Grumpy Pot When It’s Close To The Hols.


I’ve been feeling so grumpy this whole week!!! Lately I’ve been so forgetful at work which is probably why I’m horribly grumpy. CF is drawing near and I’ve so many things to do that CF has become my late night part-time job, and this has nothing to do with my costume yet jeez. Juggling my thoughts between CF and work during my work hours has made me quite forgetful I guess. Somehow I have a feeling that my boss is quite frustrated since we’re like his right hand men and yet I’m forgetting stuff. I look forward for my bonus end of the year so that I’ll be able to pay for my tires and be debt free in 2011!

I’m also suppose to have 3 packages coming in this week and 1 package next week but they’re all being pushed backward I wonder why! #^$#^#@$#@^$ I got a collection note on one of my packages grrr which means I can’t see my lovely buys till Saturday.

Last week I went for my facial to clear my blackheads. The very next day a few oil seeds surfaced up and 2-3 tiny pimples started popping up. I don’t know whether to take this is a good sign or not but I’ve applied the cider mask and it’s under control for now…

*turns into The Hulk and goes tearing things apart*