The Truth?

I’m not happy (to put it in a lighter way) despite all the good things that happened. My mum’s rushing me to buy own car with a fresh graduate’s salary and pesters me with itty bitty chores while that stupid brother of mine bums in the house. Hope both of them end up in hell plz. Useless piece of shit…

And other factors….. I won’t bother to write them here…

Baskin Robbins shared among the 4 of us yesterday. I honestly prefer Lecka-lecka….

Today me and Audrey redeemed our facials from Skin 11, a sub of Cellinique. Their facials are at a standard price of RM139 and the treatments differ depending on your face condition. The beautician used a lot of products on my face that I totally lost count @_@ but I remember one of the masks smelled like pineapple tarts! She didn’t do much extraction on my face since there’s no way to pinch out the oil seed from my current pimples >w< but the masks help sooth the pimples.


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