Summary of the Weekend

Oh god today is Thursday but it feels like Tuesday. I’m still feel tired and suffering from post CF-fatigue. lots of things to sort through, my event report, sorting through the lost and found box, sending the gifts to the winners. Sorry my blog winner, can you give me till next week to send them out T_T. I took leave on Monday and Tuesday but was forced to come in for work on Tuesday since my client already emailed me the materials *sobs*. Right now I’m still having the flu and sore throat but feeling much better after drinking that nasty concoction last night.

Night before CF, I dropped by Kiehl’s Pavilion for their Christmas party *w* Met Janoah too, lucky girl she won a prize from the games >w<

They had a candy floss machine too!! ❤

And drinks in test tubes! I like the concept =D but it wasn’t filling x_X

Couldn’t stay long as I had to rush over to Times Square for the set up. Reached there around 8+ and grabbed the keys from Yuhi. Gods Times Square sucks for banning maxis and DiGi from operating at half of the spots. Our phones are dead particularly at the eating areas near the cinema =_=. Dumped my stuff then rushed to the hall to see what’s going on.

People were playing peekaboo. Don’t know what is Ezel trying to look for.

I guess now we know =P

Some died from the stress, that would be Edo.

Day 1 went quite smoothly for my dept =D, after that we had to stay and pack more goodie bags TwT

I don’t know what was going on in the picture but we watched some Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt and bastardized patriotic songs for the lulz

We screwed around alot too.

Day 2 was CHAOTIC. I was understaffed and raging at someone, towards the end of the event, I trolled my own awards and believe me it was the best decision made >( Now I have a lot of apology letters to send out and a hell lot of paperwork to do.


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