Johor Expedition~

On Monday, boss dragged us to Johor for  a site recce for one of our projects. Surprisingly it was a 4 hour drive and we made 2 pit stops along the way. Boss a bit particular with his 10 year old Nissan lol.

Ayer Keroh cat ❤

Got to experience walking on a construction site.

Damn dangerous when it came to crossing drains @_@. The plans were thin and it WOBBLES! In the end, only boss went to shoot the view while the rest of us stayed put. The place is suppose to be a city soon but it’s surrounded by kampung houses @A@. We had a lot of fun and got a lot of stares when we were eating at McD XD;;. Picture one old Indian man on the same table with 3 young Chinese girls XD;; and I think you guys know what Johor is famous for lol.

First time I’ve seen mamak serve in such nice cups @@

Yes it’s short, entry starts with a cat and ends with a cat lol. My trip to Citrusplus coming next.


Which To Pick???

The sad part about having a blog in public is that you can’t express about the people that have disappointed you. Often I would argue with myself and ask whether should I tell them or not and end up just keeping it to myself or rant it out to people.


I’m undecided for which hairstyle to pick. My dry hair can no longer to support my curls without any high maintenance D8 so I’m switching to a shorter, straighened styled.

Short bob


Emo layered~ =D

Help me pick pls TwT

Origins: Get Out Of The Red

On Friday I got a call telling me that someone backed out of the Origins workshop and asked me whether I wanted to attend. I couldn’t say no of course XD I’ve never attended Origins workshop before and this workshop is free with refreshments and door gifts! So today, I rushed my errands as quickly as possible before making my way to Maya Hotel for the workshop. I found an open area parking 2 blocks away for RM4 per entry or I could’ve parked at the hotel and get a flat rate of RM8 after validation from the concierge (like hell I’d pay!).

The workshop is held at the Sky Lounge on the 13th floor. They gave me a pair of slippers to be worn in the lounge XD (which they forced us to take it home as well).

The place looks super comfortable!! Everyone’s dressed in red since that’s the dress code but the name of their workshop is Get Out Of The Red, oh the irony.

The testing table! *drools* Other tables had candles TwT

The food which sucked in my opinion. Very little choice but hey I’m not that unhappy about it.

All is good with Twinnings Tea! *o*/

Today’s workshop talks about skin inflammation and having a good night sleep, how their products, Dr Andrew Weil range will help solve the problem. The speaker asked for 3 volunteers to let them ‘understand what pain is’ by giving them a strip of wax and asked them to wax their own legs D8 and then apply Origins Mega Mushroom Face Lotion which will help reduce the redness on skin. The lotion is often used for their facials so that customers won’t walk out of the centre with a tomato face XD;;

Another product they highlighted during the workshop is the Night Health Bedtime Balm. A balm that works like a massage oil, spreading it onto the key relaxation points on your neck, shoulder and feet to relax the body. They gave us a generous amount for us to try. I’m not sure whether it’s the lack of sleep I had for the week or the balm working but I had the best 2 hour nap when I came home XD;; This is one product I might consider to purchase.

Part 2 of the workshop was about keeping makeup simple and Bobbi Brown did a demo on how to do a quick touch up for daily makeup. This is the first time I’ve heard a makeup artist telling me there’s no need for foundation XD;; and I approve! Didn’t stay long to get my makeover done as my dad wanted to go Tesco.

The door gift from Origins. Ginger Burst body wash and 2 liptints. There was also a sample redemption voucher from Bobbi Brown, 1 RM50 cash voucher, 1 furry clutch and 1 pouch from Maxi & Co which is not in picture.


The agony about waiting for my pay is that I’ll start planning all the stuff that I wanna buy *groans* and thinking about all the debts I gotta settle, by the time my pay comes in, I’ll settle my debts but will be too afraid to buy anything. Ever since I started working, I’ve been eating alot ;w; just for yesterday I ate a big bowl of porridge for breakfast, 2 1/2 bowls of rice + nyonya dishes for lunch and wanton + watermelon juice + soft cookie for dinner. Omg hope my budget for food will be enough DX.

GACC has left me tired and drained for this week @_@. my boss asked me whether I was tired since I yawned in front of him orz. Time to catch up with my sleep this weekend. My weekdays are all dedicated to work. I come home around 9+, take a shower, snack a little and watch 1-2 episodes of Psych before I head to bed for 6 hours of sleep =/. It’s difficult for me to arrange programmes for my weekends since I’ll be feeling so tired and I have commitments T_T (CF and dentist).

Small reminder to myself to get these stuffies:

  1. Sunblock
  2. Bigger bag the size of Cleo magazine

I’m wearing the same old shit to office and I’m surprised no one made any noise yet. Foundation can wait for a while since we don’t need to wear makeup to office so I’ll have some savings while I pay my Blackberry debt off DX.

MiLab Samples: Nzyme Series

The other day I saw an ad on MiLab and it mentioned that I can email for some samples XD. So far I’ve seen reviews about their sleeping mask but I decided to simply try my luck and see what they’ll give me =D. 4 days later, samples arrived! *o*

I got the Nzyme pore refining set =D

A double action mask that exfoliates and refines the skin gently and effectively. It uses therapeutic plant enzymes to gently slough off dead surface skin cells to reveal a fresh, balance and soft complexion.

N-zyme facial cleansing powder micro-exfoliates dulling debris and instantly leaves the skin noticeably smoother and softer. The powerful powder formula activates upon contact with water, releasing papain, bromelain, and rice actives to smooth the skin and accelerate cell renewal, leaving the skin extraordinarily clear and refreshed.

It also helps to remove the dull layer of dead skin cells, improves the texture of skin, unclogs pores as well as reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In addiction, it can prevent ingrown hair and acne scarring.

Descriptions of products copied from main site.

I did a little bit of digging about the Tiger Eye stone and I found this

Tiger’s eye (also called Tigers eye or Tiger eye) is a chatoyant gemstone that is usually a metamorphic rock that is yellow- to red-brown, with a silky luster. A member of the quartz group, it is a classic example of pseudomorphous replacement by silica of fibrous crocidolite (blue asbestos). An incompletely silicified blue variant is called Hawk’s eye.

The gems are usually cut en cabochon in order to best display their chatoyancy. Red stones are brought about through gentle heat treatment. Honey-coloured stones have been used to imitate the much higher valued cat’s eye chrysoberyl (cymophane), but the overall effect is unconvincing. Artificial fiberoptic glass is a common imitation of tiger’s eye, and is produced in a wide range of colors. Tiger’s Eye mostly comes from South Africa.

Above quote from Wikipedia ahaha *gets smacked*. Some sites wrote about its healing properties as well, I’m not so confident in its effectiveness XD;; but at least this bit of info will encourage me to wear it out XD.

Morning With A Blank Face

One of the most highly anticipated cons of the year is now over once and for all TT__TT. I went for GACC during the weekend. The usual roadtrip came with frustrations along the way but we all had our fun. GACC day 1 was in the male/female changing rooms omg. The noise and atmosphere was unbearable, music blared to the max in such a small room and the stench of sweat fills the place DX. I had the opportunity to judge for the cosplay competition and was given a tag but can’t wear it OTL. I like the souvenir but I wish I can trade it to get discount for their T-shirt instead X3.

After observing the cosplay competition at GACC, I realize the prize plays a HUGE part in getting cosplayers to join =/. No longer cosplayers join for the fun of it which makes it a bit sad TwT. The trip back too quite long thanks to the epic jam DX. I reached home at 12 and went to bed at 2 after bathing and unpacking. This morning I woke up feeling dead and now I’m feeling extra crappy since I didn’t bring my jacket and glasses *sigh*

Oh yes and throughout the weekend I got 3 necklaces!

I got this from Ikano for RM 19.90 =D Goes really well with my bohemian long skirt.

A handmade pendant from Jonker Street, Melaka =3. This was only RM10 and the most I can afford TwT. Other necklaces cost RM40++

A Tateossian Tiger Eye Pebble Necklace from my uncle. This organic and fresh Tateossian “Pebble” necklace showcases a hand carved Tiger Eye concave pebble shaped pendant hanging from an adjustable Italian leather necklace. The necklace also includes our signature logoed and hallmarked sterling silver curved tube and is delivered in an elegant black box with a brown velvet interior. Description from the website @_@. I dare not mention the price of this thing!

Good haul this week :3 I won’t need to buy any accessories for this month =D

Look What Came In Yesterday! >w<

Received this at work XD I’m expecting an invoice but a large package came instead *w*

Either they’re encouraging me to have a more comfortable sleep or get panda eyes. I’m confused~ XD

3D glasses and a picture book! *w*

Close up on glasses and book~ 8D

I’m happy to get small toys like this >w<;;

Women Make The Right Decisions! =D

When I’m without a camera, I have no spirit to blog TwT. The Blackberry has a better camera but I’d rather have a camera by itself ;w; Went for dinner with Jonathan last night at Swensens and men just can’t seem to order the right food XD;; His spaghetti arrived with CHUNKS of beef and the sauce looks dried up. My fish baked rice was very nicely done *_*, the cheese half melted so it oozes~~~~ The best part was the dessert: Banana Crumble.

It’s sizzling! *_*b RM22 serves 2 people =D Have to eat it quick while it’s hot cuz it’s disgusting when cold ><

For you freebie hunters :3 Just fill up the form at the main site and print it out!

Funny Huh? =D

People tell me I’m weird for not being excited about my convocation. I’ll tell why now that it’s over =P

1. It’s Overdone

You graduate at kindergarten, primary and secondary school. I’ve never experienced those but my younger brother has went through convocation twice and I really don’t see the point of waking up on a Saturday to go receive an empty shell when I can spend that time doing something else =D.

2. The Ugly Robe

Really, my pictures look ugly enough and the last thing I wanna be caught with is me in an oversized robe, an ugly hat and a PINK sash (some other course got baby blue). It’ll fill my Facebook scaring me for life~ There’s enough ugly pics of me as it is.

3. Achievement vs Scale of Ceremony

After 4 years in that hell hole, they make a super big and crowded ceremony to display your face and announce that you’ve completed their torture chamber with a second lower class (in my case). Where’s the fun in that…? It’s not as though I achieved first class? Everyone has a degree now so what’s there to hoo haa about?

There’s more but I don’t think it’s a good idea to mention it here ~_~ and I took 3 days to make this entry cuz I was too darn busy XD;;

Thicker Lashes~

I’m seeing this on beauty blogs.

Similaar with Kji & Co’s I Lash Envy Kit, the Loreal has come up with their own Lash Boosting Serum. Don’t think it’s in Malaysia yet but from the reviews from beauty bloggers, this  product sounds like a miracle for people with thin lashes =D. Am wondering should I ask my parents to get it for me :3. It’s cheaper than Kji’s lash kit!

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