Freebies Haul for the Week!

Shu Uemura sample!!!!

This is unexpected o_o

I came back to find some box inside an envelope on my table. I thought it was my lotion that finally arrived. Opened it to find this. I gave my details to their website months ago and forgot that I was suppose to receive this XD;;

Work is great and each day, I feel grateful for getting such a fun job with a fun boss XD;; Wish to blog more but I come home always feeling tired and I have no time to type in office T_T My colleague brought her external today and I just leeched 60GB worth of TV series and movies (and there’s Glee included! *o*) I shall try my bests to resist watching them in office TwT as long as I don’t go download VLC to that comp haha XD


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