I Let Off Some Steam

This year, there shall be NO COSPLAY COMPETITION! Instead, we have prepared some special awards to boost cosplayers fame level above 9000!

Best Snob
Best Elitist (Group/Solo Category)
Best SYOK SENDIRI Cosplayer
Best Bling
Best EPIC PHAIL Cosplay Group Debut
Award for the Most LED Lights
Award for the Thickest Makeup (yes we WILL measure)
Best Almost-Haram-But-Not-Haram-Sexy Outfit aka Best Ban-Worthy-But-Not-Yet-There Costume
Best Fingernail Deco


Stay tuned (that means TO WAIT fyi, cuz we comm are elitists that enjoy using big words just to mindfuck forumers) for more details on how you can qualify for any of these awards.


Oops, did I hurt your feelings~~~~? Too bad if you can’t take a joke.


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