Review: ELF Studio Blush in Tickled Pink

My ELF Bush in Tickled Pink

I never had the patience for the sprees in LowYat Forums so I dug deeper and found someone selling their ELF blusher. It’s slightly cheaper AND I don’t have to wait~ =). The blusher comes in a similar casing as the NARS Orgasm and it gets smudged quite easily >_<. I was fiddling with it in office and I have really oily hands so it only took 2-3 sheets of tissue to get the smudges off =). There’s no brush included with this blusher but I have no problems with that as my main requirement for blushers is to have them in a big pan =D so that I can swipe my big fluffy brush all over it.

Since I was too impatient to swipe it at home, I swiped it with my finger at office XD;;; Surprise, surprise there’s a sheer mark of the blusher on my fingertips. The color is very similar to Benefit’s Dandelion. I tried taking picture of the blusher but it was just too light unless I use flash T__T. It’s not a blusher I would throw aside, the color is perfect for day makeup as it gives you a natural flush on your cheeks. It’s not as pigmented as many reviews mentioned but it you’re on a budget, this is your blusher. I have no regrets spending my RM10 on this blusher =D as Dandelion costs RM139 *shoots self* I will make a comparism with my NYX blusher as soon as it arrives =D


IBE 2010 + Extra Hauls

My haul from Saturday’s shopping day :3

I got sold by this pair of eyelashes *_* Bought it from CinemaMakeup booth. They were having a buy 1 free 1 for all their products.

The other pair that I got.

Total I paid at the expo was RM32. RM22 for the eyelashes and RM10 for a 3 packs of sponges orz. I didn’t need that many but they’re selling me a pack at RM9 wtf. I didn’t really buy much from the expo as I’ve already prepared a list of what I want to buy and I really don’t want to go overbudget. I intend to get the Dolly Winks eyelashes but I found out they were RM55 ;__; and they suit daily wear rather than for photoshoot purposes. I wanted the transparent masks but they weren’t around sadly D8. Half of the booths were selling BB cream of all sorts, I got some samples of Hanskin BB cream along the way =D.

After KLCC, I went to Pyramid with Jonathan while Jared went back to complete some work. Main purpose was to get my flats and some accessories for Coffy. I was debating on those flats for a couple of weeks but bought it in the end cuz the bottom was PADDED! ❤ Oh the luv! and they cost less than RM50 after discount! =D. I didn’t buy anny accessories for Coffy but I got this instead.


Got those earrings for RM15 T_T. Super expensive but I think it’s worth it for my love to Sesame Street T_TV. After Pyramid, dropped by Daiso, The Curve to buy a water bottle to monitor my water intake. I’m starting on a slimming drink that requires me to drink at least 2 litres water a day. I’ll also be exercising of course but I know that it won’t be enough so gotta do something to curb my appetite =/. I saw some nice clothes at Nichii but they were a bit pricey and I could see my belly *sigh*, I didn’t buy that nice pair of jeans I saw at Edwin too as punishment for myself =(. I told myself that I won’t buy any clothes till I slim down =(

Oh yes my Hanskin freebie =D Can’t wait to try this on next week!

Insanely Pissed

Things haven’t been going well since 12 midnight zzzzz. Someone ticked me off, I endured 2 hours of jam, forgot to pack my phone charger, office no water as the pump is damaged, my boss sent me and my colleague to the lions den and we got half eaten, MORE people ticked me off with stupid question.

That summarizes the last 17 hours of my life.

IBE 2010

I went through the Special Features for the International Beauty Expo and listing some of the stuffies I plan to buy :3

  1. Golden Corner, Dolly Wink eyelashes – Booth E06, 07
  2. Cel-Elements Holding, Gootnite Jelly Mask – Booth J

Must….. Diet

I weighed myself this morning and I was 48kg =( I was only 42 last I checked! Argh I get hungry so easily ever since I started working. Add in the fact that I don’t exercise so all the fats go into my thighs =( Explains why my jeans felt so tight lately *sobs* I’m looking at slimming drinks and probably gonna try the Leptin slimming drink =( and arrange my exercise routine TAT


Review: Laneige Water Bank_EX range

From left: Water Bank Cream 2_EX, Balancing Emulsion 2_EX, Power Essential Skin Refiner Light_EX, Water Bank Essence_EX, Water Bank Eye Gel.

Some 2 weeks ago, I was one of the lucky participants to be given this Water Bank trial kit. The catch is we’re suppose to fill up a survey form in 2 weeks time. I’ve just received my survey form and I thought of posting my thoughts about this range here. Laneige recommends 4 steps after cleansing the face. The skin refiner comes first which acts as a toner followed by the balancing emulsion which helps the skin absorb moisture better. Then comes the essence and cream which will give your skin a big moisture boost =D Notice how some products have the number 2 on it? Well that indicates that this range is suitable for people with combination skin =D

Laneige Power Essential Skin Refiner Light_EX

As mentioned earlier, the skin refiner acts as a toner. It effectively restores sebum balance and reduces oily zone leaving the skin soft and fresh for better moisture absorption. I find this product very nice and cooling when applied on my skin but for those with pimpled faces, brace yourselves for it’s gonna be a rough ride!

Laneige Balancing Emulsion 2_EX

Laneige has been kind enough to customize this range to suit all skin types. Luckily, I got type 2 which is for combination skin, type 1 should be for normal skin if I’m not mistaken. The balancing emulsion is oil free and comes with anti-oxidant and firming qualities. I found out during the briefing that emulsion helps improve the moisture absorption from rest of the skin care products (eg: moisturisers, creams, etc). I have nothing to comment about the emulsion, except the packaging. Oh boy it was difficult trying to get the emulsion out onto the cotton pad, without using my manly powers >_>. It’s as difficult as trying to get old ketchup sauce out from the bottle!! At first I thought that maybe the emulsion I got was old or expired but turns out other participants are having the same trouble.

Laneige Water Bank Essence_EX

The essence circulates moisture from deep within the skin, protecting the skin from losing moisture while strengthening cells and increasing skin renewal rate. This light serum contains extracts of soya bean, blueberries, honey, yeast and shea butter. Given the list of extracts here, I’m expecting my skin to be soft and velvety by the end of the survey =). The essence comes in a pump bottle so I didn’t struggle with it =P and just as described, it’s a very light serum that spreads easily all over my face.

Laneige Water Bank Cream 2_EX

This light weight water based cream provides a moisture barrier on the skin for up to 12 hours. I love the smell of the cream but find it too sticky when applied to my skin ><

Overall: During the 2 weeks I was using the product, I did not experience anything new. I still get breakouts and my face often feel sticky with a layer of oil. Add in my struggle with the emulsion bottle, I honestly don’t feel like following this skin routine.

There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

Or is there….? 8D

My free lunch at Bayu Timor XD. We had a farewell lunch since 2 of our colleagues are leaving.

The cat farm opposite Jared’s place 8D. When I squat down, they gathered! When Jared called out to them, they flee! mwahahaha~

For dinner, we went to Empire Subang to see the place! Very classy looking XD and we dined at Italiannies! Partially cuz I liked the checkered looking floor *_*

Our large portions!!! The prawns were super fresh =D

My fish with angel hair. The angel hair was a disappointment =( it was kinda dry, salty and oily DX

Dessert from Coffee Bean, was curious about their frozen yoghurt =D Tastes like milk powder + vanilla haha

Super bling-ed Toys R Us at Empire =( how I wish I’m 9 D: Childrens toys look so much better nowadays (and more expensive too argh!)

My free samples for yesterday! ❤

3 sachest of Laneige’s star product which is the sleeping pack :3 I’ve been asking counters for a sample of it the last month and they showed me their thick faces telling me there’s no such thing D: hmph!

What Happens in Office

What we do for product testing

This is one of our projects, advertising an air purifier. My colleagues started jakunning on this product the moment we got our hands on it lol. The indicator changes color when it detects allergens in the air so my colleagues started ‘feeding’ the purifier with smell of potato chips, biscuits, coffee (pic: my colleague feeding coffee to the purifier). The art director rubbed her leg on the purifier and the indicator lighted orange! (which means the air is dirty) ahahahahha!!! Then when she asked our boss to lick the purifier…. HE DID OMG and at the very same place our art director rubbed her feet on *facepalms*.

Yes we have sick people in office lol. I haven’t started about others yet XD;;

My Mess During The Week

It’s another post with random pictures from different days stuffed in ~_~ I barely have the time to blog lately as I have a lot of meetings at work, especially this week =(

I saw this at Cold Storage and thought of giving it a try. So sad when I found out Ben& Jerry’s cost almost RM30 for the smallest tub ;__;. And by the way, the tea SUCKS =A=. Switched with Audrey for her Green Tea, haven’t given her the rest of this crap yet XD;;

Our mess during the makeup test X3

Guess how much I bought all of this for 8D? RM37!!! I went to a lingerie warehouse sale and some of the participating brands include Sorella and Pierre Cardin!! <3<3 Most of them are fashion bras which have straps criss-crossing here and there x_X I’m not keen on detangling the straps off that black bra OTL

I. Die. Happy 8D

It’s like an ice kacang hill in the office freezer but that’s not a reason to die happy 8D That’s my Milo buried there.

THIS is a good reason to be happy~~~ Total spent was only RM100 which was for the sleeping pack 8D

Yes the rest is all freebies 8D;; A while ago, Laneige opened a new store in KLCC so they were having some promos. The sleeping pack cost RM100 and it comes with a free pouch plus some travel size items =D. Well I didn’t manage to go there but Miu was lovely enough to sell me one of her sets <3<3 I didn’t expect it to come with a small spatula so I won’t need to stick my icky hands into the tub~

Laneige Water bank trial pack 8D

I got this trial pack to test it out since I’m one of their participants for the survey. This pack is suppose to last for 2 weeks but I think it can last me for 1 1/2 months @@ It comes with a toner, emulsion, essence, cream and eye cream. Best part it, once we’ve submitted out survey, we’ll get a mystery gift! *w*9 I tried it last night and I really their essence~

Chanel samples of their latest range 8D. I tried their lip conditioner and it’s heaven ❤

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