Cleaning Up 2010

Because I can put this

Have a cute cat! This might be my last cat pic for 2010 T_T

How has 2010 been for you? I can say mine was fairly good with some bumps along the way. Me and Jared finally got out Starbucks planners after collecting stamps spread over 4 different cards lol. The poor barista had to do a lot of transferring.

Come admire my new planner! =D Which I bet you will be empty till the end of the year lol. This planner retails at RM55 at Starbucks outlets wtf.

As usual I normally list down my achievements for this year before making resolutions for next year lol. This year has been a pretty eventful year because:

  1. I got out of that damn university!
    Yes after 4 horrible years, I’ve finally left that goddamn university with an empty brain.
  2. I got a job!
    I got a job real quick too, after CNY. Took me about 2 months of resume polishing and sending it out and attending interviews. I’m proud to say I went through 5 interviews, got 3 offers and 1 job! =D
  3. Accomplished almost 50% of my wishlist
    I guess that since I’m earning a much better income now instead of waiting for my allowance, it’s easier to get the things I’ve been dying to get since my uni days. Funny part is I covered most of the expensive stuff on my wishlist lol.
  4. Makeup skills level up
    With my upgraded kit and the funds to test products, I can say my skills level up a little, though I think it doesn’t do justice with my makeup box. I admire those who can put on makeup and their kits are so small!!! Maybe it’s because I just want EVERYTHING lol.
  5. I cosplayed!
    Finally I did something else beside Coffy ugh! Costume ended up in disaster but that project helped me improved my makeup skills like crazy @_@
  6. I learned how to curl my lashes and apply falsies
    Not really such a big achievement at the age of 22 but I’ve always been afraid of the curler >_<. My lash application skill is still quite bad for my left eye but I managed to put on both during CF =D
  7. To be able to belanja more
    Well it was just small treats but I’ve never been able to treat anyone before this or buy good presents for people *_* I love working! hahahaha
  8. Improved my wardrobe
    I’ve only started recently but it looks better @_@ since I’ve been wearing the same old clothes for more than half the year *malu*
  9. Permed, rebonded and dyed my hair within 2 months
    I’ve always done either one each year but never 2-3 treatments at 1 go. This was because my perm turned into disaster, my curls looked so dry so I went for emergency rebonding. I dyed my hair cuz I was interested in trying Prettia foam hair dye lol
  10. Went to the famed Estee Lauder Warehouse Sales and Shu Uemura Warehouse Sale
    After missing it for 2 years, I finally manage to step into the best warehouse sale in KL *_*;; There was too much temptation but I ended up walking out with only a Clinique blusher that cost RM50 lol. Shu Uemura Warehouse was also another one I looked forward too and manage to visit this year and thank god I didn’t get suckered to getting those Neo Fringe lashes lol.

Next to work on resolutions (believe me, I’ll sure forget them till end of the year lol). So how was your 2010?


Christmas Cheer

Halo everyone! How has your Christmas been? I’ve just returned from an awesome Christmas bash~ Great company, cold food and awesome gifts! *w* Everyone’s been in the Christmas mood since last week XD

Even Johnny is pretty frisky a few days before Christmas >D

Charsiewpau also received a present! Ok it’s just some random cookies on the table. I just wanted to show a picture of charsiewpau =D

Christmas Bash at Audrey’s place was awesome =D. We tried a lot of new things like orgies *points above* Darrell had to kiss everything and slapped by everybody, we sang carols and Medan Audrey, hearing fail proposal.

Woke up in the afternoon on Christmas day and went Christmas shopping ahahaha. I wanted to go to Laneige while Audrey wanted to visit Baviphat. We bought the presents and I just have to mention here that Parkson’s service is just fucking bad. Firstly, I hate Parkson for introducing such high requirements for their membership *sobs* Seriously RM500? What the fuck can I shop in Parkson for RM500? D: Even if I were to bring out my greedy self, there’s just nothing in the whole bloody store I want that can amount to RM500 D: This is like the 2nd most ridiculous membership after Crabtree & Evelyn who has a Rm600 purchase requirement to get membership. I shouldn’t really rant during Christmas.

There were two cashiers and both not far from each other. One of the staffs asked me to head to the other cashier as it just opened but omg both cashiers were just as slow zzzz. Even the Laneige sales assistant just gave totally bad customer service D8. She just wrote my item, hand it to me and ran off o_o. I could’ve just ran off with the item if I’m a dishonest person o_o and also she didn’t introduce me to Laneige’s membership wtf D: and when I asked to apply only she mentioned about it and also they ran out of application forms so they just asked me to fill up a piece of paper wtf? Ok I think I better stop ranting about my bad shopping experience.

Enjoyed some Zang Toi goodness before the long walk to Sungei Wang.

Choco banana cake nyammmmm~

I was hunting for Jared’s present too but Parkson Pavilion felt the brand I wanted was just too cheap for their branch FML so I had to go to Parkson’s Sungei Wang branch to get it. Oh shit there I go ranting again OK I’LL STOP IT D: Anyways I got the gift, now to get it wrapped since I’m such a lazy ass. Pressie was a bit over the budget but worth itttttt *_*

There was a manly guy at the gift wrapping counter! And he taught Audrey how to wrap too ROFL

Popped by the pet shop to see cute puppies before going to feed Jon’s dog XD

We’re still confused what dog is this. Looks like a Corgi with a hint of German Shepperd lol

Gifts from people! and myself rofl Dirt Candle from Jared <3, Baviphat mask and cat thingy from Audrey, Laneige Multiberry Peeling Gel from myself hahahaha.

Summary of the Weekend

Oh god today is Thursday but it feels like Tuesday. I’m still feel tired and suffering from post CF-fatigue. lots of things to sort through, my event report, sorting through the lost and found box, sending the gifts to the winners. Sorry my blog winner, can you give me till next week to send them out T_T. I took leave on Monday and Tuesday but was forced to come in for work on Tuesday since my client already emailed me the materials *sobs*. Right now I’m still having the flu and sore throat but feeling much better after drinking that nasty concoction last night.

Night before CF, I dropped by Kiehl’s Pavilion for their Christmas party *w* Met Janoah too, lucky girl she won a prize from the games >w<

They had a candy floss machine too!! ❤

And drinks in test tubes! I like the concept =D but it wasn’t filling x_X

Couldn’t stay long as I had to rush over to Times Square for the set up. Reached there around 8+ and grabbed the keys from Yuhi. Gods Times Square sucks for banning maxis and DiGi from operating at half of the spots. Our phones are dead particularly at the eating areas near the cinema =_=. Dumped my stuff then rushed to the hall to see what’s going on.

People were playing peekaboo. Don’t know what is Ezel trying to look for.

I guess now we know =P

Some died from the stress, that would be Edo.

Day 1 went quite smoothly for my dept =D, after that we had to stay and pack more goodie bags TwT

I don’t know what was going on in the picture but we watched some Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt and bastardized patriotic songs for the lulz

We screwed around alot too.

Day 2 was CHAOTIC. I was understaffed and raging at someone, towards the end of the event, I trolled my own awards and believe me it was the best decision made >( Now I have a lot of apology letters to send out and a hell lot of paperwork to do.

Chokeful of Updates #1612

Thought I should do a proper life update before this weekend since I’ll be so busy till next Wednesday of Thursday.

I finally invested a little more into a work bag =D It’s perfect ❤ not too formal.

Work was awesome! I went to a studio for a shooting today. As I stepped into the studio, I saw a tail and something moved! I dropped my bag and ran towards it screaming ‘caaaaaaaaaatttttt’

It’s name is Oreo and it’s sensitive to the word FAT.

He was really shy :3 and we had to keep tempting him with yummies or else he won’t approach us. We tested the word fat by calling him that and he totally stared at me ;o; 3 TIMES!! Doesn’t stop it from being a poser though. That shot above was taken when he plopped his fat ass right in the middle of the set and me and Johnny immediately started clicking away~

My mail arrived!

Goods are mostly not mine XD;; only the eyeliner and one of the Smashbox primers is mine. Rest belongs to May and Gwen~

Mine was defective in presentation so I’ll have to keep this upside down in my box X3

RotiBoy has expanded by opening a bakery/cafe concept outlet.

I tried one of their combo deals which was a RotiBoy + Iced Chocolate drink for Rm5.50. Totally recommending it to you guys! The chocolate drink is so value for money =D it’s not diluted or taste funny. The buns and pastries are at an affordable price. They also have sandwiches going at RM2.00 for white bread and RM2.50 for wholemeal. I want to go there again!!!! They’re opening a new branch at Leisure Mall on Dec 23~!

Remember~ Giveaway closes tonight at 10pm!

Review: Baviphat Peach Peeling Gel vs Laneige Strawberry Yoghurt Peeling Gel

Woh I have so many exfoliators….. I have St Ives Apricot Scrub, Queen Helene’s Mint Scrub and these 2 *points up* but I’ve been using peeling gels since September after my crazy breakout. Anyone who wants to take over my St Ives Apricot Scrub, do leave a note here and I’ll arrange the meet up time with you. Back to the topic, I’ll be doing a review on these 2 products.

Baviphat’s Peach Peeling Gel

The all-in-one peeling gel is a multi-function skin treatment that claims to exfoliate dead skin, minimizes pores and brightens complexion with a single application. It contains peach extracts and vitamin C to whiten and brighten skin.

Directions: Apply all over dry face avoiding eye and mouth areas. Gently massage until it starts to clump up into dry flakes then rinse with lukewarm water.

For a product that is named as a peeling gel, it certainly doesn’t look like a gel ._. the Peach Peeling Gel looks like sherbet and it smells absolutely heavenly, that I definitely can’t deny! It’s my second favorite scent after H2O’s Raspberry Guava.

The sherbet~

Sad the tub doesn’t come with a spatula so I washed my hands before dipping my fingers into the jar and scoop a generous amount. The stuff does feel a little dry and I find that it clumps and falls off easily from my face. After rinsing my face, I don’t feel anything other than the fact I smell of peaches wherever I go lol. My face doesn’t feel any cleaner and my blackheads are still there so even after a few days of using it, I still go back to my Mint Scrub.

The Baviphat Peach Peeling Gel retails at RM49.90 for 100g.

Laneige Strawberry Yoghurt Peeling Gel

Yes this is a gel alright!

It contains yoghurt extract, strawberry extract and exfoliating enzyme that that helps to remove dead skin cell and give your skin a healthy look. The soft gel formula does not irritate skin. Non abrasive and suitable for all skin types.

Directions: Apply over clean dry face. Massage for 1 minute then rinse with lukewarm water.

I find the smell a bit sickening. It smells like the less stronger version of  strawberry stuff at The Body Shop. The gel comes in a liquid form which makes it easy to spread over dry face and I find that my skin condition feels smoother if i use continuously. Thank god it doesn’t promise to minimize my pores or that’ll be something extra to diss lol. The Laneige Strawberry Yoghurt Peeling Gel retails at RM99 and is available at Laneige counters, not sure if they’ve replaced the product with the MultiBerry version yet =/ should probably go get a full size tub myself sometime soon.


I think by now you guys should know which one I’m leaning too XD;; Yes Laneige~~~ Using Baviphat’s Peach Peeling Gel hurt at some point cuz my breakouts were so bad, even touching hurts =S but I didn’t suffer from using Laneige’s peeling gel since it was more liruid. Although the price is a bit steep and the smells sickens me to death, as long as it works, it wins my hearts :3 What’s the point in buying things that don’t work anyways? The Peach Peeling Gel has been donated to my big sister, Audrey >w< See if it works for her =P

Reminder: GIVEAWAY CLOSES TOMORROW AT 10PM =D Go join here!

Review: Lumiere Finishing Powder, Pure Silk

Oily skin has always been a huge problem for me. My face will get oily in just 2 hours after washing my face. It’s even worse when I have makeup on, my face will look so oily like I have a layer of wax on my face! One of my friends was raving about how this product is awesome and holy grail worthy so I decided to pick it up.

Lumiere’s Silk Powder helps maintain moisture levels in the skin, prevent dryness, the crystalline structure reflects UV radiation, and has anti-bacterial properties.

Especially beneficial for oily or disturbed skin as it instantly evens and beautifies skin. Pure Silk is a transparent powder which is specially formulated to disappear into the skin, to reduce the appearance of pores and redness, and even skin tone for a more flawless-looking complexion.

Suitable for all skin types, especially oily skin
Finish – mostly matte, has a soft satin silkiness
Ingredients – real silk powder

Taken from The powder indeed is fine and light and you just need to tip a bit of the powder on the cover and swirl it with the kabuki brush before buffing it on the face. I’ve had this product for a few months and been testing it on different occasions. I don’t find it holy grail worthy for my face but if I were to put the price in my consideration then this is probably a value for money product.

Firstly, the powder didn’t help with the oil absorption on my face, period. I’ve tested the product with makeup on, without makeup on, when I go outdoors and when I’m indoors. Especially when I’m at work, I find my nose starts to get really oily after 2-3 hours followed by my forehead and cheeks 1-2 hours later but when it comes to dinner or shopping, my face wasn’t as oily as my situation at work BUT STILL OILY *flip table*. I find that only my nose is very oily during those short outings.

I didn’t notice any improvement on my complexion nor do I see my pores shrinking as the product claims. My face still looks as ugly and rough as the moon. I find that it’s especially ineffective sometimes when I’m stressed out, guess my face produces more oil than the silk powder could handle. For RM58 for a 30gm jar, it’s value for money but if your face is as imba as mine, I’d suggest you look for some alternatives.

So Today I Made An Impulsive Buy

This fine Saturday morning, I woke up and decided

I’m going to get a garment vertical steam iron!

Nah just kidding, I’ve been mulling over this for months but I guess today was the so called ‘breaking point’. My costume arrived the day before and I was so worried how to iron it so I guess I decided to get it so that I can settle the ironing for my future projects AND I can iron whenever I want whether it’s 4am in the morning or on-the-go emergency ironing. I won’t need to use the iron in my parents’ room and hear that woman bitch about it.

I no longer dread ironing!!!

Initially I wanted to get it from Jusco but no sales assistant came to attend to me even after waiting for 15minutes so I decided to take my business elsewhere. I love Christmas as they have such good promotions *_*. Phillips has a promo where they’ll be giving out the clothes hanger worth RM99 for FREE with every purchase of the steam iron. The promo applies to all dealers outlets so I can happily take my business elsewhere and still get the hanger for free hur hur.

So I went to Harvey Normal instead and what luck! There’s an additional 10% off for appliances which includes the iron~~~ *sings* Now I can iron whenever I want! >w< I wonder if I can use this as a face steamer too HAHAHA

Grumpy Pot When It’s Close To The Hols.


I’ve been feeling so grumpy this whole week!!! Lately I’ve been so forgetful at work which is probably why I’m horribly grumpy. CF is drawing near and I’ve so many things to do that CF has become my late night part-time job, and this has nothing to do with my costume yet jeez. Juggling my thoughts between CF and work during my work hours has made me quite forgetful I guess. Somehow I have a feeling that my boss is quite frustrated since we’re like his right hand men and yet I’m forgetting stuff. I look forward for my bonus end of the year so that I’ll be able to pay for my tires and be debt free in 2011!

I’m also suppose to have 3 packages coming in this week and 1 package next week but they’re all being pushed backward I wonder why! #^$#^#@$#@^$ I got a collection note on one of my packages grrr which means I can’t see my lovely buys till Saturday.

Last week I went for my facial to clear my blackheads. The very next day a few oil seeds surfaced up and 2-3 tiny pimples started popping up. I don’t know whether to take this is a good sign or not but I’ve applied the cider mask and it’s under control for now…

*turns into The Hulk and goes tearing things apart*

BlogShop: Survival Store

Mail drop time! Just as I was about to go out (I was holding the door knob by then too! XD), the postman rang the bell. Talk about good timing =D

Yay my package~! ❤

Omg it even comes with a bag! ❤

Aaaaa my pretty skirt ❤ and they even included a thank you note and their namecard =D

Do visit their store! =D

I got the skirt at a discounted price as they were giving rebate offers last week =3 but do check out their store here as they have quite a large range of apparels and bags. Most importantly, I love the super fast response from them~!

Jane Iredale – The Skin Care Makeup

Few days ago, I received an invite from Is’belle salon to experience the miracles of Jane Iredale’s skin care makeup. Despite my whole body feeling so tired from the Broga experience, I decided to drag myself for the launch after a 2 hour nap (yes Broga + launch on the same day! Go me!). At Li Ping’s request, the manager of Is’Belle, I won’t be able to post much photos of the launch as this is a private event and secondly, she’s very concerned over her customers privacy. I’m very amazed and happy that there are still people like her that place priority over customers than their business! So an early alert that some of the pics will be ganked from Jane Iredale’s website =P.

Jane Iredale’s Skin Care Makeup is not just any normal makeup, it’s a makeup that is good for the skin used by professionals across the globe. We’re not talking about makeup professionals but dermatologists and skin care professionals! Jane Iredale is the pioneer of mineral makeup and the first to supply a full line of mineral based makeup with ingredients containing 90% minerals, the most content of minerals achieved by any makeup brand!

Jeffrey, the representative of Jane Iredale’s makeup line in Singapore and Malaysia giving the talk on Jane Iredale’s brand and makeup.

Why Mineral Makeup!

  • Serves as makeup and skincare.
  • Contains no talc and parabens
  • Non-comedogenic which means it doesn’t clog pores! =D
  • Anti-inflammatory, calms and soothes irritated skin
  • Composed from minerals that don’t support bacteria (hurray!!)
  • 4 in 1 functions: serves as a concealer, powder, foundation AND provides UVB and UVA protection of up to SPF30~! =D

Rather than boring you with the minerals raving, you can catch up with the information on Jane Iredale’s skin care makeup on their website here.

Jane Iredale has a vast lineup is suitable for everybody regardless of age and ethnicity so I will only highlight a few products here.

Liquid Minerals for older women

A light-reflecting mineral foundation that comes in a serum form containing anti-aging properties. The beads are actually liposomes trapping active ingredients which will be released onto skin when applied. The beads are coated in a gel of aloe vera and vegetable glycerin. This product helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, minimizes pores and provides lightweight coverage.

Disappear with Green Tea extract

A camouflage cream packed with pigments that covers breakouts and heals them at the same time. Disappear contains green tea extract which is an antioxidant, and has also been documented to combat acne bacteria and promotes faster healing time on pimples.

Sugar & Butter Lip Exfoliator and Plumper

This by far is my most favorite product! One end contains organic brown sugar which gently removes dull and dry skin. It contains no preservatives so we can EAT IT RIGHT OFF!! XD;; Tania was laughing as I was licking the product instead of wiping it off with a tissue. The other side is a tinted lip plumper that contains shea butter and peptides that moisten and plump the lips. The lip plumper also contains cool mint and ginger ingredients so you’ll be able to feel the minty sensation as you sweep it across your lips~!

After the talk, we were treated to a demo to see which products suit our skin. I was attended by Jeffrey haha!! You can see my face looks like it’s covered with breakouts but those are actually scars D:

Face before Jane Iredale makeover~ Damn I need to thread my eyebrows badly.

After makeover! Omg my face looks so natural and almost flawless!

Damn after seeing my picture, I was so tempted to buy their set but I don’t need it >A<. The Is’Belle staff were very nice and did not push their products =) which is one of the reasons I love going back to them =D

Jane Iredale provides complete coverage for skin conditions like acne, rosacea and redness following treatments like chemical peels and laser resurfacing so this product is very very very very good for people like be who has been hit by the breakout wave *w* It is so effective that plastic surgeons and dermatologists use it on their patients after surgeries or treatments. Now working women whose career depends on skin complexions (like me! *gets whacked*) won’t have worry any longer! *o*

Jane Iredale’s makeup is available throug:

Is’Belle Salon
F21, 1st Floor, Subang Parade

PS: it was difficult writing this as everything was so scientific and I wanted the entry to be as simple as possible x_X and I’m also a very simple-minded person that only uses simple words ;A; I hope you readers find it easy to read and understand this entry and I’m sorry if I failed!

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