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Mail drop time! Just as I was about to go out (I was holding the door knob by then too! XD), the postman rang the bell. Talk about good timing =D

Yay my package~! ❤

Omg it even comes with a bag! ❤

Aaaaa my pretty skirt ❤ and they even included a thank you note and their namecard =D

Do visit their store! =D

I got the skirt at a discounted price as they were giving rebate offers last week =3 but do check out their store here as they have quite a large range of apparels and bags. Most importantly, I love the super fast response from them~!


Jane Iredale – The Skin Care Makeup

Few days ago, I received an invite from Is’belle salon to experience the miracles of Jane Iredale’s skin care makeup. Despite my whole body feeling so tired from the Broga experience, I decided to drag myself for the launch after a 2 hour nap (yes Broga + launch on the same day! Go me!). At Li Ping’s request, the manager of Is’Belle, I won’t be able to post much photos of the launch as this is a private event and secondly, she’s very concerned over her customers privacy. I’m very amazed and happy that there are still people like her that place priority over customers than their business! So an early alert that some of the pics will be ganked from Jane Iredale’s website =P.

Jane Iredale’s Skin Care Makeup is not just any normal makeup, it’s a makeup that is good for the skin used by professionals across the globe. We’re not talking about makeup professionals but dermatologists and skin care professionals! Jane Iredale is the pioneer of mineral makeup and the first to supply a full line of mineral based makeup with ingredients containing 90% minerals, the most content of minerals achieved by any makeup brand!

Jeffrey, the representative of Jane Iredale’s makeup line in Singapore and Malaysia giving the talk on Jane Iredale’s brand and makeup.

Why Mineral Makeup!

  • Serves as makeup and skincare.
  • Contains no talc and parabens
  • Non-comedogenic which means it doesn’t clog pores! =D
  • Anti-inflammatory, calms and soothes irritated skin
  • Composed from minerals that don’t support bacteria (hurray!!)
  • 4 in 1 functions: serves as a concealer, powder, foundation AND provides UVB and UVA protection of up to SPF30~! =D

Rather than boring you with the minerals raving, you can catch up with the information on Jane Iredale’s skin care makeup on their website here.

Jane Iredale has a vast lineup is suitable for everybody regardless of age and ethnicity so I will only highlight a few products here.

Liquid Minerals for older women

A light-reflecting mineral foundation that comes in a serum form containing anti-aging properties. The beads are actually liposomes trapping active ingredients which will be released onto skin when applied. The beads are coated in a gel of aloe vera and vegetable glycerin. This product helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, minimizes pores and provides lightweight coverage.

Disappear with Green Tea extract

A camouflage cream packed with pigments that covers breakouts and heals them at the same time. Disappear contains green tea extract which is an antioxidant, and has also been documented to combat acne bacteria and promotes faster healing time on pimples.

Sugar & Butter Lip Exfoliator and Plumper

This by far is my most favorite product! One end contains organic brown sugar which gently removes dull and dry skin. It contains no preservatives so we can EAT IT RIGHT OFF!! XD;; Tania was laughing as I was licking the product instead of wiping it off with a tissue. The other side is a tinted lip plumper that contains shea butter and peptides that moisten and plump the lips. The lip plumper also contains cool mint and ginger ingredients so you’ll be able to feel the minty sensation as you sweep it across your lips~!

After the talk, we were treated to a demo to see which products suit our skin. I was attended by Jeffrey haha!! You can see my face looks like it’s covered with breakouts but those are actually scars D:

Face before Jane Iredale makeover~ Damn I need to thread my eyebrows badly.

After makeover! Omg my face looks so natural and almost flawless!

Damn after seeing my picture, I was so tempted to buy their set but I don’t need it >A<. The Is’Belle staff were very nice and did not push their products =) which is one of the reasons I love going back to them =D

Jane Iredale provides complete coverage for skin conditions like acne, rosacea and redness following treatments like chemical peels and laser resurfacing so this product is very very very very good for people like be who has been hit by the breakout wave *w* It is so effective that plastic surgeons and dermatologists use it on their patients after surgeries or treatments. Now working women whose career depends on skin complexions (like me! *gets whacked*) won’t have worry any longer! *o*

Jane Iredale’s makeup is available throug:

Is’Belle Salon
F21, 1st Floor, Subang Parade

PS: it was difficult writing this as everything was so scientific and I wanted the entry to be as simple as possible x_X and I’m also a very simple-minded person that only uses simple words ;A; I hope you readers find it easy to read and understand this entry and I’m sorry if I failed!