Weekends~ Ah Bliss~

Haven’t been blogging much this week since stuff happened and I’m a little bit swamped with work. Also, I’d rather watch a few episodes than to blog so kick me! 8D Received my wig some time ago and the quality is just beautiful *_* except that it is a BIT shiny. Did an eye makeup test together with the wig, guess I’ll need to trim the front a little.

Guardian and Watsons have good sales this month D8. I saw lots of things that I was so tempted to buy TwT ended up settling for just these 2 items since I needed them badly and also gotta budget for Singapore and my Finishing Powder <3.

I’m happy everything is settled for Singapore =D. I managed to get a Singtel phone line much thanks to Sylvene :3, bus tickets are booked from FirstCoach, SGD money settled thanks to Jon, itinerary pretty much planned (I think?) but we’ve pretty much figured where to go =D.


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