Thicker Lashes~

I’m seeing this on beauty blogs.

Similaar with Kji & Co’s I Lash Envy Kit, the Loreal has come up with their own Lash Boosting Serum. Don’t think it’s in Malaysia yet but from the reviews from beauty bloggers, this  product sounds like a miracle for people with thin lashes =D. Am wondering should I ask my parents to get it for me :3. It’s cheaper than Kji’s lash kit!

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  1. Mel said,

    April 5, 2010 at 6:10 pm

    well this type of mascara isnt really a new thing…
    my friend tried and said its the same to use a normal one, wait for it to dry and put a 2nd layer, a less expensive.

    for my part i have long and thick eyelashes, i use a random made in china mascara with only one layer and i got asked if i use fake eyelashes lol >_>
    guess i was lucky lol

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