Day Trip of Disappointment

Ever since I joined the department, I try to attend as many ACG events as possible. Luckily, I have a lot more freedom this year as I’ve already started working and paying for the car. The ACG event I attended last week was situated far off from KL so I invited Audrey, Teri and Ying Ling to car pool to the venue. We were commenting how there were good signage pointing towards the university until we reached the area, there were no signs to direct us to the university campus =w=;; so much for good directions. Getting in was easy peasy, we just told the guard we’re registered and tadaa! we’re in! =D No checks or ripping me from my driver’s license or asking me to come down and fill any form.

The place was arranged into 3 areas, registration, gaming area and the main hall where the event is held. The place brings back a lot memories X3 of CF 2005. I was merely attending for the sake of studying the overall event and cosplay competition format and the execution. The turnout was surprisingly good for an ACG event located in the middle of nowhere but the event was a real let down, reason being:

1. Emcee

Having a good emcee is essential for a successful event. For the first time in my life, I see how disastrous an event can be without a good emcee. The way he was announcing the announcements sounded like he was talking to himself, and when he couldn’t get our attention he started to raise his voice and it came out in a very rude tone, which was why I shouted back and heck my voice is louder =_=. During the cosplay competition, he was resting at the podium and the cosplayers had to walk towards him thus all the attention had to be focused on the side of the stage. During the Q&A session, it felt like an open conversation between him and the contestants. His failure to communicate with the visitors is just… SAD. Much thanks to him, the event was pretty much a flop.

2. Epic = Sad

The amount of ‘epic’ used into this event should just be replaced with ‘sad’ instead. That would pretty much express how disappointed I am in this event. The booklet content is terrible in terms of language and rationale. I honestly felt like screaming and ripping the book into pieces when I read one of the sections. Doesn’t help much when Audrey read it aloud in the car on our way home lol. Promo materials overall looks like half-assed work. The whole place was quite quiet…. doujin booth members were mostly stoning lol.

3. Backdrop

The backdrop design was so-so but what caught my attention was the Animax sponsor logo that was placed at the bottom right of the stage. The Animax logo looked like it was drawn on a piece of mahjong paper and then pasted onto the backdrop! Only the outline of Animax was shown and no corporate color! Oh gods, I had a heart attack when I saw the logo. Their logo was also placed in a position that it will be covered by the stage speakers so at least 1/3 of the hall wouldn’t be able to see the Animax logo. In return, Animax provided EIGHT slots of airtime!!!! *pull hairs* I’m very, very, very, very, have I said very yet? oh yes… VERY disappointed. The very least they could do was send it for A3 digital print, cut it out and paste it on the backdrop.

Those would be my complaints about the event =w=;;; I do notice some good points about the event. Mainly on how they market their event in the early stages. There were oncoming updates every 2-3 days which makes people go back to the thread and check for them. Great that they provide shuttle buses and spam updates of their event over Facebook. Compared to other events of the same scale, they really did a good job for the pre-planning stage.


Friday Adventures

Yes I realize it’s a little late =( but I i like to share good stuff! \*w*/. On Friday, my office had a little bubble war XD;;

Our toy weapons! Looks lame I know! XD

War zone~

Others were not spared~ Bother, bother bother! *w*

Boss joined the fun too XD;;

It’s decided that Friday will be a Nerf gun battle *_*. Dragged Jared to check on the Nerf guns at Empire XD;; and we found a great lepak place there!! *_*

Pretty place deshou?! Looks so comfy! ❤

Beanbag chairs and dim lights 8D

Private rooms where you can watch TV, movies or play the Wii :3

Ordered our food :3 Dinner sets start from RM8.80 onwards

Eating area at the cafe :3

Comes to the food part! Mushroom soup served with garlic bread. They both go together really well and there;s a heck lot of mushrooms in the soup! Best part is, there was no bitter aftertaste like the one we had at the cafe with cow pictures.

My spaghetti =D which looked kinda small when they served it @_@ and for RM10.90, it’s really worth your money =D. Much better than the spaghetti at Simply Fusion, and by the way…. I couldn’t finish it! D8

Jared’s burger, first thing I noticed was.. ‘omg big fat patty! o_o’


Overall I quite like the setting of the place =D and the food is good buuuuuut, I’d recommend to take the soft drinks =.= They were kind enough to switch my soft drink to warm barley and even added the barley seeds in for me but the barley was TASTELESS! like they forgot put the sugar in T__T.

Still got 2 more entries to put up, MAGE report and my beauty hauls from the weekend.

Pamper Day

Oh gods today is a super pamper day. Double cleansed my face, applied hair treatment onto my hair, used moisturizer on my body, gave my face a good scrub followed by a mask session and body lotion before I go to sleep =D Some belated photos to post up.

My Body Shop goodie bag contents from SATC 2 screening *_*

Inside is their latest lippy range and we got a full sized stick each!! ❤

Cover of the goodie bag XD;; very scandalous~

Forced myself to buy a scrub. I’ve been ignoring my Polynia exfoliation gel as it’s not working very well for me *sobs* RM40 down the drain. Just tried it today and now my face feels so smooth as though someone sand papered it XD

Girls Weekend Out!

On Saturday, I chose to abandon ALL my work and went for a stay over at Teri’s place lol. It was just us girls with skincare, dorama and one laptop X3.

Sex and the City 2 Special Screening event much thanks to The Body Shop! =D

Was one of the few lucky people to grab a pair of screening tickets to SATC 2 so decided to drag Ying Ling along since it’s quite near her office. Rushed out of office by 5.30pm and got into an accident =w=;; Banged into a MyVi cuz some dumb shit van driver jammed onto his brakes which caused the MyVi to suddenly stop and I couldn’t break in time ;_; I could hear skidding from the car behind me. No damage on my car but the MyVi had a scratch >w<;;; The girl was kind enough to let me go huu huu TwT/

Reached Pavilion by 7 and parked at Starhill (yay for RM5 parking!) Body Shop gives awesome goodie bags *o*. We got a full-sized Delipcious lipstick along with some coupons to be used at The Body Shop!!! *o* They served some finger food before the event and Ying Ling kept eating the smoked salmon orz. Then as we went into the hall, we collected our complimentary popcorn and coke! Omg thank you Body Shop for taking such good care of us >w<;; Met quite a few familiar faces =D Janoah, Fatin and I saw Miu when we were leaving the hall haha.

As for the movie…. omg the brands just scream out at you T_T;; The walk-in closet is to die for, shoes that you could only dream about, the lifestyle that you will kill for >w< ah~ I wanted to scream so badly throughout the movie TwT damn, damn, damn!!!!

Saturday, we were suppose to attend the Body Shop Delipcious in store event ;_; but we woke up late *sigh*. Still, our minds were set to shop at MidValley so 3 of us got dressed and head to MidValley around 2pm. Dropped by Stage to check their 50% discount, Teri and Ying Ling both were eyeing on the eye shadows. Went to Skinfood so that Ying Ling can get her nail polish, 3 of us spent quite some time playing with the colors @_@. I’m so tempted to get some myself but my hands are so stubby, the last thing I should do is highlight them for public attention T_T. Last stop was at Shu Uemura where I made the most spontaneous and most expensive purchase in my entire life OTL. The only time I would splurge this much is at warehouse sales ;_; oh well, there’s always a first for everything.

My haul =D Cleansing oil + eyelash curler + membership card and some few samples.

I’ve been delaying my purchase for the cleansing oil but when I heard there’s a RM50 off the third item, I just HAD to buy something before I regret it for life. Sides, I’ve been keen on being a Shu Uemura member for some time. So with my purchases and Ying Ling’s we got our curlers at Rm35 each *_*;; after playing ‘cheat’ haha.

In Teri’s words, we shopped while she dropped XD;;;

Saturday night, another stayover! *o*;;; (I shamelessly invited myself lalala) Ying Ling brought over her mango mask for us to try XD;; and we had to supervise Teri using the Shu Uemura cleansing oil XD;;

Mango mask from Baviphat! For a brand that has a counter in Parkson, their products are sure cheap o_o. This mask is only Rm49.90!

Looks like whipped cream XD;; I’m quite interested in buying the Peach peeling gel since it exfoliates + pore care + brightening effects! Who knows, it might work then I won’t need to buy Laneige’s Strawberry peeling gel XD;;

Someone awesomely kept getting cut by different objects lololol

Even though I’m now flooded with work T_T;; it was really worth it *_*

Big House gets Big Attention from Me!

Yesterday was my first visit to an animation house *w* and boy it’s huge!!!

Big big! *eyes go pikapika*

We came with cake *_*V

We had tea together getherrr

Group pic!

And then a tour around the place =D

The workplace is quite interesting and very spacious *w* Pantry is awesomely stocked TwT

Pretty garden to relax but required staff card to enter =A=;;

Interesting toilet signs XD;;

Really pretty place *_* Love exploring big houses.

This entry lacks text cuz I’m not feeling so well x_X. Going off early today XD thank gods it’s the weekend.

Freebies, Buys and Tall Skyscrapers!

Pretty bottle? :3

My toy I bought during the weekend! X3 I was suppose to buy this last weekend but I forgot to cut out the coupon from Cleo. After discount, it’s RM27 =D I tried it on before heading out, I still prefer my Gliss Kur but I wouldn’t mind leaving it in office for a spritz before and after meeting clients.

Parcel I got yesterday~

Inside was a cute sample size lotion and another surprise! 70% off from any of the following treatments above. I’m very keen on the facial *_* will probably book a spot next month when my pay comes in! XD

Work has been treating me well, I’ve been rushing all around KL/PJ for the past 2 days. Thank the heavens make up is not compulsory in the company as I sweat very easily. On Monday I had to rush to Brickfields and then to Jalan Ampang to drop stuffs to client, I sweated so badly during the trip that I’m not surprised if my shirt is see through and soaked with sweat ><.

Passed by a very pretty place when I was in KL :3

Received good news this morning XD I won a pair of tics to a special screening of Sex and the City 2 by The Body Shop Malaysia *w* Thank you TBS!!! <3<3<3

Weekend Full Of Awesomeness and Disaster


Saturday was absolutely wonderful =D Pictures on Facebook tells it all X3 and suddenly I find another cosplay plan on my lap x_X.

Sunday however… *groans* I went so ballistic over some fucker. The only time I’ve felt that pissed was with my parents. This dolt however is a damn hypocrite and self-centered person. Putting his own personal issues on the table and telling us not to get OUR own personal issues involved. Its bad enough he thinks the meeting is under control when HE’S chairing it, he voices his opinions and then tells us to take the topic online. WHY?! All so that he can end the fucking meeting early and get home.

When it’s his fucking mistake, he blames the comm as a whole ‘It is our fault and I think we can learn something from this bla bla bla’ but when someone else makes a mistake oh boy the amount of arrows that can come out of that fuckwit. Every time people drill sense to him, he gets defensive. Well if talking won’t get through his thick skull, I’m just gonna have to leave a deeper impression.

Fuckwits, when idiocy is just not enough.

Fun At Work #86 Bubble Wrap Obsession

Yay the other day, we took back a product from the client.

Oh glorious joy! cuz when we opened the box, it was filled with bubble wrap!! ❤ ❤ ❤ Me and my boss got busy and started popping bubble wrap XD;; and ignoring the main content inside the box *_*

They have the huge ones too!!!

The photographer came and took the product later on and I just couldn’t get my hands off the bubble wrap *w*

Photog: Wow, you’re one of those bubble wrap people
Me: Yes! You know where I can get a roll to pop happily?
Photog: As a matter of fact, I do.
Me: Omg can order? XD;;

I wish. LOL

Great Discoveries!

My haul for today =D

I went for a mini makeup session with Silvy, May, Nao and Mika X3. Dropped by Guardian and Watsons for some price comparing and this is my mini haul =D.

See how pigmented it is! and oh the shimmerrrrrr ❤

Maybelline Diamond Eye Studio palette 2 for RM43 so I immediately called Mika to see whether she’s interested so we each got a palette =D then I bought the Biore cleansing wipes. Boy those were very difficult to get as they were wiped off the shelves of Watsons and I got the last pack at Guardians (I’ll do a mini review on this later). Later on, me and Mika came back to Watsons to get the Fasio make up remover and I got myself Secret’s eye pencil liner for my Luka cosplay =D The one SilkyGirl has is in CANDY PINK *facepalms*

Pretty pink for my Luka eyebrows ❤

Now onto the Biore Cleansing Wipes, what I would put in my God item list =D. I’m now not surprised why it’s the no.1 make up remover in Japan. I was skeptical at first that’s why I got the small pack. It only costs RM6+ for a small pack of 10 sheets while a pack of 42 sheets cost RM32 and the refills cost RM25. Now if you do the math, you’ll see why the smaller packs of RM6 are cleared off the shelves! RM6 x 4 = 40 sheets for only RM24+ and normally we would keep these wipes in our makeup pouches instead of lugging a container of 42’s around so the smaller pack is always a better buy.

I tried the wipes during the mini makeup session and oh gosh fantastic results! My makeup was removed with one swipe! In fact, me, May and Nao share one cotton wipe and it removed ALL of our make up! I am gonna buy another 2 packs just to restock!! <3<3<3 5 star item!!

Before I forget…

Makeover done by Mika, eyelashes glued by Silvy haha. Test for my Luka makeup =D


I’m cossing Sandplay Luka =D Anyone wants to join me?

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