Hauls and My Depressing Visit to Baviphat

Saw on Facebook that Baviphat has an event at Parkson Pavillion from 21st to 27th October. There were a few promotions going on.

Promotion 1: With any purchase above RM49.90, customers are entitled to purchase the Paprika Toner at RM19.90 and the Eye Sheet Patch at RM3.90.

Promotion 2: Purchase any mask + Paprika Essence at RM89.90 (NP: 130.00)

I’ve been quite keen on getting the Mango Brightening Mask so this promo gave me an excuse to go there =D so I got myself the Mango Brightening Mask and the Eye Sheet Patch.

My visit to the Baviphat counter that day was not a pleasant one nor were my last 2 visits in the last 2-3 months. Baviphat has been in Malaysia since May 2010. Today, they have 3 branches in Malaysia, all located on the Parksons cosmetics floor and also a small display shelf area in the Shirts Studio, Sunway Pyramid. You can easily recognize their counter by just looking out for the huge Beyonce portrait (seriously, I spotted her first before I noticed the brand name =P).

At first I thought Baviphat will be priced as high as counter products so imagine my surprise when I heard a tub of mask only cost RM49.90! My first Baviphat product is the Peach Peeling Gel that was bought by a friend.

Baviphat Malaysia has their own Facebook page here and you will just have to like this as it is the only way to contact them. Gotta give them credit that they keep their Facebook page as active as possible and they attend to the comments there very fast.

As I was saying earlier, I went to the Baviphat branch in Pavilion to get my Mango Mask and probably grab the Paprika toner as well. Only one promoter was handling both the event area and the counter so it took a while to get her to notice me =/ She told me about the promotions except the toner promotion wtf @A@;; when I asked her about it she said she didn’t know!!! D8 It was sad that she didn’t really know her product well =/ All she could tell me was that the product was good and she has used it before, not very helpful honestly. As she was writing my receipt, I asked her about the membership programme. I had to describe to her how the card looks like before she knew what it was =/ and with that, she handed me a BLANK card @A@. I asked her whether she’s suppose to chop or sign it, again she had a blank face and told me she wasn’t sure orz.

I’ve already emailed my complaints to Baviphat and I’m happy with the prompt reply from them!


Of Small Reunions and Secluded Cafe’s

Finally something personal! Last Friday I joined a small uni reunion for the AV batch. Meeting place was at One Cafe at The Strand. Funny enough, me and Johnny were late but still the first to reach the place lol. Honestly, I didn’t expect myself to go for this kind of gatherings but heck I had time to kill and I didn’t wanna go home =(

Damn this place is so hard to find. The Strand is a whole area filled with retail outlets and the place is BIG. It’s quite near Sunway Giza so I had to trouble finding the area but had difficulty finding the place! D8

Johnny found a stack of Jenga blocks, there’s something to kill time~ It was a draw anyways D: dammit!

My order, the usual Fish and Chips >w< The chips were actually very hard D8 and the fish was totally covered in overcooked bread crumbs. Not really worth the money *sobs*

Dessert!!!! Forgot the name but who cares! I’m sure all of you can see that it’s some sort of chocolate cake D: *gets kicked* It was a bit dry >w<, I’m sad *sobs*

I’m surprised at how honest they were when I said I wanted water, they told me it’s pipe water!! @_@;; End up they gave me bottled water with a glass filled with pipe water wtf. It tasted odd… like very unclean non-filtered water x_X. Thankfully Zef and Johnny were there so this banana isn’t lost or out of place :3

Today I was quite swamped with work. I was running here and there and my period thought it’d be a great time to visit me!!! D: and earlier this morning I drank my slimming drink which I’m not suppose to consume during my period so cheers to the double pain now =w=;; I also haven’t eaten anything except a sandwich today all because that very sandwich ruined my stomach. There were raw onions inside and I wasn’t aware of it =( so here I am with tummy ache, ass hurting and me feeling like barfing.

On the good side, I got selected to review the Collistar Talasso Scrub! *o*/ Just received the news today so I can’t wait to collect the product next week! *_*

Review: SebaMed Starter Pack

This is god sent! I bought this after I trashed Vichy and I’ve been promised good results so far! =D

SebaMed is a German brand of of Sebapharma GmbH & Co. KG which manufactures skin products have a slight acidic PH of 5.5. On average the pH value of the skin is 5.5. The slightly acidic pH value of the skin surface wards off germs and pathogens. Today, SebaMed is sold across 70 countries and some dermatologists recommend this brand besides Simple.

Imagine my horror when I compared the pricing in other countries to how much we can get it in Malaysia. In Thailand, I heard the price is as high as a counter product in Malaysia and in the USA, it’s almost dollar for dollar price @@;; As for Indonesia, I read people are complaining how expensive the product is.

The kit costs RM25.90, pretty much the same as Vichy’s starter pack and comes with a complete set of cleaner, toner and moisturizer UNLIKE VICHY >_>

Clear Face Teenage Cleansing Liquid (50ml)

    Product features: 

  • Effectively penetrates the pores for mild pore-deep cleansing
  • New antibacterial active ingredient Montaline® C40 is a coconut oil derivative
  • Protects against lipid erosion during cleansing, provides a hydrating and smoothing effect
  • Panthenol supports the regeneration of the inflamed skin
  • Kills bacteria within 5 min.
  • Can be used on wet or dry skin
  • Noticeable improvement of the “skin feeling” of the complexion
  • pH value of 5.5 stabilizes the acid mantle

  • Especially suited for cleansing in inflamed forms of acne (Papulo-pustulous acne)
  • Also recommended for cleansing of dry skin and in adult acne
  • Clinically tested

They call it a cleansing liquid but to be precise, it’s foam =/ I was a bit worried since I’ve heard people complaining that foam cleansers in general tend to dry their skin. Thankfully, nothing serious happened :3 my face is still purging oil like an oil plant, ok not so bad but I still need to wipe my face in the middle of the day. The cleanser comes in a pump bottle with a cover so… no leaks yay!

The foam feels very gentle on my face =3, about 1 1/2 pumps was enough to cover my face generously with lather. The directions said to leave it on for 5 mins, you can feel the bubbles start top pop on your skin~~ =D Overall I didn’t have any problems with this products and I get the squeaky clean feel I’ve always wanted! *w*/

Clear Face Teenage Deep Cleansing Toner (50ml)

    Product features: 

  • Witch hazel soothes irritated skin and has an astringent effect to contract the pores
  • Removes excessive oil, sebum and dirt particles from the skin and disinfects it with alcohol
  • Cucumber extract and hydrolyzed silk provide moisture to protect the skin against dehydration
  • Panthenol supports the healing of acne lesions
  • Allantoin smoothes the skin and makes it supple
  • Can be used on wet or dry skin
  • Tones and refreshes the skin
  • pH value of 5.5 stabilizes the acid mantle

  • Especially recommended for oily and combination skin to remove excessive oil after cleansing the skin
  • Best suited for the use on the problematic T-zone
  • Dermatologically tested

First thing about this toner…. IT BURNSSSSS OH GOD IT BURNSSSSSS >A< And I normally pop out my oil seeds before I bathe so after I shower, I apply the toner and start writhing in pain on my bed and hug my bolster tight tight =(. Shouldn’t be that painful unless you have big cysts that you scratch out like me. No pain no gain as they say and I’m not complaining since my skin complexion seems better.

Clear Face Care Gel (10ml)

    Product features: 

  • Panthenol supports the healing of acne lesions
  • Hyaluronic acid increases the moisturizing binding capacity of the skin
  • Aloe barbadensis soothes irritated skin
  • The pH value of 5.5 biologically inhibits the growth of acne bacteria
  • Allantoin smoothes rough scaly skin
  • No oils and emulsifiers
  • No perfume
  • No colorants

  • Well suited for the care of all types of acne-prone skin

This gel is quite light but I find that it doesn’t glide that smoothly on my skin. It feels a bit sticky and takes quite a while to get absorbed into my skin. I find my Garnier Aqua Defense glides more smoothly on my skin so that tub lasted more than a year where as SebaMed’s Care Gel needs around the size slightly bigger than a 10 cent coin to cover my face.


Overall Results:
After my skin care regime, my face always feel a bit sticky. Most probably due to the moisturizer but when I wake up, my face looks so fresh and my pimples are healing bit by bit. Progress is slow but it’s there :3, my cysts are slowly shrinking and clearing up. Only thing left is the blood clots that seem to be much fonder of my face than the cysts were. Will probably see a derma on this once my cysts are gone.

Also, I haven’t had a single breakout in the past 2 weeks! How great is that!!! =D One range that finally solves my pimple problems and prevents breakouts!!! Best part is this sample pack might take a while to finish since they were so generous with the quantity! My only complaint about this product is… the bottle isn’t transparent!! so I can’t tell when it will finish!! XD;; But it’s a small problem I can live with if it is solving my face problem :3

PS: this post was drafted since last Thursday but I was just so lazy to complete it or do my research

My Pillow Talk

Those who have me on Facebook or hung out with me recently know that I’m obsessed with the Ikea pillows I felt a couple of weeks ago. The soft down that cushions your head and also shaping itself to fit the curves *dreams on* ah but alas TwT the pillow also came with a heft price tag of RM129.

I was considering to use next months salary to buy it but then there’s Uniqlo’s store opening on Nov 4th ;__; I’m hoping to get a nice jacket and some shirts from there. Then there’s also great discounts at CCKids! My Miku wig is only RM145 after discount and then I need to get Coffy’s tail and her getup prepared before CF. Oh how money fliesss ;_;

Face is slowly recovering, just the huge cysts left. No breakouts so far =) even if there is, the whiteheads are all visible and popped easily. Speaking of which, I’ll have to get my supply of serums since I’m on the second last box. Oh I think I’m drifting away from the topic

End up, I think I’ll probably get the RM29 Ikea pillow ;__; judging by how much I’ll spend within the next 2 months and that ends Neko’s pillow talk *flees*

Mail Drop! NYX Pigments Love~

While I was at PD, the postman came with my pigments! Darn, no one was home to collect it >( so I had to wait till the next Saturday (2 days ago) to collect my package). There was a miscommunication since I requested it to be delivered to my office le sigh~

3 colors! Sky Pink, Pearl Purple and White =D

Swatches! =D

I tried a quick test on my eye. Omg the blending is awesome!!! I didn’t need to use a blending brush for this *_*

Review: Vichy Normaderm Starter Kit

After experiencing Artistry, I decided to opt for a more affordable brand of skin care to experiment on. I noticed quite a few starter kits when I was at Watsons so decided to check it out. 2 of the brands that were on my list had starter kits =D It was between SebaMed and Vichy, both priced the same! I decided to try Vichy first since a few of my friends have been raving about it non-stop.

The pack has 5 items:

Vichy Thermal Spa Water (50ml)
This item is already RM18 8D. Recognized for its medical properties in favoring cellular exchange and in stimulating the skin’s defense mechanism. It is also used in dermatology to strengthen the skin’s tolerance and sooth skin.

Nothing much to say about this product as it works just about the same as my Avene Thermal Spring Water. Only difference is that it tastes a bit salty o_O

Normaderm Purifying Cleansing Gel (30ml)
Deeply cleanses and unblocks pores while removing impurities, sebum excess and unclogs pores. I love this cleanser compared to Artistry’s cleansing gel hoho~ cuz it gives me that slight squeaky clean feel =D Yes, that squeaky clean feel is a must have for me when I use any cleansers otherwise my face feels so greasy after a few hours >_>.

Normaderm Imperfection Prone Skin Lotion (30ml)
Gently eliminates impurities and reduces sensitivity and redness. I’m guessing to apply this after cleansing? =/ There’s not much mentioned about this product on the web =/ so I was confused wondering whether it’s suppose to be a moisturizer or a toner? D:

Normaderm Refine Total Pore Resurfacing Essence (3ml)
Formulated with dual-action effect: Pore micro peeling + pore firming for a visibly pore-free skin. Pores are recontracted. Either Vichy is confident that users will be able to see the results with one application OR they’re just plain stingy. I didn’t manage to see the results and was even more shocked when the sample was enough for only ONE application =_=.

Normaderm Chrono-Active Anti-Imperfection Care (5ml)
Normalizes sebum production while you sleep and evens out complexion. I’m guessing this is a night cream?


For a starter kit…. they have a hell lot of products to apply! There’s no direction of which to apply first. I STILL don’t know whether the lotion is a toner or moisturizer or just something similar to the Hada Labo lotion. The names given to each product (the additional ones) is a bit confusing =( and to top that up, my pimples show no sign of recovery and news ones were starting to bloom. Also, my face feels greasy at the end of my skin care regime using this pack.

So end of the day, this pack is a no-no for me D: thank god it was only RM25.90.

Of Training and Coincidences

PS: This entry was suppose to be up on Sunday, I don’t know why WP didn’t upload it!!!!!

Just reached home from Port Dickson =D I attended my company’s training session for the weekend *sobs*. My shoulders hurt and I’m surprised I’m not exhausted yet haha. Training started from Friday onwards, gather time is at 9.15 but me and Jared decided to go for dim sum first 8D dragging poor Ezel along.

The spreadddddd. Total came up to RM45 *kills self*

The van was late so we killed time by folding paper plans and throwing it around office lol. Even boss joined.

All 10 of us were cramped into a van. Surprisingly I didn’t feel cramped even though I had no leg room and 2 bags piled on my thighs. We reached Corus Hotel around 11am+, just in time to throw our bags aside and head for lunch! But before that, I had to admire the hotel for a while *_*

PRETTYYYYYY Ignoring orange pipe and yellow wet sign! The lobby is downstairs.

Nice piano smack right in the middle of the hallway =D

Nice stairs too!

and…. and… and… CORRIDORS! Ah the photoshootssss ;_;

I was actually hyper about coming to PD just cuz of this water slide!!! but omg the waters is so shallow, my bum might hit the floor instead D8

I didn’t really enjoy the food for this trip TwT it was all horrid! The desserts were sickeningly sweet till I felt like puking and the food is all Malay food *cries*. Thankfully we had Chinese meal for the annual dinner D:. Speaking of which, we had a dresscode for the annual dinner which was pajamas. Sadly I couldn’t execute my banana in pajamas project since the striped pajamas were expensive ;A;

Fiyond prepping for the night.

Julia as a baby lol

Put 2 people together and you have scandalous scenes.

The annual dinner was super fun 8D and our team won for having the most points 8D. I got a prize too for the 30 seconds to fame with the Billionaire spoof rofl. We all laughed till our stomach hurts and my voice is a little screechy too lolol.

Saturday was torture day, it was a whole day of ‘lectures’ by our boss on how to write campaign briefs and execute the creative strategy to presentation skills. By the end of the day, we were given a case study to analyze and work overnight. Our task was to come up with a campaign to fulfill the client’s objectives.

We were divided into 2 groups and slaved through the night. My brain broke into pieces D8 but luckily I had Jared for some help ;__;, we manage to complete everything (even rehearsed my presentation twice! =D) and got some shut eye by 5am. Woke up at 7.30am to practice and coordinate with the rest of my teammates ;_; for at least another 2 times before we headed to the conference room.

Overall I was quite happy with my presentation. I didn’t refer much to the paper or my notes. Only problem is I was going too fast teehee so I guess it’s a slight improvement from my college days =D

We left PD on Sunday by 3pm but I only arrived home around 6 ;_;. Frustrated that my weekend was dedicated to work, I dragged Jon for a little shopping in Bukit Bintang. Manage to find my shoes and the bag I’ve been hunting around but the bag was in terrible condition so I decided not to get it *sigh*. But at least now I’m happy I did something for myself for the weekend XD;;

My new shoes *hearts* to replace my sandals that broke while I was at my client’s office. They make my feet look pretty without the need to elevate my height!

PS: I met Nao while I was at PD, she was staying in the same hotel too! It was a total WTF moment XD;;

Review: Artistry Essentials Balancing Kit

Artistry is a world renowned beauty brand and among the top 5 beauty brands in the world. Marketed through Amway, this brand caters to all skin problems. The beauty of buying through Amway is that it has a 90-day return policy so I decided to give it a try. Few of my pals were using it and had good results.

Bought the Starter Kit Set

The starter kit comes with 3 full-sized items. The Balancing Cleanser, Toner and Lotion which comes with SPF15. I also got the pimple gel to treat my current acne problem.

Artistry Essentials Balancing Cleanser

  • Best for combination-to-oily skin.
  • Cleanses, clarifies, and exfoliates skin to a balanced finish.
  • Contains patented exfoliation technology.
  • Oil-free cleanser controls shine all day.
  • Adjusts for continuous oil control.
  • Safe for use on sensitive skin.

The cleanser comes in a gel form. I like gels cuz it’s easy to spread so you’ll only need very little for each wash. The 135ml bottle can g a looong way =D. I love how Artistry products smell ❤ so gentle and sweet. The cleanser felt quite mild on my skin but it’s missing that ‘clean’ feel I like to get after each wash. I’m starting to think maybe that’s how all cleanser feels =/ It mentioned there that it exfoliates as well but I don’t seem to feel the effect =( I’ll explain more at the end.

Artistry Essentials Balancing Toner

  • Best for combination-to-oily skin.
  • Energizes skin revealing a fresh, matte finish.
  • Oil-free toner keeps skin perfectly balanced throughout the day.
  • Safe for use on sensitive skin.

The dealer told me this toner had some complications. Some of the users felt their skin itch after using it so she told me to soak the cotton pad with water and then pour the toner instead of directly applying the toner with a dry cotton pad. The toner contains some fiber at the bottom so make sure to shake the bottle before using =D. Nothing much to say about the toner, what else can I say anyways? D:

Artistry Essentials Balancing Lotion SPF15

  • Best for combination-to-oily skin.
  • Protects skin from the signs of premature aging.
  • Features UVA/UVB and patent-pending free radical protection.
  • Oil-free lotion keeps skin perfectly balanced throughout the day.
  • Safe for use on sensitive skin.

The lotion felt very lightweight and I only needed a small amount to cover my face =3 My gripe about this product is that my face will be come oily after a few hours but when I wake up in the morning, the oilyness just seem to disappear…. weird really =O


Overall, I just think my face is indestructible and Artistry just wasn’t able to help me =(. I’ve been using the product for about 3 weeks and my face condition seem to worsen. My oil condition slightly improved but still oily. I can dab my finger to my face and see an oil stain there. What I’m very depressed is my pimples *sigh* My T-zone is pimple free but not my cheeks =(. My pimples are like nomadic beings, migrating from my t-zone to my cheeks =( searching for a place to breed for the next 6 generations *fantoi!*

What I liked about Artistry is how awesomely they smell ❤ other than that, I can’t use this product *sobs*

I’m sorry Artistry, you’ll have to go ;__; All my reviews seem so negative lately…. damn face…

Skin Updates #310

As you guys know, I’ve switched to Artistry products 2-3 weeks ago. I can’t give any review on this yet until the 15th. I’m not even sure if my skin condition has improved or deteriorated D: My T-zone is cleared but now my cheeks are filled with pimples. It’s like my pimples got bored of my T-zone and decided to migrate to my cheeks instead thinking they’d grow more prosperously over there….. AND SO THEY DID! I have huge red bumps over my cheeks now =( and no signs of the oil seeds appearing *tears hair in frustration*

I suspect it was the cream that the doctor gave me to treat my cysts. She did told me there would be pimples appearing but I didn’t expect it to be this drastic!!! My cysts is almost gone now so I decided to stop the cream. So far no pimples appear phew =w=;; and it’s been a week since I’ve stopped the cream.

PIMPLES BE GONEEEEEEEEE I need clear skin before I hit the turf!!!! Speaking of which…

Got my invite for Sasa’s Ladies Day held at the Selangor Turf Club =D

It’ll all be ‘datin’ wear and we’ll have to get a hat as well >___< I googled up the past Ladies Day reports and omg these people dress up so well DX my wardrobe choice feels like normal casual wear! *facepalms* Must look for hat!!! ;A;

I’m a Good Girl Aren’t I?! *_*

Pressies from the surprise birthday dinner!!! Thank you!! *sobs*

From Jared: Heart necklace

From Teri, Ezel and Audrey: Chamomile Tea, Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Therapy and Saiyuki Reload Vol 8 hohohoho *o*

From Michy and May: Crabtree & Evelyn Iris Shower Gel and Lotion *o*

From Jonathan: The Exorcist mwhahahaa~

I love all my presents! *_* and it’s my first time getting a surprise birthday dinner @A@;; cis you guys can keep secrets so well from me ;__;

Thank yew darlingsss *3* I feel so loved!

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