Events and more Events!

Weekends are so precious to me >3<;; Been feeling so down at work because I like to play a lot DX I’ve just been feeling so darn lazy with my mum egging me on the credit card and PTPTN loan that I felt like screaming at her to fuck off. Last Saturday, Comic Fiesta organized held a charity event called Project Harapan where all the money will be donated to help Japan. I didn’t plan to go but Arisa was bringing her eyelashes and Raincloud wanted to pass me the costume so I ended up dragging my ass up 7.30 in the morning on a lovely Saturday to Audrey’s house. Thank gods I wasn’t driving or I would’ve fallen asleep on the wheel.

Artbooks with compiled artworks were being sold for RM15

Printed artworks on the Wall of Hope. Just donate RM5 and you can bring a piece home =D I felt that the stuff in the artbook was just too small so I settled with an artwork XD;;

Row of artists that continued to draw to fill up the wall.

Cosplay photo booth. Make a donation and take home a picture of you and your fav cosplayer~

Cosplayers begging outside lololol

Got bored after a while so I went to the Craft Bazaar at BFree, Mentari Business Park. Damn…. I didnt think it would be that far to walk and I was walking in my 4 inch wedges. By the time I made it back to TOA, my legs were shaking so much =3=;;;

Nothing of interest to me since it’s a craft supply bazaar. For those who like making crafts, you can check out this place next time. There was this cute girl that handed me a packet of buttons with her name card attached onto it XD;; Omg her voice was so squeaky, I thought she’s 12 or something >w<

After the event, we had dinner at Kalamazoo. This place is gonna be my fav hangout place soon! ;A; I’m just so in love with the food, the price and the waitress lololol. I has no photos since my cam is so bad under yellow light =/. On the way back, we raided Ngin’s place to molest Mehmeh.

Nice cream coloured cat ❤ that sheds a lot @w@

Audrey and Swing stalking MehMeh everywhere pile a paparazzi XD

A green bug I found really fascinating during my yamcha with Swing.

Wonderful and tiring Saturday… and I’ll say it again…. I’M SO GLAD I DIDN’T DRIVE AHAHHA *gets slapped by Audrey*


Bits of Life #2302

Oh thank god I got my images back! I’ve been seeing froggies all day till I sent in a request to register a domain DX. Quite some time ago that I blogged about my life =D Work has been hectic as usual. Before CNY, clients were rushing for deadlines since suppliers normally go on a 1 week leave. After CNY, clients get busy concocting nonsense for us to get stressed over ~_~;; My hopes to take leave are gone~~~~ T3T

We had a dealers launch last week. It was fun :3 even though I had the cramps from womanly issues. Johnny and my boss have sync-ed their minds. They wore the same shirt on that day -3-

Boss hired a new copywriter too. He’s a bit weird =/ Long story.

Boss dragged us to help out and be slaves to the client T3T I stood at the side and looked pretty! *flees* Nah I just took some set up pics and placed my bum on any chair available, damn period….. I spent most of my time trying to catch people in the most awkward positions. Victim is mostly Johnny hehehe!

Cinderella Johnny!

Boss and Fifi playing ‘finger drama’. Hah! I finally caught his face >D

Well karma paid me a visit for taking all these ridiculous photos lol. Turns out the place where I parked turns into a hawker area at night. So I arrived to my car to find it surrounded by tables and a stall grilling sotong beside my car @A@

T_T My car could actually move if we moved 2-3 tables away but the fella told me that the Char Kuey Teow guy parked his car at the entrance and there was no way he was gonna budge =( Thank gods Audrey came and saved the day! >A< but I could only collect my car by 1am D8

The sandals that I wanted turned out to be Grendha shoes and upon closer inspection, the flats are actually VERY hard so I settled for a pair of normal Ipanema flip flops……. which by now has turned a little grey-ish OTL damn you dusty Malaysia!

My cosplay plans is also progressing smoothly. Settled most of the material after 2 days of material hunting thanks to our kiam siap nature. My A4 sheet of paper is full of cloth samples haha but most likely we’ll buy the cloth next week =D Here’s a last pic before I end my entry.

Happy cat relaxing in the middle of the pavement at SS2

Comedy Thursday

Wohoo~ Thursday I got dragged out by Jared & Shaun to watch Comedy Thursday organized by TimeOut KL. One of our friends was performing so we all went to support him. Show was at 9pm so I had to rush all my work and leave by 6pm since the guys will be picking me up from my house. God damn jam, but we made it in time to Velvet Underground @ Zouk KL.

Place didn’t reek of cigs thankfully but Jared was sneezing like heck. By the time the show ended, we were dying of hunger orz. We didn’t eat any dinner and by the time the show ended, it was around 11.30 T_T so we dropped by Jalan Alor for some beef ball noodles before heading home.

We discovered how much pepper Shaun puts on his noodles @A@

Damn I should’ve just wrote a review since this entry seems so half assed =w=. I’m just not in a mood to blog but I really wanted to share some photos *w* I wanted to share my experience at J.W Marriot hotel but unfortunately it’s about work so I can’t put up and photos. Next entry should be a review…… when I can bother myself to do research OTL.

Oh one last photo…

We papered the whole office yesterday since the pest control people are coming over to spray the place. We’ve been getting flea problems for the last 2 weeks =(

Festivity Cheer

Greetings guys! Hope you enjoyed your long holidays so far =D and gather as many angpows to keep for a rainy day *_*b As for me, I spent my long holiday isolated from the world. Doesn’t seem very CNY-ish but I wasn’t in the mood to celebrate this year. I wanted to spend the holiday in a quiet environment since the last 2 weeks have been hectic at work for me so I wasn’t in the mood to deal with anymore big company. On top of that, my family is in a war zone especially with us being the bitch’s victims just cuz she’s not getting along with someone. I didn’t wanna come back from Ipoh feeling moody and grumpy so yeah, a good reason to stay away.

Colleagues were gambling on the eve of CNY lol

Boss treated us to lunch then we closed the office for the rest of the day =D I had a meet up with Vinu but the fella was late so I spent the next few hours looking through tennis rackets and hunting for my ankle weights. Surprisingly, Jusco brings in a better selection of rackets compared to Studio R. I’m quite happy that Jusco brought in junior rackets cuz I’ve been considering to get myself a new racket, one with a smaller grip. According to the size of my palm and height, I should get a 26″ racket, 1 inch away from the standard sized racket.

I also went to Fitness Concept and another store in MidValley to find my ankle weights but they only have the sand bag ones and they’re RM89!!! My ideal weights were made from lead and adjustable weight. Thankfully, Jusco has the exact ones I was looking for AND they had a 20% discount!!! *w* top up with my RM20 Jusco voucher, I only paid RM35 for those weights XD~

Presenting my new weights *w* I’ll start on it once my body is familiar with my current workout.

First day of CNY: First, the Green Hornet at Tropicana then we sneaked into TMNL, stole their projector and watched The Social Network. You can see charsiewpao down there in the pile of shoes XD;;

Eve of CNY, I was a Leong! Overnight-ed at Audrey’s place =D cuz it’s too lonely to sleep alone~~ >w< The rest of my CNY holidays were spent with Jared and watching Gossip Girl + Scrubs. Might seem sad to you but I enjoy the solitude =) and much thanks to Jared for accompanying me.

This year, people sure take CNY damn seriously @_@ Shops in MidValley were closed by 3pm on New Year’s eve! Business hours were only till 7pm on the 3rd and 4th of Feb and ALL the shops in my area were closed @A@. On the bright side, roads are empty 8D and I get my peace.

I’ve also gone back to my beauty drink. The last 1 month without it has been a horror D8. My face has been producing so much oil that it I can see DROPLETS on my forehead and nose wtf. My pimples came back too, partially cuz of my new fringe and I suspect because of my inconsistent sleep time. I find that the drink helps speed up the recovery of the pimples and scars and also my face looks a lot clearer with it. I guess there’s no escaping it T_T will have to workout my budget to afford it every month.

I also prepared an envelope called the New Balance Fund. I went to N Concept and looked through their selection of New Balance shoes. Set on a pair of shoes that cost Rm350 so here’s a small fund set up so that I can save but by bit without touching my savings >w< So far so good, I’m putting my angpow money in plus a small bit of extra money I saved from my food money so it’s quite a good start =D.

Dinner with Jon shall be in my next post! =D Too much happening and I’ve been so lazy to blog even though I was at home a lot >_<

Geek Fashion Change!

My chance to get a pair of Transitions came when I got the chance to attend the Malaya Optical Eye Wear event organized by Miu. The event was a chance for her readers to check out the 2011 collection of designer and branded eye wear products. On top of that, there will be vouchers and lots of discounts for frames and color contacts! A great opportunity for those who which to stock up on contacts or those who want to invest in a branded pair of frames =D

I myself decided to go for it in case I got a good deal for the Transitions >D I’ve been inquiring different opticians on the price of Transitions. Most of them quoted between RM450-RM650 for Transition lens and basic frames only. I refuse to go back to my old optician as I haven’t been really happy with the service he gave me. Because of them, I’ve been wearing tilted glasses for the past 2 years *sobs*. The last time I went to them to realign my specs, he keeps insisting they were straight >(. Long story short, I decided to go for another optician.

I was there by 11am because I mistaken the time *sobs* but at least we got parking! =D and we were the first thanks to me >_<. Good thing too as we got to have the first look at the frames and test our eyes before the crowds floods in 8D.

The moment we stepped in, we were greeted by Mr Ryan, the boss of Malaya Optical. He immediately removed my glasses saying it’s tilted and asked his staff to repair it! @A@ omg such good service! It’s slightly better now and they cleaned it using some cleaning machine @w@. We were served Teh Tarik and lollipops rofl while looking through their latest collection. They have quite a large range of brands @w@ there’s Bonia, Tag Heuer, Elle, Coach and a lot more I’m not familiar with.

Crazy crowd as there was an irresistible promo of RM15 for a box of contact lens! Sadly I’m stuck with specs for life =(

The drawer of candy~

I picked out a green pair of frames from United Colors of Benetton and Carl Zeiss Transition lens. Total after discount was RM650 8D not too bad considering it’s branded frames and Transitions. My specs have cost as high as RM800 before as they were multifocal + multicoat and they were RM250 on each side @@. I didn’t mind going slightly over budget (I think it was horribly over my budget T_T) as all Carl Zeiss Transitions are reflection free, high resistant, dust and scratch resistant and blocks UV rays from the PC screen thanks to the Zeiss coatings.

After picking out my frames, I was ushered into the room for a short eye check. My power went up slightly >_< and so did my astigmatism. My astigmatism is crazily high according to one of the staff as a normal person would have an astigmatism of +0.25 while mine was +1.00 @_@. They made me wear those heavy dorky glasses with the lens inserted inside and walk around the store for the next 10 minutes to see if my eyes can adjust to the power in my future-to-be specs. Decided to roam around and catch up with a few of the girls to kill my time XD;; Met Camie, Elle and even Arisa was there for the contact lens offer haha!

Some of the Benetton frames, if you look closer, you might be able to see the price @_@

The staff helping her customers picking out the right frames. Some frames cost as high as RM800 @A@.

After paying and nibbling some munchies from the snack table, we made our way to Tropicana for our movie. Popped by Paperdolls first and got myself a polka dotted dress!

It came with a polka dot bag!!!! LOL

Lunch was Bobalicious lunch set! This is their passionfruit orange smoothie

My Chicken Bolognese Spaghetti~

Ahhhh I can’t wait to receive my specs now! >w< *runs around with excitement* No more tilted specs!!!!

Malaya Optical’s FB page can be found here. Thank you Malay Optical for the wonderful service! ❤

Summary of the Weekend

Oh god today is Thursday but it feels like Tuesday. I’m still feel tired and suffering from post CF-fatigue. lots of things to sort through, my event report, sorting through the lost and found box, sending the gifts to the winners. Sorry my blog winner, can you give me till next week to send them out T_T. I took leave on Monday and Tuesday but was forced to come in for work on Tuesday since my client already emailed me the materials *sobs*. Right now I’m still having the flu and sore throat but feeling much better after drinking that nasty concoction last night.

Night before CF, I dropped by Kiehl’s Pavilion for their Christmas party *w* Met Janoah too, lucky girl she won a prize from the games >w<

They had a candy floss machine too!! ❤

And drinks in test tubes! I like the concept =D but it wasn’t filling x_X

Couldn’t stay long as I had to rush over to Times Square for the set up. Reached there around 8+ and grabbed the keys from Yuhi. Gods Times Square sucks for banning maxis and DiGi from operating at half of the spots. Our phones are dead particularly at the eating areas near the cinema =_=. Dumped my stuff then rushed to the hall to see what’s going on.

People were playing peekaboo. Don’t know what is Ezel trying to look for.

I guess now we know =P

Some died from the stress, that would be Edo.

Day 1 went quite smoothly for my dept =D, after that we had to stay and pack more goodie bags TwT

I don’t know what was going on in the picture but we watched some Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt and bastardized patriotic songs for the lulz

We screwed around alot too.

Day 2 was CHAOTIC. I was understaffed and raging at someone, towards the end of the event, I trolled my own awards and believe me it was the best decision made >( Now I have a lot of apology letters to send out and a hell lot of paperwork to do.

Jane Iredale – The Skin Care Makeup

Few days ago, I received an invite from Is’belle salon to experience the miracles of Jane Iredale’s skin care makeup. Despite my whole body feeling so tired from the Broga experience, I decided to drag myself for the launch after a 2 hour nap (yes Broga + launch on the same day! Go me!). At Li Ping’s request, the manager of Is’Belle, I won’t be able to post much photos of the launch as this is a private event and secondly, she’s very concerned over her customers privacy. I’m very amazed and happy that there are still people like her that place priority over customers than their business! So an early alert that some of the pics will be ganked from Jane Iredale’s website =P.

Jane Iredale’s Skin Care Makeup is not just any normal makeup, it’s a makeup that is good for the skin used by professionals across the globe. We’re not talking about makeup professionals but dermatologists and skin care professionals! Jane Iredale is the pioneer of mineral makeup and the first to supply a full line of mineral based makeup with ingredients containing 90% minerals, the most content of minerals achieved by any makeup brand!

Jeffrey, the representative of Jane Iredale’s makeup line in Singapore and Malaysia giving the talk on Jane Iredale’s brand and makeup.

Why Mineral Makeup!

  • Serves as makeup and skincare.
  • Contains no talc and parabens
  • Non-comedogenic which means it doesn’t clog pores! =D
  • Anti-inflammatory, calms and soothes irritated skin
  • Composed from minerals that don’t support bacteria (hurray!!)
  • 4 in 1 functions: serves as a concealer, powder, foundation AND provides UVB and UVA protection of up to SPF30~! =D

Rather than boring you with the minerals raving, you can catch up with the information on Jane Iredale’s skin care makeup on their website here.

Jane Iredale has a vast lineup is suitable for everybody regardless of age and ethnicity so I will only highlight a few products here.

Liquid Minerals for older women

A light-reflecting mineral foundation that comes in a serum form containing anti-aging properties. The beads are actually liposomes trapping active ingredients which will be released onto skin when applied. The beads are coated in a gel of aloe vera and vegetable glycerin. This product helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, minimizes pores and provides lightweight coverage.

Disappear with Green Tea extract

A camouflage cream packed with pigments that covers breakouts and heals them at the same time. Disappear contains green tea extract which is an antioxidant, and has also been documented to combat acne bacteria and promotes faster healing time on pimples.

Sugar & Butter Lip Exfoliator and Plumper

This by far is my most favorite product! One end contains organic brown sugar which gently removes dull and dry skin. It contains no preservatives so we can EAT IT RIGHT OFF!! XD;; Tania was laughing as I was licking the product instead of wiping it off with a tissue. The other side is a tinted lip plumper that contains shea butter and peptides that moisten and plump the lips. The lip plumper also contains cool mint and ginger ingredients so you’ll be able to feel the minty sensation as you sweep it across your lips~!

After the talk, we were treated to a demo to see which products suit our skin. I was attended by Jeffrey haha!! You can see my face looks like it’s covered with breakouts but those are actually scars D:

Face before Jane Iredale makeover~ Damn I need to thread my eyebrows badly.

After makeover! Omg my face looks so natural and almost flawless!

Damn after seeing my picture, I was so tempted to buy their set but I don’t need it >A<. The Is’Belle staff were very nice and did not push their products =) which is one of the reasons I love going back to them =D

Jane Iredale provides complete coverage for skin conditions like acne, rosacea and redness following treatments like chemical peels and laser resurfacing so this product is very very very very good for people like be who has been hit by the breakout wave *w* It is so effective that plastic surgeons and dermatologists use it on their patients after surgeries or treatments. Now working women whose career depends on skin complexions (like me! *gets whacked*) won’t have worry any longer! *o*

Jane Iredale’s makeup is available throug:

Is’Belle Salon
F21, 1st Floor, Subang Parade

PS: it was difficult writing this as everything was so scientific and I wanted the entry to be as simple as possible x_X and I’m also a very simple-minded person that only uses simple words ;A; I hope you readers find it easy to read and understand this entry and I’m sorry if I failed!

Christmas Giveaway – Winners announced~!

Dear Santa,

For years I have only been accepting, this year I decided it’s time for me to give. I’ve been receiving so many nice things all year. Not just freebies but even the smallest acts of kindness :3. I have a great job a nice boyfie, a set of close friends, a comfortable bed to sleep in and a nice pillow to snuggle to, a long-lasting laptop (4 years and it never went for servicing!) for me to blog my exciting days, nice hot showers every night and last but not least, my face that’s improving :3 Well there’s a lot more things I’m thankful for but I can’t remember right now @_@

I realize that over the years, I have collected a mountain of stuff but I’ll never be able to use them. Instead of keeping them for myself and watching people wishing they had them, I’ve decided to give them away to all my readers as a note of thanks and also as their early Christmas presents.


Yes you read that right, I’m giving away STUFFFFF. Yes this is your chance to get yourself an early Christmas present. Before you enter, I’m sure you want to take a look at the prizes first riteeee? 8D Well keep on scrolling down then!

Thank You for those who joined! Here’s the lucky winners XD

Set 1: Hada Labo – ONIGIRI

Set 2: Dermalogica – ARISA

Set 3: Skin Food (Contributed by Secret Santa!) – KARIE

Set 4: Shu Uemura – JULI1202

Set 5: Shu Uemura (omg two Shu sets~ <3) – PUI SAN

Set 6: Clarins – GUKI

Set 7: Assorted – MAY

Set 8: Sachets and Masks – DMJ

and for the men…

Grats Ian! You can collect your tix during lunch time >D

For men, please don’t fret. I have a Christmas present for you too! I have in my hand, 2 tickets to that thing you love! any GSC movie of your choice. The voucher expires on 17th January 2011 but erm if you still want to join the ladies then please state in your comment =D

How to Join

  1. Follow my blog of course! It’s right over here!
  2. Comment in this entry ‘I WANT IN!’ Do leave your blog link if you don’t mind me adding you onto my blogroll. I love reading blogs! =D
  3. Then start crossing your fingers and hope your name gets drawn out for the set you want!

Rules & Regulations

  1. Only open to Malaysian citizens.
  2. Giveaway starts 4th December 2010 till 19th December 2010. I will draw out the names using =P and announce 2-3 days later. Mintak maaf, since Ms Santa will be busy, the giveaway will close on 16th December. Announcement will be done on 17th December so that most of you will be able to collect your stuff during CF =P



Shu Uemura Aya Takano Christmas Party – Pavilion!

Wohoo!!! It feels like I’ve been stepping on clouds this whole week! XD. I RSVP-ed for the Shu Uemura Party that was held last Sunday after begging and Begging AND BEGGING Audrey to go with me lol. After I RSVP-ed, the next challenge was to dress up to the theme of Abracadabra Fantasy. I wanted to win it so bad cuz the prize was RM500 worth of Shu Uemura products *_* but the theme was…. pink and glittery D8 which was so not me…. maybe it’s just me and my lack of creativity TwT.

I scouted many stationery shops just trying to find ideas for the event. End up I got some superbly expensive stickers that cost RM9.90 and bought some foam cut out shapes from the stationery shop near my house that cost only RM2.50 (ended up only using that OTL)

The Aya Takano range, some stuff was missing ;__;

Door Gift: Some Australian sweets which I gave to Audrey since I don’t really like these kind of sweets.

THE FOOD SPREAD!!! I was mostly feasting on the sushi since it’s soft ;__; I just got my braces done so dare not nomnom on other things.

The tower of brownies! I love this since I had some during the previous launch before :3 but didn’t take much since I was so scared of the chocolate sticking in my braces ;_;

The Limited Edition eyelash curler. There’s different colors according to the months. This is September’s :3

We’re treated to a manicure that’s based on the theme. Audrey got her nails done since mine were kinda short ._. doubt the fella could put anything on my tiny nails.

My outfit of the day :3 Love the mini lashes *o*

I used Shu Uemura’s mini lashes and the RM2.50 foam cut-out shapes :3 Cancan hat is Kiraneko’s >w<;;

And guess what, I won the the Best Dressed Award!!!! 8D More like the ONLY DRESSED one ._. cuz no one else was in costume D8. The prize was RM500 worth of Shu Uemura items which we get to pick wohoo!!!! I’ve never been so blank when choosing stuff at the outlet hoho *o*;; Kicked Audrey to pick what she wants and I just tembak at anything I thought of using in the future. End up our selection totaled up to RM498!!! Keng rite? 8D

Our haul! XD Audrey took 1 Premium cleansing oil bottle and an eyebrow pencil. I took the Limited Edition Aya Takano cleansing oil, makeup mist in Mint, the Limited Edition Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler for the month of September and also a tube of eyelash adhesive to experiment on.

Uniqlo Media Launch & Opening Day

Wohoo!!! Yesterday got a last minute call from Toki asking whether I wanna attend the Uniqlo Media Launch. I was torn between watching Panty & Stocking or going for the launch but end up setting my mind on the launch for the GOODIESSSS.

Was waiting around the registration table for him bwahahah trust the KL girl to reach first >D

The runway @ stage area

Damn everyone knew each other and I felt so lost and under dressed and I felt so conscious of my pimples cuz everyone there had super smooth skin =( There were drinks and appetizers, I had a taste of err something they called tuna’s belly o_O;; not bad. There was one guy who stood in front of the waitress and kept eating right out of the tray >_>;; Men are kissing each other on the cheeks, it’s a culture I’m not accustomed to yet @_@. Event started quite late around 9pm.

Fucking HAWT host from E! to emcee the event! Gods even his voice is nice!!!

Love her boots ❤ Some of the celebs in Uniqlo attire parading down the runway.

I didn’t stay long for the after party since it was so late D8 and I’m just pooped so I headed home. Just as I stepped into Marriot, Toki called asking me whether have I receive my vouchers. Apparently they were giving away vouchers as we walked out of the launch and I must have missed mine!!! @A@ so I hurried back just in time as the guard sealed the entrance the moment I stepped back in >w</


Next was the Opening Day where Uniqlo stores will be opened to the general public =D I kept hearing people’s plans on coming early and stuff so instead of showing up at 10 as I planned, I decided to head there the usual time I take off for work.

Omigawd the place was already filled with people @A@. There were 4 rows of people waiting outside.

And more waiting inside! I heard it was an estimate of 3000 people queuing up.

I was lucky enough to be the first 500 to get the Lucky Draw card *w*

Hmm can I be lucky enough to win it? 8D Nothing to lose if I don’t win unless this is an all expense paid trip then I’ll start crying =P

My company during the wait 8D. No thanks for you Zef!! You FFK meeeeeeee D:

Didn’t have to wait long to go into the store since we were one of the first few hundreds. I got some EVA shirts for Jared and Toki, a pair of jeans for Jared and some leggings for my mum’s friend. For me, a sweat parka jacket, a checkered fleece jacket, bra top and a turtleneck <3. Total purchases for mine were about RM203 but I ended up only paying RM83~ Hurrayyyy \*w*/

Didn’t manage to stay long as I got summoned back to office while I was queuing at the cashier D8

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