Of Training and Coincidences

PS: This entry was suppose to be up on Sunday, I don’t know why WP didn’t upload it!!!!!

Just reached home from Port Dickson =D I attended my company’s training session for the weekend *sobs*. My shoulders hurt and I’m surprised I’m not exhausted yet haha. Training started from Friday onwards, gather time is at 9.15 but me and Jared decided to go for dim sum first 8D dragging poor Ezel along.

The spreadddddd. Total came up to RM45 *kills self*

The van was late so we killed time by folding paper plans and throwing it around office lol. Even boss joined.

All 10 of us were cramped into a van. Surprisingly I didn’t feel cramped even though I had no leg room and 2 bags piled on my thighs. We reached Corus Hotel around 11am+, just in time to throw our bags aside and head for lunch! But before that, I had to admire the hotel for a while *_*

PRETTYYYYYY Ignoring orange pipe and yellow wet sign! The lobby is downstairs.

Nice piano smack right in the middle of the hallway =D

Nice stairs too!

and…. and… and… CORRIDORS! Ah the photoshootssss ;_;

I was actually hyper about coming to PD just cuz of this water slide!!! but omg the waters is so shallow, my bum might hit the floor instead D8

I didn’t really enjoy the food for this trip TwT it was all horrid! The desserts were sickeningly sweet till I felt like puking and the food is all Malay food *cries*. Thankfully we had Chinese meal for the annual dinner D:. Speaking of which, we had a dresscode for the annual dinner which was pajamas. Sadly I couldn’t execute my banana in pajamas project since the striped pajamas were expensive ;A;

Fiyond prepping for the night.

Julia as a baby lol

Put 2 people together and you have scandalous scenes.

The annual dinner was super fun 8D and our team won for having the most points 8D. I got a prize too for the 30 seconds to fame with the Billionaire spoof rofl. We all laughed till our stomach hurts and my voice is a little screechy too lolol.

Saturday was torture day, it was a whole day of ‘lectures’ by our boss on how to write campaign briefs and execute the creative strategy to presentation skills. By the end of the day, we were given a case study to analyze and work overnight. Our task was to come up with a campaign to fulfill the client’s objectives.

We were divided into 2 groups and slaved through the night. My brain broke into pieces D8 but luckily I had Jared for some help ;__;, we manage to complete everything (even rehearsed my presentation twice! =D) and got some shut eye by 5am. Woke up at 7.30am to practice and coordinate with the rest of my teammates ;_; for at least another 2 times before we headed to the conference room.

Overall I was quite happy with my presentation. I didn’t refer much to the paper or my notes. Only problem is I was going too fast teehee so I guess it’s a slight improvement from my college days =D

We left PD on Sunday by 3pm but I only arrived home around 6 ;_;. Frustrated that my weekend was dedicated to work, I dragged Jon for a little shopping in Bukit Bintang. Manage to find my shoes and the bag I’ve been hunting around but the bag was in terrible condition so I decided not to get it *sigh*. But at least now I’m happy I did something for myself for the weekend XD;;

My new shoes *hearts* to replace my sandals that broke while I was at my client’s office. They make my feet look pretty without the need to elevate my height!

PS: I met Nao while I was at PD, she was staying in the same hotel too! It was a total WTF moment XD;;


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