Skin Updates #310

As you guys know, I’ve switched to Artistry products 2-3 weeks ago. I can’t give any review on this yet until the 15th. I’m not even sure if my skin condition has improved or deteriorated D: My T-zone is cleared but now my cheeks are filled with pimples. It’s like my pimples got bored of my T-zone and decided to migrate to my cheeks instead thinking they’d grow more prosperously over there….. AND SO THEY DID! I have huge red bumps over my cheeks now =( and no signs of the oil seeds appearing *tears hair in frustration*

I suspect it was the cream that the doctor gave me to treat my cysts. She did told me there would be pimples appearing but I didn’t expect it to be this drastic!!! My cysts is almost gone now so I decided to stop the cream. So far no pimples appear phew =w=;; and it’s been a week since I’ve stopped the cream.

PIMPLES BE GONEEEEEEEEE I need clear skin before I hit the turf!!!! Speaking of which…

Got my invite for Sasa’s Ladies Day held at the Selangor Turf Club =D

It’ll all be ‘datin’ wear and we’ll have to get a hat as well >___< I googled up the past Ladies Day reports and omg these people dress up so well DX my wardrobe choice feels like normal casual wear! *facepalms* Must look for hat!!! ;A;

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