Review: Skinlite Relax Soothing Aloe Masque

I saw a couple of these masks going on sale at SASA quite cheaply so I picked a few to try. The mask comes in a 10g packet and 3 flavors, Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea. Started on the Aloe first, hoping it would soothe my current breakouts. 10 grams could last at least 5 applications for me as the mask comes in a gel form so it’s quite easy to spread on my face.

Transferred to a jar =D

Color looks almost similar to my Garnier Aqua Defense moisturizer. Apply the mask on a cleansed face. My skincare regime has been cut short since I’m using the Eumora soap now so I apply this mask once or twice a week (or whenever I can remember haha) if I’m not using Laneige’s Sleeping Mask. I would highly recommend to stash this mask in the fridge before using, it feels like putting some comfortable ice on my face~ *sighs happily* My face does feel softer after rinsing the mask off but other than that, I don’t see any other effects on my face XD;; It’s a nice cheap mask to be used on a hot day though =)

Skinlite Relax Soothing Aloe Masque can be found at all SASA outlets, 3pcs for RM10 offer price XD


Nerv’s Birthday | Edo Gets High

Last Sunday we celebrated Nerv’s birthday during Coffy Time X3

Edo looked ridiculously high that day

Time to cut the cake~

Tradition for each birthday boy/gal >D

After the cake raped him X3

Edo jolly happy with his cake~

Haul for that day 8D Acne patches from Nature Republic at 20% discount *_*, Biore pore pack now in Orange and Pineapple flavor! Etude House BB cream sample (for Nightress) which I got from a small bazaar at the entrance area at Times Square, Sheep Placenta mask from Audrey *_*

I Let Off Some Steam

This year, there shall be NO COSPLAY COMPETITION! Instead, we have prepared some special awards to boost cosplayers fame level above 9000!

Best Snob
Best Elitist (Group/Solo Category)
Best SYOK SENDIRI Cosplayer
Best Bling
Best EPIC PHAIL Cosplay Group Debut
Award for the Most LED Lights
Award for the Thickest Makeup (yes we WILL measure)
Best Almost-Haram-But-Not-Haram-Sexy Outfit aka Best Ban-Worthy-But-Not-Yet-There Costume
Best Fingernail Deco


Stay tuned (that means TO WAIT fyi, cuz we comm are elitists that enjoy using big words just to mindfuck forumers) for more details on how you can qualify for any of these awards.


Oops, did I hurt your feelings~~~~? Too bad if you can’t take a joke.

So I’m Going to Singapore *_*

Plans are pretty much set for Singapore =D I decided that I needed a break since my last holiday was in May 2009 which was the Langkawi trip XD;; Tickets are all booked and I’m deciding on what to look for there *_* I am still moping over not being able to go for Shimokawa Mikuni’s concert so let me plan on how I’ll be able to spend my money since I can’t get the tickets.

  1. Check out TOPSHOP makeup range!
    Only 4 cities carry TOPSHOP’s makeup range at the moment. London, NY, Dubai and Singapore! Best part is, prices range from SGD9 to SGD23 which is considerably cheap looking at how pricey their clothes are!
    My inner child dream is to camp at Sephora ION Orchard~ ❤ Largest Sephora store in Asia and second in size to the biggest one in the world *o* It is a must stop place for me!
  3. Checkered cloth for Kooh
    I’ve never seen how awesome the selection of cloth is at SG ;_;
  4. Update my stash of comics~!
    Saiyuki Reload and Junjou Romantica here I come~~~~~~~ XD I just found out Saiyuki Reload vol 8 and 9 is out and also….. Junjou Romantica vol 8 to 11 is out T___T my moneyyyyyyy  CAN I HAS THIS ON MY WISHLIST? T___T
  5. Raid Kiss Me aisle
    I’ve been hooked on Kiss Me ever since I bought the falsies. The details on the lashes is like no other and it’s perfect for cosplay photoshoots =D. Goggled around and found that their mascara is infamous with tons of reviews from bloggers.
  6. Charles & Keith shoe hunting
    I heard it’s dirt cheap in Singapore, around $30? It’s a minimum RM129 here in KL!!!! Gwarrrr I shall rape that store! >A<

Review: Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

I’m on a review roll! I found out that besides St Ives, Queen Helene’s scrub is also a star product with many good reviews so I ordered one bottle as the price is quite decent (around RM23 including shipping). Sadly this product isn’t available in Malaysia so I had to join one of the spree threads in LYN. Item came in after 2 months, gosh I almost forgot all about it, but instead of a scrub, I found a Masque instead *stares* and my scrub is nowhere to be seen until now D8 The person managing the spree accidentally packed the wrong item in x_X thankfully the rest of the items are exactly what I ordered.

Anyways, this mask comes in a big tube, about 226.8 grams, quite a decent amount for that price. The tube material is very thick @_@ I suspect I might have difficulties squeezing it out when it’s about to finish.  The mask is said to dry up pimples, shrink large pores and rinses away bleakheads. Now that definitely sounds like a solution for my nose area 8D;; The mask comes in an icky seaweed green color and smells minty or in Audrey’s words ‘Smells like Clorets!’. Suitable for those with oily skin as it latches on all the impurities and oil on your pores. After I applied it, I felt a burning sensation on my skin @A@;;; like someone applied cili padi on my face haha but the feeling didn’t last very long. Left the mask on for 15 minutes and then rinsed my face with warm water.

I’m not sure if it removes my blackheads as I’ve never be able to tell =3=;; but I can tell you that my face feels much cleaner. I used it quite often lately as it relieves the pain on my pimples x__X. I’ve been suffering from huge breakouts thanks to the Eumora. Phillip says that it’s the soap doing its job of detox-ing my face and the pimples should be gone by week 3. These are really some of the worst pimples I’ve ever had ;_; oil seeds are coming out non stop from the same pimple *facepalms* and my chin is suffering the worst *sigh* The pimples are so bad till it hurts to touch it D8 and they’re so sensitive, I’ve accidentally popped it too many times in a day. Hope this phase passes by soon x_X.

Battle of Blushers!

I’ve finally received my NYX blusher after 2 months of waiting D8 so I took the chance to make a side to side comparison with my ELF blusher.

I had to wait till a Saturday to put these 2 blushers in natural lighting. Looks the same color doesn’t it? XD;;

At a glance, both colors looks the same. ELF comes in a nice sleek package with a mirror which isn’t really very handy =/ I would still prefer my compact mirror to look at while I do my makeup. I love the pan since it’s big and wide so it’s easy to cover the brush with blush powder. NYX blusher comes with a see through cover so it’s easy to pick through the blush color of your choice if you have a few of these. I just hate the casing cuz it’s so thick and looks cheap compared to ELF’s. Price wise, i got the ELF blusher for RM10 while the NYX blusher was a bit pricy about RM20+

Swatches! On the left is from the NYX palette and on the right is from the ELF palette.

Both palettes are similar colors but when you swipe them, they turn out differently 8D;; The effects are different when I used the brush. The ELF blusher gives a very dewy finish on my cheeks and it’s so subtle that it won’t show in photos lol. The NYX swatch looks very dark but when I took the powder with my brush, the color came out just right on my cheeks <3. I’m so tempted to trash my ELF palette now cuz it’s very difficult to get the color out x_X.

1 <3 Hada Labo Event! Oh The Happiness!!!

I am so glad I registered for Hada Labo’s exclusive event! Hada Labo had an event which is only opened to the first 35 people who registered *_*. I was a bit reluctant to go at first since need to pay RM20 fee and I was broke but when I saw the venue (Fukuya Japanese Cuisine!) and the prices of the food there, I thought to my self wat the heck! and immediately signed up for it.

Audrey drove us there and the car jockey service was free since we were there for an event *w* We registered ourselves and was given a huge card where we had to fill our details, sign 1 ❤ Hada Labo in the most creative away and tell in less than 15 words why we love Hada Labo @A@;;

Thick plastic hearts with Hada Labo’s logo they gave to us =D

We were treated to a photoshoot but the requirement is to pose with the blue heart XD;;

While waiting for all the lucky 35 people to arrive, me and Audrey went jakun around the premises.

The walkway from the parking area to the entrance of the restaurant.

The room there is actually a private dining area if not mistaken. There’s at least 3-4 of these rooms in Fukuya

‘stage’ area

Product display according to range

Tester section~ Can I test the mask? >D

After some speeches and a group photo with all the participants. IT’S FOOD TIME! See the fat salmon slices! *drools*

Tempura~~~~~ I tried a bit of the scallop but it’s not my thing I guess >< This is a lot of food to be shared among 2-3 people. Our table had 5 people so we had 2 sets of each tray. There was leftovers ;__; what a waste *sobs* We were served with Macha Green Tea ice-cream for dessert *_* but I forgot to take a picture.

During our meal, there was a presentation of Hada Labo’s product range and the description of how each range works.

There was also a Lucky Draw session and then a hands on demonstration of how Hada Lado’s lotion works. The staff measured our moisture level before applying the lotion and then measured again after the lotion application. My moisture level was 29.4% before and it shot up to 50.4% after using the lotion XD;; If the reading is indeed true then this is a hell lot better than Laneige’s Water Bank range! The participant with the biggest difference of moisture level wins a prize haha! The winner’s moisture level was from 21% boosted to 70% @A@ wth.

After the demo session, we were given a goodie bag each *o*/ I got excited when I saw the box inside!!!!! It felt like there was a lot of items *_* Audrey opened her goodie bag immediately haha.

Pretty box yes? *o*

*spazzes* Hada Labo!!! you are so generous!!! Thank you!!! <333333 Full size items are: lip balm, face mist spray and moisturizing cream! Sample size items: lotion, cleanser and 1 mask sheet.

We got to bring back a photo too! ❤ I love this photog cuz I don’t look ugly here! *cries happily* The Salabianca and Clinique photos was just plain SHITTY!

Lastly group photo of the 3 of us ❤


Review: Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Fresh

Ah yes~ The famed cleansing oil is now in my hands mwahahhahahahahaha *coughs*. It took me 2 years to buy it =w=;; All this while I’ve attended their cleansing oil demos and seen good results so I thought of buying it but being a student, it’s really pricey to spend RM260 at one go for a cleansing product D8 Now that I’m working, it’s an entirely different thing! *_* I bought the cleansing oil some time last month as they had a RM10 rebate for every RM100 spent so me and Ying Ling got a bottle of cleansing oil each and the eyelash curlers as well. Both which are the star items of Shu Uemura. Oh yeah, we both became Shu members too =D I got the pink bottle as it’s suitable for oily or acne prone skin :3

I came home and immediately opened the cleansing oil and started using it. After cleansing my face, I still had the greasy/oily feeling on my face but after patting my face dry, I get this velvety feeling on my face which feels kind of weird. At first I thought maybe I didn’t wash it properly, but even after a week of using and rinsing it 5-6 times, I still get that greasy/oily feeling so end up I had to use 2 cleansers just to have my face clean. Other than that, it works as a great makeup remover but honestly, I could achieve that with Fasio’s makeup remove and Biore’s cleansing wipes and that only costs less than RM50 altogether!

This is just my opinion on the product. I’m sadly one of the 10% of the population that can’t use this D8. Most of the reveiws are good if you check online. If anyone’s interested, I’m selling this away for RM190 (450ml) used less than 10 times. Other skincare items such as Assata Scar Serum and Polynia Face Scrub, you can refer to my selling thread here.

Close Shave! 8D

Damn another close shave last night. I can really consider myself a lucky bastard x_X. I was driving home along Jalan Semantan heading towards KL after work around 8pm. The road was heading downhill and there was a slight jam so I stepped on the breaks. The moment I stepped on the breaks, the wheels screeched, my car started skidding @A@;; and was heading towards to the yellow divider. Omg those horrible skidding sounds are still ringing in my brain and the experience of not being able to control my car was damn fuck scary TT_TT. I tried to turn the wheel to the left to get back onto my lane but it was so difficult to control the steering wheel that I accidentally turned too much and I ended up in my neighbor’s lane @@;; I finally got my car onto my lane and ended up inches away from the car in front of me.

During the whole incident….. NO ONE HONKED @A@;;;; Either everyone was too stunned or it was normal for them to see cars skidding at that area!!!! I was so confused whether the incident really happened or it was just a dream cuz no one honked me x_X. I was so sure I’d either crash into the divider or bang into my neighbor, thank godsssssss >A<

It Has Arrived!!!!!!

I collected my NYX and Coastal Scents spree items! =D and boy don’t they look just fabulous ❤

Only 3 of the items are mine ;__; Combined order with Megu and Kemu

And my pretty pretty palette~ I tried a makeup test with only my eyeliner, CS palette black eyeshadow and my NYX black lipstick

Scary! XD That’s why I made the picture smaller! >< and I didn’t put foundation so you can see all my pimples ;__; but I love how the eye makeup made my eyes sharper.

A few reviews coming up soon ><

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