Welcoming The Autumn With Spring Colors

Shu Uemura embraces the Fall with a burst of purple and green hues. Honestly I was caught off guard when I saw the promotional poster in Shu Uemura outlets, I was thinking ‘Is this some belated Spring collection? @A@;;’. Other cosmetic brands introduced dark and neutral colors for the fall season but Shu Uemura stepped out with flower power full force =D. Eye candy for this collection includes:

Graceful Bloom palette which is limited edition.

Dreamy Palette consisting of warm colors

Partial Floral Feather False Eyelashes

Floral Shimmer Mineral Face Powder

The launch was only held in certain outlets =(. I RSVP-ed for the launch in Empire but I KO-ed after the sale so I couldn’t rush in time. Lucky there was another launch on Sunday at Pavilion, 3pm. I forgot how small Shu uemura’s kiosk is D8 and thank gods not all 40 people came for the launch. It was so cramped and the SA were only interested in entertaining customers who are buying the products. The decorations weren’t up yet but they were setting up the food *_*b

They totally abused the flowers left, right, centre D8. Mini tarts.

Mini Cheesecake?

I forgot all about this so I didn’t get a taste of it D8

Meringue @_@ omg this thing is so fuwa fuwa >A< So fun to poke it with a fork~


Yes as you can see there’s TONS of flowers orz and they’re all edible. I didn’t dare to eat them but YL did rofl. While we were eating, we suddenly spotted something colorful *o* and other people were crowding around it.

Ooooo the ‘decorations’ for the event~ Headbands that you can only get if you purchase above RM500 D8

For the rest of the common fold who just want to hoard the free food and goodies, we are allowed to pick either a pin or a hair tie instead as a gift =P

The event was a bit sad. Mainly it was for customers to mingle around. There was no demonstration on how to use the palette. Even the SA’s were not wearing the fake eyelashes =(, they had this ‘lan si face’ most of the time cis. We left around 4 to raid the cosmetic counters in Parkson. Note to self, never attend launches in Pavilion D:

Good thing from this launch is the goodie bag I guess. Another bottle of cleansing oil and a bottle of lotion and emulsion from the DeepSea Hydrability range.


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