and NOBODY STOPPED ME AT ALL despite how blur I looked @A@. I’ll be damned for security hahaha, I could’ve stayed in the hall all day and leave when I’m satisfied. Oh and there were no signs to direct us to the hall from the main entrance =/ Thank god I had hisa to call or I’ll be lost >_>

Met a lot of new and old people :3 felt so much like a school reunion. The schedule was very delayed from the very beginning. Karaoke competition took half the day but it was good!!! There was much more competition compared to AniCom. The solo’s were a bit of a disappointment and I didn’t stay long enough for OTP.

Everyone started heading home around 4-5pm and that’s when I started to feel so lonely =( It felt like CF 2005 at Sri Sedaya, only that I felt like a newbie and everyone had their own cliques to be around with so I decided to take the chance and escape when Audrey had to go. On top of that feeling of loneliness, I accidentally saw a face I didn’t want to see and the feelings of grief I felt 2 years ago came flooding back to me. When I wanted to pay for the car park, I realized I didn’t have enough change and no one had change for me ._. (I asked about 4-5 people) By that time I was feeling so helpless on top of the rest of what I’m feeling, I almost wanted to sit on the steps and just burst into tears. Thank god one kind soul told me I could exchange from the security post T_T

Found out Jared was at SS15 so went there to meet him since I didn’t wanna go home yet =( As I was telling him about my day, I couldn’t control my emotions any longer and then he asked me whats wrong. At that point I was silently cursing myself feeling embarrassed at how weak I am, how I thought I could bottle up all the negativity and focus on all the good things that happened today, how I wish I could get into an accident, survive with  amnesia and start my life all over again.

Darrell called up as we were talking over it, bloody guy has impeccable timing sial. He dropped by and chatted a little sending all of us laughing till our jaws ached. Too bad he’s such a spoilsport and didn’t join us for dinner. Went to Sakae Sushi for dinner since Jared had some gift vouchers to be used then we visited the supermarket so that I can get my apple vinegar cider.

Went to look at jars of honey o_o expensiveness then I remembered that dad just got pure honey from Aussie so there’s no need for me to look high and low for it.

But nothing beats thisssssss Holy sheeeeeet Are the bees shitting gold honey or something!??!?!

Got my cider too ohohoh~ It was more expensive than the price stated =P

Now you can have a Lucky Stick! 8D

Found Mason Jars!! *hearts*

Came back and found this awesome picture tagged~! *hearts* just a reminder to myself *starts humming ‘you are not aloneeeeee’*