Weekend Summary

Super busy schedule last weekend. Gwen came up to KL for our Sandplay photoshoot and we rushed like hell for our props on Friday. I had to take leave so that I won’t feel so exhausted on Saturday……. I was still end up dead exhausted anyways lol. We manage to buy our materials and complete most of the stuff but the weather was against us that day =( It started raining around 3pm+ We thought the rain would stop by 7pm but oh boy we were so wrong =(. The rain kept coming and going. In fact, it started drizzling again around midnight FML!

Thankfully the rain stopped around 8pm so we all gathered at the wet, muddy park D8. I can’t say the shoot was a success nor was it a failure =/. The weather conditions really ruined the shoot *sobs* but I’m happy with the photos.

One of the shots. Photo by Darrell

Only thing I’m happy from this shoot was my makeup XD;;

Sunday I KO-ed till 1pm and couldn’t wake up till Gwen mentioned that Razrig uploaded photos! And my eyes snapped open *_* Decided to take Gwen on a small food trip starting with Beef Balls at Lai Foong, Petaling Street.

*slurpppp* I would recommend this place for its soup but for better Beef Balls, try Soong Kee XD

Dessert was Choco Banana Cake at Zang Toi, Pavilion. I ordered some mint tea and was surprised to find some mint leaves in there!

Checked out Farenheit 88 too and found a nice place to get my boots! I just need to slim my legs down >__<


Friday Itinerary

Arm covers set to the tailors and embroidery will be done by Wednesday =D so Friday’s list is:

  • Wax and thread my scandalous body parts
  • Shop for head accessory materials at Dexon and Art Friends possibly
  • Bum at Mika’s house to fix the embroidery, make head accessory and try on costume
  • Confirm the places for the shoot
  • Makan, makan, makan!

Friday will be a superbly busy day! I’ve scheduled a massage for tomorrow and will probably do a facial on Thursday or Friday since my skin has been looking so dull. Blame myself for not taking care of it =( it’s been ages since I’ve done a mask after my breakout problem started.

Weekend Getaway

I’ve been so busy during the weekend, waking up at 8 onwards to do my stuffs and coming back by midnight, my weekend felt just like an extremely long working day =(. Saturday I woke up at 8+ and headed out to Taman Bahagia, met up with Job around 10 and we went to the embroidery shop at Puchong. The guy was nice on the phone and kindly even explained to me and even provided suggestions on how the embroidery will look like. Total came up to RM134, I guess that’s the price to pay for ordering shitty Taobao costumes DX

Had lunch at Village Park, nasi lemak forever good *o*/, Jon went to fix his accident with an old uncle who I might add was wearing the same color shirt as him + pants so it almost looked as though I was staring at an older version of him >D. After that, rushed to the Beauty Expo at KLCC. Darn I forgot there was an entrance fee and I forgot to bring my name card to BS my way through D8 so Rm10 flies~ >w<

The expo was kinda so-so to me. So many beauty brands I’m not familiar with D8 and I dare not try anything since my skin is still recovering from the bad experience. I was set on getting my makeup case and got it at such a good bargain :3 for only RM60! I saw a thread on LYN selling for RM90 so you can imagine how happy I was! There were 2 cases going for RM60, both were the same size but different material. One of them looked quite cheap upon closer inspection. The finishing was terrible and the material felt like cheap plastic! *gasps* I found my crystal masks too from Yokoso Japan =D, not a very good bargain compared to last year where I could find them going for RM1-2 a pc. This year it was an average price of RM3-4. So now on to my haul!

Makeup case was at RM60 <3, Freebra at RM16 which was a good bargain as average price on LYN was RM16 =D, Crystal masks for face and eye at RM3 per pc, eye pigments at RM5 for 3! Tweezers and blackhead remover at 2 for RM20 and lastly the 3 bottles of nail polish (purchased from SASA not from the expo) for my Luka cosplay which only cost RM12.90 =D

Good haul but I’m so dead broke TwT especially when a large portion of the money is going to my costume fixing D: Brush sets at the expo were VERY expensive and the smaller sets didn’t feel that good =( and there wasn’t much of a selection *sigh*. The whole expo was mainly monopolized by skincare and nail stuffs D:

After the Beauty Expo, I had a few hours in between to breathe and get ready to head for Michy’s farewell at TS. By the time I reached TS, my eyes were drooping so I took a very short nap at the car park and got woken up by a kid screaming her lungs out =(. I reached home close to midnight and the only thing that came to my mind was to sort out my new makeup case!

THE CHALLENGE! Clearing my briefcase of makeup

Compartment 1: Used to stuff my basics for makeup such as foundation, brow cake, concealer and powder.

Compartment 2: All my eye and lip makeup. Also some blushers somewhere in that jungle.

Compartment 3: All my tools such as spongers, makeup remover, hair ties, thermal water and etc.

Looks simple and easy but it’s always a problem when it comes to finding a certain lipstick color or a palette in that jungle despite it being ‘organized’.


TADAAAA! *ish proud*

Right Tier Top: All my pigments + compact mirror
Right Tier Bottom: Small samples and hardly used stuff such as my black and red lipstick

Left Tier Top: Tools such as bobby pins, hair die, eyelash curler and tweezers
Left Tier Bottom: All my lipsticks, glosses and eyeliner =D

Main compartment containing all the big stufff like palettes, cleansing wipes, sponges, foundation, brush cleanser, makeup remover.

That’s all for my Saturday *o*/ Sunday would be another day or depending whether I’m still keen or not since I was really cheesed off for that whole day.

Remakes and Touch & Go Fuck Ups

Today I woke up at 2pm! ^o^V and decided I should try my luck popping by Dexon to get my trimmings and lace. Gave a quick call to the place and thankfully they were open for a full day! I thought I could top up my Touch & Go at the same time alas, they decided to screw with me.

Most of the public transportation is encouraging the use of Touch & Go by having the lanes and machines specially allocated for Touch & Go users but the company made it so bloody fucking inconvenient to top up the bloody card! I’ve been having this problem since 4 years ago and I still see no improvement whatsoever! I knew I was going to pass by a few places with Touch & Go top up machines which was why part of my agenda going out was to top up the value.

I reached the Pandan Jaya LRT station hoping to top up and then swipe it to take the train but I saw the top up machines still in it’s wrapper (just as it is MONTHS ago)… Fine, I thought since there’s still Plaza Rakyat LRT Station where I was heading but AGAIN both the machines were still in their bloody wrappers. I calmed down and told myself I could still walk to Pasar Seni LRT station to top up since it was a short walking distance from Dexon. Well, the machines weren’t in their wrappers this time but all THREE of them had 2 words on the screen


How bloody fucking long does it take to get those fucking machines working?!?!?!?!? It’s not as though the machine will have to provide change! Insert card, insert money and whala your Touch & Go is ready to be used! As I head back to Plaza Rakyat, I thought I could top up at the Maybank and just pay the extra 50 cents service charge. Turns out all the ATM’s there were the old versions so there was no top up Touch & Go services! #%@%$#%$#^ Omg and I was even more pissed because it was mentioned at the ATM cubicle that it has ouch & Go top up services! Gods now I feel like bombing the Touch & Go building! They don’t even have top up services at most of the tols which forced me to go through all this useless trouble! And I came back with nothing! *huffs* Bah end rant, on topics of by shopping today.

What I wanted to remake

Looks almost the same rite? =D
Cotton Satin – RM13.05
Bias Tape – RM1.40
Lace – RM2.40
Gold tingamagics – RM3.60

WIll probably rush to tailor 101 to see whether this can be done in time =( I hate hate hate rushing for shoots T_T. My Saturday and Sunday will be so packed =( especially since BeautyExpo is around the corner.

Dermadex Challenge Pack, Love or Hate

Almost a month ago, I purchased this trial pack since I had a crazy breakout season. The trial pack comes with 2 items, the cleanser (10g) and refining cream (5g). It looks small really, but the seller told me it should be able to last for a week….. it lasted more than a week because I was being kiasu with the contents and also I was alternating between Dermadex and Decleor’s cleanser.

Biotox Cleanser

The cleanser is made from natural active ingredients including lavender, honey suckle and orchid flower. According to the website, it deeply penetrates skin to soften dead cells and black heads,and dissolves sebum giving the face a nice smooth sensation. According to the directions, the cleanser can be used as a mask too, leaving on the face for up to 30 minutes. I didn’t dare to try in case it turns out to be like Eumora, so I left it on my face as long as I showered. The cleanser has a very nice minty smell, it feels minty too cuz I felt a cooling sensation on my skin when I leave the cleanser on =D.

Biotox Refining Cream

The first thing you’ll notice about this cream is that it smells super strong of Chinese herbs D8. I just found it odd, not disturbing yet. The refining cream is set to refines pores, regulates oil secretion and prevents formation of acne on skin. It smelled too strong for me so I only used the cream on trouble areas like my pimples and my nose where it squeezes oil like crazy.

I do see improvements on my pimples but it did nothing to refine my pores =( they look as huge as ever. The actual price for the products is crazily expensive D8 Rm138 for 50ml of the Biotox cleanser. I might as well buy 5 challenge packs rite?! D8 This doesn’t make sense at all =( I didn’t really like the cleanser cuz I don’t feel like my face has been thoroughly cleansed after using it =( so I had to double cleanse just to make my heart content.

The challenge pack is sold at RM17 in LYN forums but you’ll have to add Rm4 for the postage too. Will I repurchase? only if all the products in the world don’t work on me =(

Fate of My Face Lies in Artistry

I finally bought it and now I’m horribly in debt to Jared yay! I got this out of desperation to give my face a fresh start. I couldn’t rely on Dermadex cuz that thing is some really strong shit. The whole set consisted of a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. I picked up the pimple gel as well since my acne problem is insane.

I hated how the distributor marketed the products to me though. If it wasn’t the 90 day money back guarantee, I would’ve been really pissed. Put that aside, my main concern is my acne problem now. All my previous skin care stuff shall be locked in the cupboard for the next month *w*

Hope my skin condition will improve a little before my photoshoot ._.

To The Point Of Tearing My Face

The saga continues, my face has been in a sad state ever since the period I used Eumora. I’ve been going thru product after product to get my face to calm down. I tried ampoules and it worked for a while but from the second to the fourth bottle onwards, I see no visible results so I stopped and tried Dermadex. Dermadex also didn’t show very satisfactory results so I ended up seeking medical help from a well known skin specialist in Subang. The doctor prescribed some pills and gel for my face.

I started on the pill by mixing it with water as usual but the bitter taste was terrible! I almost forgot how nasty it tasted since I hardly visit the doctor for anything. Even when I had the fever, I threw the meds aside because Paracetamol didn’t help as much as the usual meds that are prescribed. Sadly, I can’t eat the usual fever pills since I’m allergic to the drug used in them.

So when it came to this pill for my acne, I thought ‘hey it looks small, why not cut it in half just for a start’ It still looked kinda big to me @@;; and I had to mentally prepare myself ;_;,  I then put half the pill on the base of my tongue and swallowed a big gulp of water, and YES! I made it! *o* I swallowed it! *o* No trouble with the next half of the pill. I tried to swallow the whole pill the next day and I did it! *_* I’ve never felt so proud of myself and after 6 years of being afraid of pills, I did itttt!!!!

Just as I thought, hey no more problems now that I’ve learned to swallow pills *_*V, they decided to come back and slap me in the face. Ok not literally, the problem started on Tuesday. I ate my pill before heading out to buy lunch, by the time I reached back in office, I started feeling a little nauseous so I called it a half day and went home to get some rest. My stomach started doing flip flops for the rest of the day but I got my appetite back during supper LOL. On Wednesday, the usual routine of eating my pill before heading out to buy lunch. After buyiing my food, my stomach started to feel uneasy and something was making its way up ;_;. I wanted to rush drive back to office but something told me to just sit at the side and take deep breaths to push it back down lol. Failed sia, my stomach scrunched up and I vomited out what’s left of the pill. Amazing enough, my breakfast decided to stay in so I didn’t vomit much but my stomach feels so cramped after scrunching up to barf the contents of one miserable pill =_=.

Some people think that I’m just really traumatized to swallow pills, some say I’m allergic to it. Who knows, I’m having another appointment with my doc after Raya and I expect my meds to be replaced without extra charge. I’m back to using the gel they gave to nurse my cysts and Dermadex for my pimples. Thinking of ditching all my skin care products and start fresh with Artistry’s skin care range. They have a 90 day money back guarantee after all so there’s nothing to lose =)

Review BeautyTalk Collagen Mask

Pic credits to aishop

As mentioned in some posts a while back, I picked up a packet of Beauty Talk Collagen Mask while I was in Singapore. The SA in SASA was recommending it and it came in cheap at about S$1.95 while in KL it retails for RM14.90 so I decided, why not =D.

The new “Beauty Talk” Collagen Facial Mask contains a rich selection of Collagen, High Concentrations of Hyaluromic Acid, Gingko, and Aloe Essence, to immediately hydrate dry, and darker skin with Anti-Aging effect. It whitens, softens, yields elasticity, enhances sheen and exudes more firmness to your face. Have a young, hydrated skin!

Hmm interesting enough, I’ve always read about collagen giving some miraculous effect on the face which was another reason I wanted to try it out. Most of the masks that I bought were are to help control sebum and minimize pores.

As usual, I always have problems with the sheet mask as it’s huge and folded up in the mask packet. I accidentally ripped the mask a little as I was trying to unfold it. There’s another layer of paper on the mask that you’ll have to peel off before using. I left it on my face for 30 minutes as advised by the SA and had such a good nap, I was tempted to leave it overnight D8. The mask is dripping with essence makes me feel like it was worth my money =P

The verdict? I see no change on my skin D8 and I should’ve squeezed the mask a little before leaving it on my face cuz the essence was dripping up to my neck x_X and I hated it.  Other than that, the mask was cooling and it had a pleasant smell but it’s not something I would repurchase since it’s RM14.90 D8.

SASA is currently having a promo for those masks at RM5.90 a piece. Didn’t work for me but it might for you guys =(

Forgetful Me~

I’ve been quite forgetful this whole week so listing stuffs down here that I have to prepare before shoot.

  • Costume arrival 9th-13th Sept
  • To get SkinFood Pink Nail Polish
  • Collect my wig 8D by 18h Sept
  • CF Stuff I keep procrastinating D8

Oh and my freebie haul during the weekend =D

Shu Uemura skin perfecting cream and Clinique’s anti-blemish mask 8D

Too busy to blog anything T_T. Will try to post a review on the OxyMask soon.

Definitely Good Bargain XD;;

As though my pocket didn’t bleed hard enough, I just had to spend when I came home to KL. Definite Coesmetics had a clearance sale at their Sunway Pyramid outlet and so happened I was there ;__;. Miraculously enough, most of their products were on sale and 70% off including their foundation! Others that were on 70% off were their eyeshadows, lipsticks, lip glosses, liquid foundation, concealer, compact powder, duo way compact….. that’s pretty much almost everything on their shelf at 70% off except their corrector palette and skin care range.

Helped Audrey get a bottle of foundation. It looked quite dark but upon application, it blended well with my skin tone and even made my face look much brighter =D. Got myself a concealer too since I couldn’t stand MAC’s concealers. All together they were only RM60+ =P and the salesperson was sweet enough to give me a make up base sample <3.

Got my finishing powder too since my shoot is near and I need to do my make up test asap~

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