My Fandom Can Kill Me Someday

Anime has influenced me from way back in 2002 D8 omg that makes almost 10 years I’ve been exposed to Anime! Putting Sailormoon and Doraemon aside, my first time watching Anime in Jap was Gensomaden Saiyuki where I learned how to swear…… LOL. I have only 3 favorite characters up to today. Sanzo from Saiyuki who thought me that swearing is okay 8D, Ryoma from Prince of Tennis and Karupin from Prince of Tennis too! 8D

Presenting Ryoma and Karupin! Yes Karupin is his cat 😛

I feel so bad for fangirling over a 12 year old boy! *sobs* Back when I was 15, I thought it was no biggie XP but now I’m nearing 23 and it almost feels like it’s a sin! =w=;;; Because of him, I took up tennis and self-learn using tutorials from the web XD;; When school reopened, I joined the tennis club *w*b together with Audrey ohohohoh good times *sigh*. This was one of the very rare moments I could ever recall myself taking such initiative =(.

Another reason I joined the tennis club is because the badminton club in school is always full D8 so it’s either we won’t get a chance to play or we play with your neighbor 2 meters away wtf. Besides, tennis was one game I didn’t need to worry about the wind messing with our ball if we play outdoors =D. Your wall is your best partner too if no one else is free *_*b I spent most of my time with the wall during the school holidays.

Sorry for the lack of updates cuz I’ve been so busy at office, most of the time leaving past 10pm and my head only hits the pillow at 2am, waking up at 6.30am to go back to office again T_T. I survived by watching POT which brought back my Ryoma craze *w*. I’m now dying to collect POT merchandise T_T but it’ll be so hard to find by now *sobs*.


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