Flying $$$! *headwalls*

Been so busy getting hounded during the weekday that I lost my interest to blog for a while…. well add my Angry Birds obsession into the equation, there goes a full week of no updates haha.

KitKat’s in Green Tea and Sakura flavor that Ian brought back from Japan *o* Damn they taste so good, I wonder how much will it cost here T_T;;

Busy cleaning the office bit by bit too. Lots more to do, thank god we have young men in the office now >D

The weekend was a wonderful day of shopping and lots of eating involved DX. My stomach wasn’t feeling very well but it was much better by dinner time so I got to enjoy the food fully at Kalamazoo Cafe!

The owners each resided in the States between five to ten years. A couple of years after their return, they realized they missed those days so much and decided to recreate them here, thus Cafe Kalamazoo was born.

Kalamazoo Cafe is located at Aman Suria, beside Betty’s Midwest Kitchen. Originally we were suppose to join Ezel and the rest at Betty’s but since we arrived late, the guys were finished and the waiting line was just so horribly long, we decided to retreat to Kalamazoo, suggested by Shaun.

The interior looks like a university bar, very nice and cosy =D. The wall full of polaroids there are pictures of the Western Michigan Alumni visitors. The menu had…. had….. had pork! which gives it a double plus! d*_*b

Jared’s BLT. Best bacon sandwich ever! The taste of the bacon invades your mouth the moment you sink your teeth into it *drools*

My pork lasagna. It’s so soft :3 and perfect for me with braces. The egg and potato salad is really nice too. It really looks like a pile of mush

Meals are not complete without dessert! (and because we were still hungry) We ordered a chewy brownie. The taste of chocolate is so overpowering, I should’ve said yes to the ice cream offer >_<

Toffee banana cake! Not to sweet and easy to slice through the layers =D.

After looking at these shitty pictures, I should really consider getting a better camera x_X Pictures are all horrible especially under yellow lighting =/.

I bought a polka dot vintage skirt and a nice white top yesterday =P A bit pricey but worth it! >w< Suppose to have a skirt coming in this week and waiting for my wigs too =/ Gods with all these spendings, it’s no wonder I can’t save >A<. Ok, I shall keep a ledger book starting April! >_<

Talked to my mum earlier too, will be sending my gypsy skirts for repair in May to one of my relatives so I can save marnee! *_*b


Sayonara Work LOL

Johnny made an awesome discovery on Monday LOL.


THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR ME XD;;; Now I can abandon the reason to buy an iPod touch hoho~

Experience at Beauty Works

Yesterday, I went for my overdue facial at Beauty Works. I bought the deal from for RM50 for 2 facials. The place was at Jalan Jalil Perkasa 14 and the staff there weren’t very helpful in giving directions =/. I later on found out on GoogleMaps that it’s formerly known as Jalan 14/155B.

The place is in quite a new area. No pictures of inside the salon as it’s quite dim.

Hoho they places a sensor along the stairs so the moment you are about to reach the top, the door bell rings and alerts the staff so there’s no waiting! 8D I was greeted by Penny who ushered me into one of the facial rooms to undress. The room was small but cozy, there was a nice fluffy thick robe for me to wear *w*.

Beauty Works specializes on facial treatments using Soothys from Paris. There’s more than 20 signature Soothys available at Beauty Works. The coupon I bought entitles me to receive 2 times trial of their Personalized Beaute Treatment (60 minutes), Active Eye Treatment (30 mins), Essential Neck Therapy (30 mins) and Luscious Lip Treatment (10 mins).

Somehow the timeline didn’t seem to fit with what I’m entitled to. After a short consultation, the beautician said that she’ll be doing the Purifying Treatment for that day which is to cleanse my skin. Somehow I have a problem when it comes to doing facials….. the language barrier *sighs* The beautician could only talk in Cantonese so I barely scrape by in understanding what she was talking about.

I must say… the extraction was horribly painful till there was tears in my eyes. Never before I’ve reacted that way towards extractions. She even stuck the extracting thing up my nose wtf o_o;;. After the extraction, she applied lotion plus the mask and proceed with the shoulder massage…… without cleansing my face again @A@;; The procedures felt a bit weird but I shrugged it off since the mask has to be cleansed away later on.

After my treatment, I was given some tea while the beautician explained the facial courses they have. She recommended me the RM988 package which consist of 6 full course Sothys treatment and there’s a free gift of a bottle of Sothys cleansing milk (500ml) with purchase of the course. Honestly, I’m not keen on going through that extraction again and RM988 for six treatments is just too steep for my pocket. I do love the effect of Sothys products on my face *w* but they’re so expensive >A<

Beauty Works is located at:
No. 7-19M, Jalan Jalil Perkasa 14, (formerly was Jalan 14/15SB)
Taman Esplanad,
57000 Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 016-2300101

Buys and More Buys!

I’ve been sorting out my accessories this week. In between…. I also bought some OTL.

One of the latest additions to my box, elephant earrings! 8D God damn these were cute and they were an impulse buy! I lost my earrings I first got from Poh Kong which means I don’t have any replacements at all since the rest of my earrings were all fancy ones so I dragged Jared out and we went for some earring hunting.

Since we were at 1Utama, I took the chance to try the original Churros with chocolate dip at Molten Lava. Honestly, it’s not as nice as the filled Churros and they gave so little chocolate dip T_T

My zip lock bags arrived the next day so I immediately turned my house upside down to find all my earrings, necklaces and bracelets and pack them.

Box to be used.

Packing them up~

Arranging them all. First row is earrings, second row is my necklaces. Jared calls it the evidence box now LOL. *nod nods* The size of the box is quite sufficient for now and for the next few years =D I can’t stop sliding it open and close now LOL.

I went back to the Curve bazaar this week and got myself the ring I was eying on last week XD;;

Had dessert at Dome but I just wanna show how creamy the foam is. Starbucks and Coffee Bean is suppose to achieve this level but all I get are normally empty bubbly foam pfft.

Recommend: Fucidin-H

Pic taken from LEO Pharma Inc website

After my bad case of cysts outbreak last year, I had another cyst growing a couple of weeks ago. I was hoping it would shrink once it reaches its… maximum size? but the cyst kept growing and it hurt a lot too D8. There were some thin areas along the cyst where the blood was clotting around protected only by a layer of skin so I tried to perform ‘surgery’ on myself again. I did manage to drain some of the puss out but the cyst showed no sign of shrinking.

Feeling dejected, I did a quick search online to see what medication can be used to treat cysts and found that most of the forumers on use Hydrocortisone 1% which is commonly used to treat skin inflammation and itching. I made a mental note to get it the next time I drop by the pharmacy since I was in no hurry. So happened I was at Watsons, Sunway Pyramid and the pharmacist was in! (yes they always seem to be missing most of the time) so I quickly asked her for it since the Watsons staff can’t touch the prescription meds cabinet D8.

She recommended me Fucidin-H which has a combination of antibiotics and corticosteroid which is slightly milder than hydrocortisone but according to her, the antibiotics would help reduce the cyst. Thank god cuz I really wanted to avoid going to the docs and having a round of antibiotic tablets just to get it down >_<

Although the dosage is milder than Hydrocortisone 1%, it’s still a steroid cream so you should never use it for more than 7 days. The pharmacist recommended me to apply 3 times a day which is kinda a lot for me o_o so I only applied once a day before bed. I started to notice the effects by the second day =D My cyst shrunk by 40%! and by the 5th day, it was almost flat so I stopped the cream but the cyst continued to shrink! *_*

I’m not putting this under reviews since it’s not some product you can buy on a whim but it’s just something I’ll recommend to my readers with troubled skin. I have no photos though but I swear on my heart that this thing works! I’m totally regretting visiting the skin specialist last year since he prescribed me pills that cost me RM110 AND it didn’t work!

Fucidin-H is manufactured by LEO Pharma Inc, a Danish research-based pharmaceutical company which specializes in dermatology and critical care. The cream is RM14.20 and available in the local pharmacies =D

Foodful Weekend

Typing this post quick before I go to bed =D My whole weekend was sort of productive. Didn’t get much of my cosplay stuffs done. I snapped a lot of pictures but many of them turned out blur so the only pics I manage to salvage were the foodie pics hence the post title >_>;;

Friday we went to Sushi Zanmai for a little celebration since Jared received his paycheck. Instead of having bentos, we ordered sushi~~~~ and I found a new favorite~

Tamago mentai~~~~ Cheap, generous fillings and DELICIOUS~ I forgot what is in this mouthful of goodness, must remember to ask Jared again 8D

Sunday was also a food outing. Me and Audrey pretty much drove around Damansara-PJ to get stuffs. From my dentist to Tropicana Mall to 1 Utama to E-Curve XD

Got to try the infamous Churros from Molten Lava. It’s no wonder blogger rave about them, they’re seriously good! Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and the one Audrey ordered had Caramel filling in it! =D

My TomYam Fried Rice that I ordered from the cafe as well while waiting for Guki. It tasted above average for cafe food and I’m honestly surprised =D My only complaint is that the vege stalks and tomatoes were huge though >_> but the chicken is nice and soft. Again it’s a surprise for me cuz I’ve never liked the way chicken is prepared whenever I eat outdoors.

After exchanging the stuffs with Guki, we made our way to E-Curve. Boy, the jam was a bit heavy since it was only 1 lane but the parking was hell! We ended up stalking someone and got a parking spot near the entrance, lucky~! Combed through the bazaar to look for accessories but couldn’t find anything worthwhile. I did found a very beautiful Iris ring though =) It was a bunch of Iris flowers in dark purple, light purple and white clumped together but the ring costs RM20 *sobs*. I hope it’ll be there next month =( (fat chance!)

We had tea at Tenshi No Cafe since I was curious about the cafe concept. The whole cafe was decorated in pink and the maids were pretty much high class hostess made up from underage looking girls who doesn’t smile =( (Some of them don’t look pretty either TwT). They talk so soft that I could barely hear what were they saying DX Gods, it’s as if they were talking to themselves. The place smelled of oil, heck our whole bodies reeked of oil by the end of the visit T_T.

The food was pretty pricey so we didn’t dare to order anything but Darrell says the food is good. As we sat down, we were presented with the 10 commandments of do’s and don’ts to a maid WTF?! Talk about hostility man……. I’ll take my money to Sushi Zanmai or Zen Jap Restaurant anytime. People have been complimenting this cafe to high heavens but I honestly don’t see what’s so good about the place other than the pretty maid uniforms.

*yawns* ok that pretty much settles where I’ve been eating all weekend. My bed calls~

Added Things Into My Life

First half of March has been quite eventful for me. No surprises that I’m flat fucking broke now x_X Dammit I wish I can climb up that career ladder as fast as I can spend my money XD;; This is cuz I bought my 2 months supply of that beauty drink  but it was a good bargain =D. Also, I’ve finally saved enough got my brand new shoes~

So me and Jared paid a visit to the sports shop in Pyramid and god be damned, their service is pathetic. The supervisor was just looking at us while not providing any assistance while the salesgirl was trying to do her best but she seemed like she didn’t know the product very well. I mean, this is not just some item that costs RM50, it’s a RM300 sport shoe and you can’t convince me that it’ll be worth my 300 =/.

The next day we went to the New Balance outlet in 1Utama. Deng we got lied too =/ The outlet in Gardens is a HELL lot bigger than this TAT. There were quite a lot of shoppers surprisingly and I came just in time too cuz the sale just started! *_* The salesgirl as usual promoted the 860 to us but she told us there’s some on discount ohohoho *_*. After debating and calculating the value difference, I ended up with the 760 series =D

Tadaa! The 760 won me over only because the 860 is only available in fuchsia and the difference in price is so much @_@

They sure have weird laces, forgot to ask them what’s the reason.

Still many things to do this month~ Heading to the E-Curve bazaar tomorrow and hopefully I can do the makeup test next week. I’ve still yet to settle my cosplay cloth orz which I hope to buy by the end of this month TwT

Another Adventure~

After our Broga expedition, we decided to visit Ulu Yam next =D. I thought of going at 7am at first but since Jared said 10am I thought, why not since I could use the extra hours of sleep *w*. Both sides had some mishaps so we only left around 11.30am OTL. We saw a lot of food shops and touristy places on the way! (Zoo and Batu Caves lol)

Reached the area after driving through the uncomfortable windy road x_X Fee is RM1 for adults, 50 cents for kids. I couldn’t pass as a kid =( so I’m an adult midget!

Looks like a recreation park lol. I was expecting a hike to the falls XD;;

We had to cross this suspension bridge to get to the other side of the river. The bridge was swaying so much >A< Till now I’m not sure if it’s someone deliberately swaying it or he bridge was not sturdy enough to handle all of us walking on it.

We packed some food to eat there. Brunch consisted of McD’s family breakfast (lol), delicious Mee Siam and Nasi Lemak, 100 Plus and icky water that tasted like SeaMaster. Damn, everyone looks so serious while eating ._.

It rained a little after we finished eating but thank god it didn’t dampen our spirits of splashing in the river =D. The rain was having its own mood swings since it was raining then stopped then rained again wtf.

Don’t be fooled…. the water was damn effing cold!!! XD;; See Jared perching on the rock refusing to dip in *flees*

The 3 people who manage to dunk their whole bodies in. Audrey looks like she’s having some orgasmic fun in here lolol.

On the way back we passed by Batu Caves and made a spontaneous decision to climb up just for workout sake. Since we’re here why not right?

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA TTATT Breathe Neko! Think of the benefits! Your legs shall be toned! Improve stamina! Really, I had to chant those in my head just to keep climbing.

Climb was worth it though as we were welcomed by a cool breeze~

We climbed further to explore the area. I was climbing up the steps and watching out for… unknown things when this black pigeon suddenly popped out from the barricade and scared the living daylights out of me! I screamed on the spot and the aunty that was walking down the stairs saw the whole thing and laughed at me T___T. When we left the area, that pigeon was still walking on the stairs >_>. I swear its just finding another chance to go ‘booyah!’ at me.

Some pictures of the area before we climbed up Batu Caves

Koi pond~ There’s plenty of fish there @A@;;

Fluffy duck resting at the side~ ❤

We had dinner at Jalan Peel and I can feel the carbs and fats all seeping back in D8 damn we should do this more often. I hope to climb Broga again or maybe go Bukit Hijau next ~_~;;

Review: Kiehl’s Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque

Back in 2009, Kiehl’s introduced the Rare Earth range formulated with Amazonian White Clay to help purify and detoxify skin, while minimizing pores. Sounds good right? =D Well it seemed like a miracle product judging by the reviews I’ve read so I decided to pick a sample from the nearest Kiehl’s outlet. My pores have always been huge =S I’ve had people telling me that so I was crossing my fingers hoping it works.

The Rare Earth Collection comes with 4 items:

  • Rare Earth Pore Refining Tonic, 250ml
  • Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Lotion, 75ml
  • Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser, 150ml
  • Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque, 142g

I did get samples for the cleanser and tonic but I only tried the masque since I didn’t want to break my skin regime for now as its been working wonderfully =).

Our Rare Earth masque helps purify and detoxify skin while minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores. Formulated with Amazonian White Clay to gently draw out oil, dirt and toxins that can clog pores. The addition of Oatmeal and Aloe Vera will help soothe, hydrate and protect sensitive skin.

Mmmmm I read that oatmeal also absorbs the excess oil from the skin AND in the pores while aloe vera is good for sensitive skin as it soothes and heals skin. As clay can be quite drying, this range is only recommended for normal to oily skin types. The sample sachet I got was more than enough for my face =D there was a bit of extra but I wan’t keen on keeping in case it dries up >_<. Instruction says to apply a thin layer onto face and leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing.

I noticed a tingling effect while the mask was on my skin but I ignored it since it wasn’t that bad compared to other masks I’ve tried but I immediately rinsed it off after time’s up. My nose area was red but my skin felt clean and my pores are smaller, well they normally do look smaller after my bath so I can’t go screaming happily yet.

The next morning I woke up and damn my pores are back to being big =( and my T-zone horribly oily by midday >_< Could it be that I need to use the whole range to see results? Or that I need to use the mask a few times before I can see results? It won’t be something I’ll buy if I can find a better smelling clay mask and since I haven’t been able to see the desired results, I think I might weigh on the decision a bit longer.