Definitely Good Bargain XD;;

As though my pocket didn’t bleed hard enough, I just had to spend when I came home to KL. Definite Coesmetics had a clearance sale at their Sunway Pyramid outlet and so happened I was there ;__;. Miraculously enough, most of their products were on sale and 70% off including their foundation! Others that were on 70% off were their eyeshadows, lipsticks, lip glosses, liquid foundation, concealer, compact powder, duo way compact….. that’s pretty much almost everything on their shelf at 70% off except their corrector palette and skin care range.

Helped Audrey get a bottle of foundation. It looked quite dark but upon application, it blended well with my skin tone and even made my face look much brighter =D. Got myself a concealer too since I couldn’t stand MAC’s concealers. All together they were only RM60+ =P and the salesperson was sweet enough to give me a make up base sample <3.

Got my finishing powder too since my shoot is near and I need to do my make up test asap~


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