Review BeautyTalk Collagen Mask

Pic credits to aishop

As mentioned in some posts a while back, I picked up a packet of Beauty Talk Collagen Mask while I was in Singapore. The SA in SASA was recommending it and it came in cheap at about S$1.95 while in KL it retails for RM14.90 so I decided, why not =D.

The new “Beauty Talk” Collagen Facial Mask contains a rich selection of Collagen, High Concentrations of Hyaluromic Acid, Gingko, and Aloe Essence, to immediately hydrate dry, and darker skin with Anti-Aging effect. It whitens, softens, yields elasticity, enhances sheen and exudes more firmness to your face. Have a young, hydrated skin!

Hmm interesting enough, I’ve always read about collagen giving some miraculous effect on the face which was another reason I wanted to try it out. Most of the masks that I bought were are to help control sebum and minimize pores.

As usual, I always have problems with the sheet mask as it’s huge and folded up in the mask packet. I accidentally ripped the mask a little as I was trying to unfold it. There’s another layer of paper on the mask that you’ll have to peel off before using. I left it on my face for 30 minutes as advised by the SA and had such a good nap, I was tempted to leave it overnight D8. The mask is dripping with essence makes me feel like it was worth my money =P

The verdict? I see no change on my skin D8 and I should’ve squeezed the mask a little before leaving it on my face cuz the essence was dripping up to my neck x_X and I hated it.  Other than that, the mask was cooling and it had a pleasant smell but it’s not something I would repurchase since it’s RM14.90 D8.

SASA is currently having a promo for those masks at RM5.90 a piece. Didn’t work for me but it might for you guys =(


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