LimKokWing brings you Creativity In Motion

This is really late ;__;, I was hoping to blog about this a week after the event but work caught up.

A few days before the event, Dusty asked me whether I can fill in for him so I thought hey why not since it’s fashion =D so I responded to the RSVP and emailed Kah Wai, the Associate Director of Media Relations & PR for Limkokwing University.

I arrived there too early!!! ;___; but there was so many people there @A@;; Registered myself and I was given the press kit and Kah Wai immediately knows me @_@;;; which was pretty scary. Got her pin number so we’re Blackberry buddies~ She showed me to my seat where I sat down, and read my book till the event started (yes I’m sad).

Look at the amount of people @A@;; I feel so grateful sitting on the chair now lol

The event was held at Jaya One at the open spaced area between Brussels and Starbucks. Both cafe’s were filled with people enjoying their food while waiting for the show to start.

Hosts for the night. I do apologize for the photos, there will be lots of heads =(

The night started with performances from 2 groups. The first group did a rap

Second group did a nice performance of Telephone and Glee’s Don’t Stop Believing

Now comes to the hair show. This year, the theme is a bout cultures around the world which explains the super colorful outfits of different styles.

One of my personal favs :3

Group shot! *o*

Next came the hair show and I enjoyed it so much! *_* Models strutted on the runway in awesome punk-look styles. This is my favorite! ❤

This was just awesome, I’m still wondering how it can stand for ages @A@

Beatboxing performance.

Your local Ludacris lol =P

Sadly I had to make a move halfway since I was feeling so tired and I still had to work the next day. Settled for a quick dinner nearby and made my way home.


Achieved One Item On My Wishlist~

Finally it’s mine!

After 2 years of crying for an external harddisk, I finally saved enough (or the price went low enough) for one TwTb. 500GB baby~ an upgrade from my 40GB hard drive. I got it on Monday but till now I haven’t stuffed it with anything rofl. Wait till I go to SG and leech from Gwen 8D.

Also, I finally got Dermadex. I’m still having massive breakouts and rashes on my face eventhough I stopped Eumora. I hope the refining cream in this package will help =(. Review will be up in a week =D

Uriage Samples Get!

Last I heard of Uriage was during a very tempting promotion at SASA. Uriage is quite similiar to Avene which targets sensitive, dry and irritated skin. Uriage products are all hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and made using a minimum of preservatives. Their best selling product would be the Thermal Water just like Avene. I can’t give any opinion about Uriage but I’m using Avene thermal water at the moment. It’s a real treat on your face after you’ve been out in the hot sun <3, I normally use it before applying my makeup. I’m not sure what samples would they be giving this time but no harm trying. It’s free after all! =D

To redeem a sample, please send your personal details by mail to Laboratoires Dermatologiques D’Uriage c/o Zuellig Pharma Sdn. Bhd., 15 Persiaran Pasak Bumi, Seksyen U8, Perindustrian Bukit Jelutong, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan or by email to Indicate:


Terms and conditions apply.

Welcoming The Autumn With Spring Colors

Shu Uemura embraces the Fall with a burst of purple and green hues. Honestly I was caught off guard when I saw the promotional poster in Shu Uemura outlets, I was thinking ‘Is this some belated Spring collection? @A@;;’. Other cosmetic brands introduced dark and neutral colors for the fall season but Shu Uemura stepped out with flower power full force =D. Eye candy for this collection includes:

Graceful Bloom palette which is limited edition.

Dreamy Palette consisting of warm colors

Partial Floral Feather False Eyelashes

Floral Shimmer Mineral Face Powder

The launch was only held in certain outlets =(. I RSVP-ed for the launch in Empire but I KO-ed after the sale so I couldn’t rush in time. Lucky there was another launch on Sunday at Pavilion, 3pm. I forgot how small Shu uemura’s kiosk is D8 and thank gods not all 40 people came for the launch. It was so cramped and the SA were only interested in entertaining customers who are buying the products. The decorations weren’t up yet but they were setting up the food *_*b

They totally abused the flowers left, right, centre D8. Mini tarts.

Mini Cheesecake?

I forgot all about this so I didn’t get a taste of it D8

Meringue @_@ omg this thing is so fuwa fuwa >A< So fun to poke it with a fork~


Yes as you can see there’s TONS of flowers orz and they’re all edible. I didn’t dare to eat them but YL did rofl. While we were eating, we suddenly spotted something colorful *o* and other people were crowding around it.

Ooooo the ‘decorations’ for the event~ Headbands that you can only get if you purchase above RM500 D8

For the rest of the common fold who just want to hoard the free food and goodies, we are allowed to pick either a pin or a hair tie instead as a gift =P

The event was a bit sad. Mainly it was for customers to mingle around. There was no demonstration on how to use the palette. Even the SA’s were not wearing the fake eyelashes =(, they had this ‘lan si face’ most of the time cis. We left around 4 to raid the cosmetic counters in Parkson. Note to self, never attend launches in Pavilion D:

Good thing from this launch is the goodie bag I guess. Another bottle of cleansing oil and a bottle of lotion and emulsion from the DeepSea Hydrability range.

My Experience with Eumora Part 2

This is not gonna be pleasant ._. What I’ve blogged about previously was just the first week of using Eumora. By the second week, pimples were sprouting on my face growing faster than mushrooms D: There was one of the days where I found 3 medium sized ones popping out and then the next day another THREE medium sized pimples popped up. My chin was covered with pimples of all sizes and they hurt like crazy when I smile. I had to constantly apply the mint mask to soothe the pain. These pimples were difficult to treat and had multiple oil seeds in them. They hurt so much when I popped them that I nearly cursed out loud at home.

I’ve stopped the Eumora and am keeping to the usual cleanser and toner + ampoules hoping to get rid of them. Yesterday I found a bump under my chin, my mom got paranoid so she kicked me to the nearest doctor for a visit. Turns out it was a lymph node that was caused by the pimples on my chin. This is quite new to me since I’ve never read about this in bloggers review. I know some of them had bad experiences but never this bad =( so you could add this to your list of shit that Eumora can cause D8 for those who are interested in trying. I’m sadly one of the 5% that suffered so badly from this innocent bar of soap =(

Hauls for Today

Damn I totally forgot to post my pretty blusher but it’s ok since I can post my new lashes XD

First an unrelated picture of one of the palette’s that YL bought. It has a nice gold shimmer and the palette only costs RM50 *_*

Now it’s my blusher! =D I was browsing through the box of blushers and I found this! *_* It was together with the normal blushers XD;; This is the Clinique Fresh Picked Allover Color in Mixed Berriesthat came out in Spring 2010 *_* Yes folks this is new! and it only cost me RM50 whahahaa *jumps happily* I tried to do the swatch but the color refused to appear on my hand but it appeared on my face. So weird ~_~

Got dragged to pasar malam and I saw….. fake eyelashes~~~~ All these cost only RM15 in total 8D The 3 boxes at the side are for me to experiment with super thick bottom lashes for Luka.

First box~

The second box 8D

Criss-cross basic lashes

I love how sweet these looked =D

Last one X3

Now there’s plenty of lashes for me to destroy in attempts to learn how to glue lashes onto my lids =D and also to test Luka’s full makeup

Estee Lauder Staff Warehouse Sale 2010: Where Females Henshin into Sparta Men

I should put this in my top 12 things I achieved for this year XD;; I’ve been stalking this sale for over 2 years but never got the chance to go. In 2008, I didn’t know how to get the invites, 2009, I got the invites but was too exhausted the day before so I woke up late. I planned to go there by 5+ but thankfully I didn’t cuz I heard there was a massive queue by 4am.

This year, equipped with all the information from the reports from previous years, I decided to set foot into the war zone. This time, I had an additional companion to share my pain! =D Dropped by YL’s house around 11pm+ and we spend our time youtubing for crack till about 3am. CARDCAPTOR MARIK FTW AHAHHAA

3.30am we started our journey to Renaissance Hotel. Should’ve gotten some breakfast before we joined the queue =(.

See how long the queue is? This was about close to 4am D8

There was a group that arrived at 1am wtf. We brought potato chips, water and a laptop to watch Kobato and K-on to kill time. Plan failed anyways since my laptop didn’t have the codec so there was no subtitles D8 plus the hall was kinda noisy so we could barely hear anything. This has got to be the most interesting sale ever. I’ve never seen a large group stood up so quickly in my entire life XD;;

By 8am, they let us in and everyone rushed in and flocked the Bobbi Brown counter @_@, there was barely any space for me to squeeze in D8. I got the foundation I was looking for but the shade was a lot lighter than I expected but the shade color was correct. Didn’t risk getting it anyways, it’s RM75 >_>. Most of the stuffs like lipstick, lipgloss, eyeliner, and eyeshadow were all prepacked so there’s not much room for your to pick. There were towers of DKNY Be Delicious perfume. YL got one but I already had my heart set on getting Dior Blooming Bouquet ever since I got a whiff of it =D. The Estee Lauder counter was super crowded as well, selling a lot of sets for quite a reasonable price but they didn’t have the set I wanted. I saw the Hydrationist going very cheaply around RM100+ D8 ah the temptation….. I didn’t see Idealist around, probably finished already =(. Clinique booth was full too and I got myself the Fresh Picked Allover Color in Mixed Berries =D and sadly the lip glosses were sold out by the time I was there >w<. Ah wells good for me since I get to save >w<

Out of curiosity, we decided to see how long the queue was. So we followed the trail of people after queuing.

This was 8.30am after the 5 rows of dividers.

Going down the stairs

Under the stairs

Queue leading to the east wing. Sorry for blurry pic x_x

Filling up the lobby in the east wing

Heading out to the exit

Outside the hotel

Finally the queue ends here! =D

Canceled my Shu Uemura event and changed it to Pavilion instead x_X. Wanna try and pop by MOFEW before heading there. *goes back to KO-ing*

Fruitful Sunday Me Thinks?

Went for my dentist appointment after giving it a miss for 3 months XP. All thanks to CF meetings that I’ve been absent for my appointments. I hated my dentist meetings anyways cuz they always make me wait for over an hour no matter how much us patients complain, they never bothered to relook at their service =_=. Last Sunday my appointment was at 10.45, I was only attended to at 12 =w=;;; Got quite cheesed off my the time I was done so I decided to stop by Damansara for lunch and dragged Jonathan out.

Went to that infamous Nasi Lemak store and surprisingly didn’t need to wait long for my nasi lemak =D The Soya Bean Cincau tasted so tasteless D8. I forgot to take pictures though but that place isn’t a place to eat and ‘lepak’ =( since there’s so many people. There’s even a sign saying No Laptops and also I heard some people saying that you can’t even take pictures D8 so it didn’t cross my mind to sneak a picture or two.

After eating, we went around to shop. More like I dragged Jonathan around to see the boutiques 8D. Found some good buys and cheap clothes. I hope my company’s annual dinner is a beach theme so that I have an excuse to buy the cute dress I saw there 8D

CAAAAAAAAAT *molestmolestmolest*

and another one we met! 8D

Another one 8D normal stray pfft~

Definitely was a happy day loitering around the place 8D and I bought Scott’s Emulsion for my own consumption since I gave up on those damn chewable Vitamin B. Says there for healthy bones and teeth D8 and I was expecting it in a glass bottle like how it was 15 years ago, boy I was horribly disappointed when I saw the PLASTIC bottle T_T

….how did this turn into a cat filled picture post @_@;;

Rare Moments Where I feel So Down

The last time I felt this emo was back in 2007/2008 period. I just suddenly felt so down and with nothing in my life to look forward to. I feel so miserable over some things and disappointed and depressed over other issues. Today is one of the days I feel so alone and when I start thinking about what’s happening now, I feel so heavy that all I wanna do is lie in bed and wallow in despair.

There are things happening which I can’t mention here =(

*drags herself to bed*

Weekends~ Ah Bliss~

Haven’t been blogging much this week since stuff happened and I’m a little bit swamped with work. Also, I’d rather watch a few episodes than to blog so kick me! 8D Received my wig some time ago and the quality is just beautiful *_* except that it is a BIT shiny. Did an eye makeup test together with the wig, guess I’ll need to trim the front a little.

Guardian and Watsons have good sales this month D8. I saw lots of things that I was so tempted to buy TwT ended up settling for just these 2 items since I needed them badly and also gotta budget for Singapore and my Finishing Powder <3.

I’m happy everything is settled for Singapore =D. I managed to get a Singtel phone line much thanks to Sylvene :3, bus tickets are booked from FirstCoach, SGD money settled thanks to Jon, itinerary pretty much planned (I think?) but we’ve pretty much figured where to go =D.

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