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Events and more Events!

Weekends are so precious to me >3<;; Been feeling so down at work because I like to play a lot DX I’ve just been feeling so darn lazy with my mum egging me on the credit card and PTPTN loan that I felt like screaming at her to fuck off. Last Saturday, Comic Fiesta organized held a charity event called Project Harapan where all the money will be donated to help Japan. I didn’t plan to go but Arisa was bringing her eyelashes and Raincloud wanted to pass me the costume so I ended up dragging my ass up 7.30 in the morning on a lovely Saturday to Audrey’s house. Thank gods I wasn’t driving or I would’ve fallen asleep on the wheel.

Artbooks with compiled artworks were being sold for RM15

Printed artworks on the Wall of Hope. Just donate RM5 and you can bring a piece home =D I felt that the stuff in the artbook was just too small so I settled with an artwork XD;;

Row of artists that continued to draw to fill up the wall.

Cosplay photo booth. Make a donation and take home a picture of you and your fav cosplayer~

Cosplayers begging outside lololol

Got bored after a while so I went to the Craft Bazaar at BFree, Mentari Business Park. Damn…. I didnt think it would be that far to walk and I was walking in my 4 inch wedges. By the time I made it back to TOA, my legs were shaking so much =3=;;;

Nothing of interest to me since it’s a craft supply bazaar. For those who like making crafts, you can check out this place next time. There was this cute girl that handed me a packet of buttons with her name card attached onto it XD;; Omg her voice was so squeaky, I thought she’s 12 or something >w<

After the event, we had dinner at Kalamazoo. This place is gonna be my fav hangout place soon! ;A; I’m just so in love with the food, the price and the waitress lololol. I has no photos since my cam is so bad under yellow light =/. On the way back, we raided Ngin’s place to molest Mehmeh.

Nice cream coloured cat ❤ that sheds a lot @w@

Audrey and Swing stalking MehMeh everywhere pile a paparazzi XD

A green bug I found really fascinating during my yamcha with Swing.

Wonderful and tiring Saturday… and I’ll say it again…. I’M SO GLAD I DIDN’T DRIVE AHAHHA *gets slapped by Audrey*

Paperdoll Clearance Sale!

Hello all! So much things to blog about but so little time! *gets shot* Just dropping by my blog to share some news =D My friend is having a clearance sale at her boutique as she’s closing by the end of April :3 Sale of up to 60% in the boutique so do go check it out!

Entrance of Paperdoll.

The beautiful decor you get to see once you step in~

Pretty dresses nicely arranged and screaming “try me! try me!”

Nice full length mirror for you to check yourself out. It’s also called the boyfriend area >D

I have a few pieces of her clothes in my wardrobe and they’re so cute <3. Cut-throat price for a person like me but I can tell you it’s worth the penny and I’ve never regret those impulse purchases since most of her new arrivals get snagged up pretty quickly XD;;

Do drop by when you can within this month and have a look =D or you can check Paperdoll’s Facebook as there’s photos of the dresses she has.

Paperdoll is located at:
Tropicana City Mall,
Lot L1-43, First Floor,
3, Jalan SS20/27, 47400
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Monday to Sunday
11.30am – 9.30pm