Flying $$$! *headwalls*

Been so busy getting hounded during the weekday that I lost my interest to blog for a while…. well add my Angry Birds obsession into the equation, there goes a full week of no updates haha.

KitKat’s in Green Tea and Sakura flavor that Ian brought back from Japan *o* Damn they taste so good, I wonder how much will it cost here T_T;;

Busy cleaning the office bit by bit too. Lots more to do, thank god we have young men in the office now >D

The weekend was a wonderful day of shopping and lots of eating involved DX. My stomach wasn’t feeling very well but it was much better by dinner time so I got to enjoy the food fully at Kalamazoo Cafe!

The owners each resided in the States between five to ten years. A couple of years after their return, they realized they missed those days so much and decided to recreate them here, thus Cafe Kalamazoo was born.

Kalamazoo Cafe is located at Aman Suria, beside Betty’s Midwest Kitchen. Originally we were suppose to join Ezel and the rest at Betty’s but since we arrived late, the guys were finished and the waiting line was just so horribly long, we decided to retreat to Kalamazoo, suggested by Shaun.

The interior looks like a university bar, very nice and cosy =D. The wall full of polaroids there are pictures of the Western Michigan Alumni visitors. The menu had…. had….. had pork! which gives it a double plus! d*_*b

Jared’s BLT. Best bacon sandwich ever! The taste of the bacon invades your mouth the moment you sink your teeth into it *drools*

My pork lasagna. It’s so soft :3 and perfect for me with braces. The egg and potato salad is really nice too. It really looks like a pile of mush

Meals are not complete without dessert! (and because we were still hungry) We ordered a chewy brownie. The taste of chocolate is so overpowering, I should’ve said yes to the ice cream offer >_<

Toffee banana cake! Not to sweet and easy to slice through the layers =D.

After looking at these shitty pictures, I should really consider getting a better camera x_X Pictures are all horrible especially under yellow lighting =/.

I bought a polka dot vintage skirt and a nice white top yesterday =P A bit pricey but worth it! >w< Suppose to have a skirt coming in this week and waiting for my wigs too =/ Gods with all these spendings, it’s no wonder I can’t save >A<. Ok, I shall keep a ledger book starting April! >_<

Talked to my mum earlier too, will be sending my gypsy skirts for repair in May to one of my relatives so I can save marnee! *_*b


Buys and More Buys!

I’ve been sorting out my accessories this week. In between…. I also bought some OTL.

One of the latest additions to my box, elephant earrings! 8D God damn these were cute and they were an impulse buy! I lost my earrings I first got from Poh Kong which means I don’t have any replacements at all since the rest of my earrings were all fancy ones so I dragged Jared out and we went for some earring hunting.

Since we were at 1Utama, I took the chance to try the original Churros with chocolate dip at Molten Lava. Honestly, it’s not as nice as the filled Churros and they gave so little chocolate dip T_T

My zip lock bags arrived the next day so I immediately turned my house upside down to find all my earrings, necklaces and bracelets and pack them.

Box to be used.

Packing them up~

Arranging them all. First row is earrings, second row is my necklaces. Jared calls it the evidence box now LOL. *nod nods* The size of the box is quite sufficient for now and for the next few years =D I can’t stop sliding it open and close now LOL.

I went back to the Curve bazaar this week and got myself the ring I was eying on last week XD;;

Had dessert at Dome but I just wanna show how creamy the foam is. Starbucks and Coffee Bean is suppose to achieve this level but all I get are normally empty bubbly foam pfft.

Recommend: Fucidin-H

Pic taken from LEO Pharma Inc website

After my bad case of cysts outbreak last year, I had another cyst growing a couple of weeks ago. I was hoping it would shrink once it reaches its… maximum size? but the cyst kept growing and it hurt a lot too D8. There were some thin areas along the cyst where the blood was clotting around protected only by a layer of skin so I tried to perform ‘surgery’ on myself again. I did manage to drain some of the puss out but the cyst showed no sign of shrinking.

Feeling dejected, I did a quick search online to see what medication can be used to treat cysts and found that most of the forumers on use Hydrocortisone 1% which is commonly used to treat skin inflammation and itching. I made a mental note to get it the next time I drop by the pharmacy since I was in no hurry. So happened I was at Watsons, Sunway Pyramid and the pharmacist was in! (yes they always seem to be missing most of the time) so I quickly asked her for it since the Watsons staff can’t touch the prescription meds cabinet D8.

She recommended me Fucidin-H which has a combination of antibiotics and corticosteroid which is slightly milder than hydrocortisone but according to her, the antibiotics would help reduce the cyst. Thank god cuz I really wanted to avoid going to the docs and having a round of antibiotic tablets just to get it down >_<

Although the dosage is milder than Hydrocortisone 1%, it’s still a steroid cream so you should never use it for more than 7 days. The pharmacist recommended me to apply 3 times a day which is kinda a lot for me o_o so I only applied once a day before bed. I started to notice the effects by the second day =D My cyst shrunk by 40%! and by the 5th day, it was almost flat so I stopped the cream but the cyst continued to shrink! *_*

I’m not putting this under reviews since it’s not some product you can buy on a whim but it’s just something I’ll recommend to my readers with troubled skin. I have no photos though but I swear on my heart that this thing works! I’m totally regretting visiting the skin specialist last year since he prescribed me pills that cost me RM110 AND it didn’t work!

Fucidin-H is manufactured by LEO Pharma Inc, a Danish research-based pharmaceutical company which specializes in dermatology and critical care. The cream is RM14.20 and available in the local pharmacies =D

A Day of Non-Stop Eating T_T

Wohoo I still went out even though I came back at 2.30am in the morning on Wednesday night. It’s not gonna stop me from going out on a public holiday. I’ll have lots of time to sleep during the CNY holidays since I’m not going to Ipoh =P. Woke up at 10am all by myself @A@, my body is probably used to the 5-6 hours of sleep I get everyday so it woke up by itself T_T so I forced myself to sleep all the way to 12. SMS-ed Ezel and fell asleep again waiting for his reply lol!

Finally dragged myself out of the house at 2.30 to meet up with the guys for yamcha at Murni USJ. I swear the whole day my money just flew to eating ;_; We adjourned to Whisk at Subang Empire for some cake but the place is full =w=;; so we decided to try The Vanilla Place. Bad, bad bad decision ._. for me cuz my food sucked ._. not sure about the rest but here’s some sneak peeks of some food we ordered.

Ezel’s Pavola. Honestly, I don’t know how to enjoy this thing =/

Shaun’s Nachos that looked really good =D

The rest of the photos are just too yellow and too unappetizing for me to put up >_> Unlucky for me, my monthly relative decided to pay me a visit 5 days early from the expected date haih. I ordered a Beef Lasagna and an Ice Lemon Tea and both of them tasted terrible. The lasagna tasted weird and it was too hard at some sides, Ezel said it was overcooked and my Ice Lemon Tea had too little lemon =( it was like they hurriedly brewed some Boh teabags then dunked the slide of lemon in.

After paying for the nasty food, we went to Toys R Us cuz some of us were attracted to the bling store D8. There’s a new Nerf gun out but I’m still happy with my Maverick =D Unless there’s another intense war, I can’t be bothered to get another Nerf gun.

Jared got a new set of privates supported by Ezel and Shaun

I finally got my grip tape replaced too. I decided to try my luck at sports specialty shops instead of Jusco since the staff wanted to charge me extra to change my grip tape wtf o_o. I somehow suspect it’s their way of making money since there’s no official receipt issued if I pay them >_>.

Since I was at Sunway, I dropped by Studio R to check out the grip tapes. Boy they cost 3 times more than the ones sold at Jusco D8 but they look much better! The ones sold at Jusco were the normal grips while Studio R had a few types of grips depending on what you’re expecting. I finally got the grip tape with texture since hoping it would help my small hands keep hold of the racket :3 My hands seem to always slip during practice so I can’t hit the ball properly after some. Grip tape cost RM23.60 after discount T_T aih expensiveness but at least they helped me change the tape for free :3

My new grip tape =D

The staff told me I should start using it everyday so that the grip won’t spoil D8 Well at least I’m forced to play then XD;; Time for me to start getting a pair of shoes next month :3 Both my wallet and heart hurts today cuz of all the sucky food I paid for =( except for the wondeful Inari and Edamame I ate at Sushi Zanmai for dinner.

Daily Digests #1801

Ah my days have been quite hectic >_< Work is piling up a lot since we won some pitches. My posts have been about life and they continue to be about life! >D I just bought another dress again during the weekend ;_; It was a very pretty dress and I didn’t notice the details on the dress till Joanna showed me @A@;;

You can see Osaka, Niigata and Nagoya~! All the cities in Japan on my dress. It makes the rest of the prints look like a subway line XD;;

She recently brought her baby to the store *w* It’s a long haired Chihuahua and her name is Miracle! She’s such a sweetie and a really obedient dog ❤

Just wanna share with you this unique stall I normally pass by on my way to office. It’s just a Malay stall selling food in the morning.

But before you buy, you gotta pick a number! Damn I was number 77 by the time I arrived D8

Next beauty related event I’ll be attending would be the Lancome Spring Collection Preview this Saturday :3 I do need some beauty-related stuff for my bloggie. Tomorrow’s gonna be a crunch time since boss asked us to stay back T___T

Shopping and Sobbing

Damn I shoukd stay at home every weekend for the rest of the month T_T I spent so much today *sobs* Jon accompanied me to get my new specs and after trying them on together with my disastrous haircut, I feel like I’m downgrading my appearances instead of improving each year *sigh*

And my new specs too. I’ll have to wait 2 months before I can go for a director’s cut T_T

My new frames =D It’s simple and not to flashy since I don’t want people to be looking at my glasses. The frames are just nice, not too big for my face.

After collecting my specs, I went to get my scar serums and of all times they ran out of gold serum when I thought of trying on my smile lines ;_; Oh well stock should arrive next week. In the mean time I shall review the scar potion soon! =D

Went to visit Paperdolls since Jon wanted to get a dress for his friend. I ended up buying a dress for myself too T_T damn temptation. I bought another bag too since it was cute, large enough for me to take out to do my shopping and it’s only RM30!!

Cute? The aunty had a very black face on when I said I’ll come back on Monday to buy the bag D: sheesh….

Mental note to myself T_T stop spending till the end of the month. I still have a dress that has yet to arrive =( Seller not replying to me…. cis…

Geek Fashion Change!

My chance to get a pair of Transitions came when I got the chance to attend the Malaya Optical Eye Wear event organized by Miu. The event was a chance for her readers to check out the 2011 collection of designer and branded eye wear products. On top of that, there will be vouchers and lots of discounts for frames and color contacts! A great opportunity for those who which to stock up on contacts or those who want to invest in a branded pair of frames =D

I myself decided to go for it in case I got a good deal for the Transitions >D I’ve been inquiring different opticians on the price of Transitions. Most of them quoted between RM450-RM650 for Transition lens and basic frames only. I refuse to go back to my old optician as I haven’t been really happy with the service he gave me. Because of them, I’ve been wearing tilted glasses for the past 2 years *sobs*. The last time I went to them to realign my specs, he keeps insisting they were straight >(. Long story short, I decided to go for another optician.

I was there by 11am because I mistaken the time *sobs* but at least we got parking! =D and we were the first thanks to me >_<. Good thing too as we got to have the first look at the frames and test our eyes before the crowds floods in 8D.

The moment we stepped in, we were greeted by Mr Ryan, the boss of Malaya Optical. He immediately removed my glasses saying it’s tilted and asked his staff to repair it! @A@ omg such good service! It’s slightly better now and they cleaned it using some cleaning machine @w@. We were served Teh Tarik and lollipops rofl while looking through their latest collection. They have quite a large range of brands @w@ there’s Bonia, Tag Heuer, Elle, Coach and a lot more I’m not familiar with.

Crazy crowd as there was an irresistible promo of RM15 for a box of contact lens! Sadly I’m stuck with specs for life =(

The drawer of candy~

I picked out a green pair of frames from United Colors of Benetton and Carl Zeiss Transition lens. Total after discount was RM650 8D not too bad considering it’s branded frames and Transitions. My specs have cost as high as RM800 before as they were multifocal + multicoat and they were RM250 on each side @@. I didn’t mind going slightly over budget (I think it was horribly over my budget T_T) as all Carl Zeiss Transitions are reflection free, high resistant, dust and scratch resistant and blocks UV rays from the PC screen thanks to the Zeiss coatings.

After picking out my frames, I was ushered into the room for a short eye check. My power went up slightly >_< and so did my astigmatism. My astigmatism is crazily high according to one of the staff as a normal person would have an astigmatism of +0.25 while mine was +1.00 @_@. They made me wear those heavy dorky glasses with the lens inserted inside and walk around the store for the next 10 minutes to see if my eyes can adjust to the power in my future-to-be specs. Decided to roam around and catch up with a few of the girls to kill my time XD;; Met Camie, Elle and even Arisa was there for the contact lens offer haha!

Some of the Benetton frames, if you look closer, you might be able to see the price @_@

The staff helping her customers picking out the right frames. Some frames cost as high as RM800 @A@.

After paying and nibbling some munchies from the snack table, we made our way to Tropicana for our movie. Popped by Paperdolls first and got myself a polka dotted dress!

It came with a polka dot bag!!!! LOL

Lunch was Bobalicious lunch set! This is their passionfruit orange smoothie

My Chicken Bolognese Spaghetti~

Ahhhh I can’t wait to receive my specs now! >w< *runs around with excitement* No more tilted specs!!!!

Malaya Optical’s FB page can be found here. Thank you Malay Optical for the wonderful service! ❤

Finding Something New Each Day

2011 didn’t kick off at a great  start for me D: Spotted 2 huge roaches in office which means the whole office jumped out of their skin when I screamed =/ There was another one crawling near my cubicle the next day but thank god I clocked out by that time >_< Really, one fine day I might just hand in my resignation if the I start to find one each day D: I suspect that the office was quiet for 4 days so the pests thought they could party or something cuz this normally happens after the holidays D:

Colleagues birthday today. We got her a chocolate walnut cake. I nearly gagged from eating the walnuts =( cuz I generally hate nuts in my desserts.

Yesterday I dropped by the pasar malam after postponing for MONTHS. Manage to get more lashes and found some pretty ones that I can test on =D. I found some pants to wear around at home too but I’m on a very tight budget this month TwT. Total spent was around RM13 on lashes X3

Was comparing the individual pair I got to the 10-in-a-box.

Left: Lashes I have, Right: New lashes from pasar malam~ hehe they’re slightly thicker~

Found good use for the box Brian gave me for Christmas 8D Fits all my lashes perfectly! ❤

I’m so broke this month because I overestimated my expenses ;___; dammit. This shows that I need to get another bank account to put my savings in >_> or I could just get the cat coin box for fun and stuff all my saving money inside ;w;

Christmas Cheer

Halo everyone! How has your Christmas been? I’ve just returned from an awesome Christmas bash~ Great company, cold food and awesome gifts! *w* Everyone’s been in the Christmas mood since last week XD

Even Johnny is pretty frisky a few days before Christmas >D

Charsiewpau also received a present! Ok it’s just some random cookies on the table. I just wanted to show a picture of charsiewpau =D

Christmas Bash at Audrey’s place was awesome =D. We tried a lot of new things like orgies *points above* Darrell had to kiss everything and slapped by everybody, we sang carols and Medan Audrey, hearing fail proposal.

Woke up in the afternoon on Christmas day and went Christmas shopping ahahaha. I wanted to go to Laneige while Audrey wanted to visit Baviphat. We bought the presents and I just have to mention here that Parkson’s service is just fucking bad. Firstly, I hate Parkson for introducing such high requirements for their membership *sobs* Seriously RM500? What the fuck can I shop in Parkson for RM500? D: Even if I were to bring out my greedy self, there’s just nothing in the whole bloody store I want that can amount to RM500 D: This is like the 2nd most ridiculous membership after Crabtree & Evelyn who has a Rm600 purchase requirement to get membership. I shouldn’t really rant during Christmas.

There were two cashiers and both not far from each other. One of the staffs asked me to head to the other cashier as it just opened but omg both cashiers were just as slow zzzz. Even the Laneige sales assistant just gave totally bad customer service D8. She just wrote my item, hand it to me and ran off o_o. I could’ve just ran off with the item if I’m a dishonest person o_o and also she didn’t introduce me to Laneige’s membership wtf D: and when I asked to apply only she mentioned about it and also they ran out of application forms so they just asked me to fill up a piece of paper wtf? Ok I think I better stop ranting about my bad shopping experience.

Enjoyed some Zang Toi goodness before the long walk to Sungei Wang.

Choco banana cake nyammmmm~

I was hunting for Jared’s present too but Parkson Pavilion felt the brand I wanted was just too cheap for their branch FML so I had to go to Parkson’s Sungei Wang branch to get it. Oh shit there I go ranting again OK I’LL STOP IT D: Anyways I got the gift, now to get it wrapped since I’m such a lazy ass. Pressie was a bit over the budget but worth itttttt *_*

There was a manly guy at the gift wrapping counter! And he taught Audrey how to wrap too ROFL

Popped by the pet shop to see cute puppies before going to feed Jon’s dog XD

We’re still confused what dog is this. Looks like a Corgi with a hint of German Shepperd lol

Gifts from people! and myself rofl Dirt Candle from Jared <3, Baviphat mask and cat thingy from Audrey, Laneige Multiberry Peeling Gel from myself hahahaha.

Chokeful of Updates #1612

Thought I should do a proper life update before this weekend since I’ll be so busy till next Wednesday of Thursday.

I finally invested a little more into a work bag =D It’s perfect ❤ not too formal.

Work was awesome! I went to a studio for a shooting today. As I stepped into the studio, I saw a tail and something moved! I dropped my bag and ran towards it screaming ‘caaaaaaaaaatttttt’

It’s name is Oreo and it’s sensitive to the word FAT.

He was really shy :3 and we had to keep tempting him with yummies or else he won’t approach us. We tested the word fat by calling him that and he totally stared at me ;o; 3 TIMES!! Doesn’t stop it from being a poser though. That shot above was taken when he plopped his fat ass right in the middle of the set and me and Johnny immediately started clicking away~

My mail arrived!

Goods are mostly not mine XD;; only the eyeliner and one of the Smashbox primers is mine. Rest belongs to May and Gwen~

Mine was defective in presentation so I’ll have to keep this upside down in my box X3

RotiBoy has expanded by opening a bakery/cafe concept outlet.

I tried one of their combo deals which was a RotiBoy + Iced Chocolate drink for Rm5.50. Totally recommending it to you guys! The chocolate drink is so value for money =D it’s not diluted or taste funny. The buns and pastries are at an affordable price. They also have sandwiches going at RM2.00 for white bread and RM2.50 for wholemeal. I want to go there again!!!! They’re opening a new branch at Leisure Mall on Dec 23~!

Remember~ Giveaway closes tonight at 10pm!

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