Tropical Refreshing Fruits

I found something at SASA! *O* Found it last week when I went to watch Inception but I was lazy to charge my camera *_*;;;

Biore just released their Limited Edition Refreshing Fruits pore pack! *_* I saw it in SASA last week when me and Megu popped by before the movie. Price was the same as the other pore packs RM12.90 just that this limited edition pore pack comes in Orange and Pineapple flavors (5 strips each)! I’ve been looking for a pore pack so this came just in time *_*

The packaging is just so adorable~

I love how vibrant and colorful the packaging is ❤ I tried on a strip yesterday. Wet the nose before applying the strip =D and then rip it off after 10-15 minutes >D I tried the Orange one and I must comment on how lovely it smells! It doesn’t have the artificial smell that I was expecting but rather a nice tangy scent <3. I didn’t see any blackheads or whiteheads extracted onto the pore sheet D8 probably cuz my nose was too dry =/, I’ll try it again next time.


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