Fruitful Sunday Me Thinks?

Went for my dentist appointment after giving it a miss for 3 months XP. All thanks to CF meetings that I’ve been absent for my appointments. I hated my dentist meetings anyways cuz they always make me wait for over an hour no matter how much us patients complain, they never bothered to relook at their service =_=. Last Sunday my appointment was at 10.45, I was only attended to at 12 =w=;;; Got quite cheesed off my the time I was done so I decided to stop by Damansara for lunch and dragged Jonathan out.

Went to that infamous Nasi Lemak store and surprisingly didn’t need to wait long for my nasi lemak =D The Soya Bean Cincau tasted so tasteless D8. I forgot to take pictures though but that place isn’t a place to eat and ‘lepak’ =( since there’s so many people. There’s even a sign saying No Laptops and also I heard some people saying that you can’t even take pictures D8 so it didn’t cross my mind to sneak a picture or two.

After eating, we went around to shop. More like I dragged Jonathan around to see the boutiques 8D. Found some good buys and cheap clothes. I hope my company’s annual dinner is a beach theme so that I have an excuse to buy the cute dress I saw there 8D

CAAAAAAAAAT *molestmolestmolest*

and another one we met! 8D

Another one 8D normal stray pfft~

Definitely was a happy day loitering around the place 8D and I bought Scott’s Emulsion for my own consumption since I gave up on those damn chewable Vitamin B. Says there for healthy bones and teeth D8 and I was expecting it in a glass bottle like how it was 15 years ago, boy I was horribly disappointed when I saw the PLASTIC bottle T_T

….how did this turn into a cat filled picture post @_@;;


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