City Life Is The Life For Me~

I’m back in KL and might be going to Ipoh again and more often during the weekends but I’m specifically told my mum there’s no way in hell I’m going to Ipoh during GACC week XD;; High chance to go back to Ipoh this week but I’m really not up to it as I’m so tired when I come back from work. Mum’s not happy of course so she kept bitching in the car. I’m very tempted to swerve into a ditch just to make a point that I’m just fucking tired.

Some perks while at Ipoh

  • Found a scorpion on the loose in the kitchen
  • Found a spring Gramophone
  • Gathered lots of tea in the house enough for 3 generations
  • Found lots of wine and Henessy’s
  • I has a gold dragon pendant =D

Work is somewhat hectic. Boss giving me small things to do for now and I got 3 angpows the moment stepped in office lolol. The past 2 days been doing quite a lot of work. 1 day can get wasted alone during meetings and I think I made a huge first impression when I screamed in the conference room during the meeting since I saw a roach >w<. Yesterday went ‘kai kai’ in Kajang to see client =D


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