To Broga We Go, Insane but Worth It!

Since one of our companions pulled out from the trip and I hate canceling plans, gathered a few more people to make that insane trip up Broga. Initially the plan was to meet at Leisure Mall at 4.30am but some sakai mentioned the sun rises at 5am so we decided to meet at 4am instead. God I have never left my house this early in my life ;__;

The journey was a little bumpy but we made it there by 4.45am! hahaha. Thankfully there were a few more people preparing to climb up the hill so we don’t feel so lost.  We hiked up for 45 minutes trying to catch up to the team in front of us but ended up losing them halfway cuz we girls were slowww >w< Ended up the rest of the teams behind us, followed us up HAHAHA When we stopped, they stopped rofl.

The hike up was very rough T_T I slipped on the ground so many times and ended up using Jared as leverage. The ground was wet and I could barely see where I can place my foot to take the next step x_X The fog light we brought up ran out of batteries just as we’re about to reach the top, thanks for lighting up the way XD. The guys continued to the second peak while Audrey, Justin and me waited at one of the rocks. No pics till about close to 7 since my cam can’t take pics in the dark T_T

The sun didn’t rise till 6.30+ *roundkicks Leong* so we started chatting while waiting for the sun. Rubbish talk from singing Lion King’s Circle of Life to bastardizing the lyrics about breakfast we never had.

Amount of people at the top of the hill @_@

Photogs finding their spots and snapping away. Guess whose butt is whose.

First sign of sunrise that I can catch with my camera TwT

The prettiest pic of the sky that came from my camera *sobs*

People making their way to the second peak.

The hills are aliveeeee~~~~

Me snapping Edo who’s stalking Leong (what it looks like lol)

I don’t know what he’s doing at this point.

“Right, lets run for the hills!”

The things people carry up the hill!

When mamak stores just don’t give the right atmosphere

Last pic on the top of the hill.

Group pic before we left! =D Edo looks like an outsider jumping into the photo XD;;

The trail down ;_; ugh another rough walk

Found a pretty flower on the way down~! Finally something that’s not green or brown!

Thought this looked kinda cute :3

Great trip! *_*b we should do it again like… 6 MONTHS LATER AHAHAHAHA *KO’s to bed* I Can’t sleep but I won’t deny a nice rest on my bed ❤


Christmas Giveaway – Winners announced~!

Dear Santa,

For years I have only been accepting, this year I decided it’s time for me to give. I’ve been receiving so many nice things all year. Not just freebies but even the smallest acts of kindness :3. I have a great job a nice boyfie, a set of close friends, a comfortable bed to sleep in and a nice pillow to snuggle to, a long-lasting laptop (4 years and it never went for servicing!) for me to blog my exciting days, nice hot showers every night and last but not least, my face that’s improving :3 Well there’s a lot more things I’m thankful for but I can’t remember right now @_@

I realize that over the years, I have collected a mountain of stuff but I’ll never be able to use them. Instead of keeping them for myself and watching people wishing they had them, I’ve decided to give them away to all my readers as a note of thanks and also as their early Christmas presents.


Yes you read that right, I’m giving away STUFFFFF. Yes this is your chance to get yourself an early Christmas present. Before you enter, I’m sure you want to take a look at the prizes first riteeee? 8D Well keep on scrolling down then!

Thank You for those who joined! Here’s the lucky winners XD

Set 1: Hada Labo – ONIGIRI

Set 2: Dermalogica – ARISA

Set 3: Skin Food (Contributed by Secret Santa!) – KARIE

Set 4: Shu Uemura – JULI1202

Set 5: Shu Uemura (omg two Shu sets~ <3) – PUI SAN

Set 6: Clarins – GUKI

Set 7: Assorted – MAY

Set 8: Sachets and Masks – DMJ

and for the men…

Grats Ian! You can collect your tix during lunch time >D

For men, please don’t fret. I have a Christmas present for you too! I have in my hand, 2 tickets to that thing you love! any GSC movie of your choice. The voucher expires on 17th January 2011 but erm if you still want to join the ladies then please state in your comment =D

How to Join

  1. Follow my blog of course! It’s right over here!
  2. Comment in this entry ‘I WANT IN!’ Do leave your blog link if you don’t mind me adding you onto my blogroll. I love reading blogs! =D
  3. Then start crossing your fingers and hope your name gets drawn out for the set you want!

Rules & Regulations

  1. Only open to Malaysian citizens.
  2. Giveaway starts 4th December 2010 till 19th December 2010. I will draw out the names using =P and announce 2-3 days later. Mintak maaf, since Ms Santa will be busy, the giveaway will close on 16th December. Announcement will be done on 17th December so that most of you will be able to collect your stuff during CF =P



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