Picture Gallery: Where I’ve Been

I’ve been busy with work, shopping, pushing myself to exercise and going out with my boyfie so I’m only here with a short picture post =D

Small black cat beside a retirement home :3

And a big one inside the retirement home :3 There was a dog as well but it was kinda shy >w<

Lucky number when I went to pump petrol =P

I found this at Taman Megah FoodCourt recently so I pressed the button….. THERE WAS NO SERVICE!!! ;___; It was all a lieeeee!!!!

After that unsatisfactory service at the food court *grumbles*, I went to the pet shop and took this picture for Audrey. Pity though since last week there were 2 small Pugs, both the same size =D

Shopping – Hurrr manage to keep my budget. I bought a bag, one lavender coloured sweater and a grey turtleneck. Hurray for Jusco and good discounts at Sunway Pyramid =D. Finally settled with a screen protector with privacy guard for my BB but very the expensive T_T;; thank god my clothes were cheap or else I would’ve waited till next month to get a screen guard ><

Exercise – Jogging on Saturday and now I’m left with KO-ed legs DX

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