Christmas Cheer

Halo everyone! How has your Christmas been? I’ve just returned from an awesome Christmas bash~ Great company, cold food and awesome gifts! *w* Everyone’s been in the Christmas mood since last week XD

Even Johnny is pretty frisky a few days before Christmas >D

Charsiewpau also received a present! Ok it’s just some random cookies on the table. I just wanted to show a picture of charsiewpau =D

Christmas Bash at Audrey’s place was awesome =D. We tried a lot of new things like orgies *points above* Darrell had to kiss everything and slapped by everybody, we sang carols and Medan Audrey, hearing fail proposal.

Woke up in the afternoon on Christmas day and went Christmas shopping ahahaha. I wanted to go to Laneige while Audrey wanted to visit Baviphat. We bought the presents and I just have to mention here that Parkson’s service is just fucking bad. Firstly, I hate Parkson for introducing such high requirements for their membership *sobs* Seriously RM500? What the fuck can I shop in Parkson for RM500? D: Even if I were to bring out my greedy self, there’s just nothing in the whole bloody store I want that can amount to RM500 D: This is like the 2nd most ridiculous membership after Crabtree & Evelyn who has a Rm600 purchase requirement to get membership. I shouldn’t really rant during Christmas.

There were two cashiers and both not far from each other. One of the staffs asked me to head to the other cashier as it just opened but omg both cashiers were just as slow zzzz. Even the Laneige sales assistant just gave totally bad customer service D8. She just wrote my item, hand it to me and ran off o_o. I could’ve just ran off with the item if I’m a dishonest person o_o and also she didn’t introduce me to Laneige’s membership wtf D: and when I asked to apply only she mentioned about it and also they ran out of application forms so they just asked me to fill up a piece of paper wtf? Ok I think I better stop ranting about my bad shopping experience.

Enjoyed some Zang Toi goodness before the long walk to Sungei Wang.

Choco banana cake nyammmmm~

I was hunting for Jared’s present too but Parkson Pavilion felt the brand I wanted was just too cheap for their branch FML so I had to go to Parkson’s Sungei Wang branch to get it. Oh shit there I go ranting again OK I’LL STOP IT D: Anyways I got the gift, now to get it wrapped since I’m such a lazy ass. Pressie was a bit over the budget but worth itttttt *_*

There was a manly guy at the gift wrapping counter! And he taught Audrey how to wrap too ROFL

Popped by the pet shop to see cute puppies before going to feed Jon’s dog XD

We’re still confused what dog is this. Looks like a Corgi with a hint of German Shepperd lol

Gifts from people! and myself rofl Dirt Candle from Jared <3, Baviphat mask and cat thingy from Audrey, Laneige Multiberry Peeling Gel from myself hahahaha.


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