Terrible Friday Experience

Thank you Jared for bringing me to nice places to eat ;_; it was definitely a good weekend~

Went to Gardens and had lunch at Zouk :3

They had a lunch set for RM21.90 or RM18.90 an add RM4.90 for dessert or soup. We took the RM21.90 and added soup and dessert. I ordered cake as my dessert only to have the waiter telling me that they only serve beef pie and muffins on that day when clearly the menu says dessert is any cake selection or panna cotta. So our dessert is Beef Pie and and for soup, we picked Wild Mushroom soup

Jared’s Seafood Aglio Oglio

My Fish and Fries that took AGES to arrive

The service was TERRIBLE. Our soup didn’t arrive and when Jared asked about it, they went back to the kitchen and came back telling us there’s no more mushroom soup. Again, I whinned about the cake so the waiter said he’ll go and ask the manager. I got my cake in the end thanks to him. My Fish and Fries took ages too. We were long done with the Seafood Aglio Oglio before the Fish and Fries arrive.

The Beef Pies enough for two mouthfuls if your mouth is as small as mine. Tasted like super expensive ‘siew pau’ if you ask me.

Our Chocolate Moist Cake that’s crumbly and dry D8. This is RM12.90 ala carte price. Even cake mass produced in factories would taste better =_= and more moist. This cake is so dry it felt like it was left in the fridge for days.

After lunch, we walked around here and there. I realized there’s nothing to shop at MidValley D8 compared to Sunway Pyramid and 1 Utama. 5pm, I went for the CLarins launch which was ANOTHER bad experience *sigh*.

I registered and was ushered to the refreshment table. There weren’t enough seats and the drinks took a while to be refilled. After that we were attended to individually. I was brought to the skin analysis table and was given the most inexperienced consultation I’ve ever come across =_=. I won’t bother going into details but in short, she asked me to change my moisturizer only cuz it’s a common brand. My moisturizer has clearly helped in improving the hydration level of my skin judging by the comments of the Clinique SA and during my most recent facial session.

After the skin analysis, I was brought over to the makeover table. There was a queue but it was good that the SA took her time in making sure each guest gets a good makeover. When my turn came, another SA came and switched places. She did my makeup in a rush D8. Coverage was good but the eyeliner was all smudgy and the lipstick she applied onto me was too thick.

Then it came to the tunnel where guests can walk thru the tunnel to know more about the product and at the end of the tunnel there’s 4 doors. You pick a door and 4 random keys from a basket full of keys. If the key you picked, unlocks the door of your choice, you’ll get a prize =D. I was a bit disappointed that no SA walked with me through the tunnel and the shove the basket of keys with me without telling me more about their product. When I came home and read the reports of other bloggers, I was also sad that I wasn’t presented with my door gift >< *sigh* quite a messy launch.

My freebie from Laneige. Saw the cutout coupon in the Star newspaper on Thursday =D



Had this at Warung Belly’s near my office. I feel so cheated eating this ;_; It’s called Fried Nasi Lemak. To me it felt like I paid them extra to mix the sambal into my nasi lemak, dump in some vege and handful of onions DX which weren’t very nicely shredded I might add. Taste was okay thankfully, sweet and a little spicy which is my preference =D

Parking today was a little problematic, damn machine doesn’t like 10 cents so if you put more than 5, it’ll spit out ALL your coins and you gotta starts from RM0.00 D8. I had to put in TWICE and carefully separating the 10 and 20 cents among the 50 cents TwT Perks working in the office is people envy my youth and body~ *flees*

My Starbucks cup is ‘officiated’ after hiding in the cupboard since 2007 lol

I’m Going, Are You?

Just received the newsletter this morning and RSVP-ed for the event~ Read up to win prizes people! XD. I changed the site layout just to accommodate bigger images. No more 320px x 240px~ X3

City Life Is The Life For Me~

I’m back in KL and might be going to Ipoh again and more often during the weekends but I’m specifically told my mum there’s no way in hell I’m going to Ipoh during GACC week XD;; High chance to go back to Ipoh this week but I’m really not up to it as I’m so tired when I come back from work. Mum’s not happy of course so she kept bitching in the car. I’m very tempted to swerve into a ditch just to make a point that I’m just fucking tired.

Some perks while at Ipoh

  • Found a scorpion on the loose in the kitchen
  • Found a spring Gramophone
  • Gathered lots of tea in the house enough for 3 generations
  • Found lots of wine and Henessy’s
  • I has a gold dragon pendant =D

Work is somewhat hectic. Boss giving me small things to do for now and I got 3 angpows the moment stepped in office lolol. The past 2 days been doing quite a lot of work. 1 day can get wasted alone during meetings and I think I made a huge first impression when I screamed in the conference room during the meeting since I saw a roach >w<. Yesterday went ‘kai kai’ in Kajang to see client =D

Passing of Another Life

2 days ago, my grandma suffered from a stroke and collapsed, hitting her head on the car bumper. There was a lot of blood and thankfully my grandpa’s friends were quick to respond and rush her to the hospital. All of us rushed home and my aunties and uncles rushed to book the next fight to Malaysia. Most of my grandpa’s friends stayed with him till we arrived. The next day we went to visit her, she was placed in the third class ward as the head nurse is stationed there and the ICU was full. Vitals were normal but she reained unconcious and required oxygen to be pumped into her system. According to the doctor, her brain is flooding in blood and they’re afraid of operating her as her chances of surviving the operation were slim. He was emphasizing a lot that she’s old, indirectly asking us to prepare for he worst.

My aunt arrived at 1-2am 1 day after my grandma was admitted and they went straight to the hospital to see her. According to her, my grandma has a tear or two rolling down her cheeks and she was struggling to say something in her unconscious state. We went to visit he again in the morning and to catch the doctor as well. Her blood pressure was improving but she had a slight fever. I had hope that she would recover.

On the third day, her heartbeat and blood pressure dropped drastically. My uncle from US arrived that night and rushed to her bedside, she was gone after 10 minutes. We believe she waite to see all of her children before departing to the next life. Funeral arrangements had to be made quickly as my grandma picked an inconvenient time to depart. CNY is near and no one is available to handle the body.

The whole time I was very pissed at my mum. She wanted grandma to be creamated just for practiality purposes…. My grandma was a datin and she did not give such a large sum of money to my mum just to be creamated. Her reason was that she didn’t want to clean the grave. I feel angry that my mum can be so selfish. I’ve never felt so much hate towards her. She was very inconsiderate to leave me alone wandring aimlessly around the hospital while the whole family went up to visit my grandma. Her excuse cuz they wouldn’t take long. They made me wait for 2 hours and 40 minutes FML. More reason to curse her to hell. I know it’s awkward to curse at this period of time but her actions was just plain selfish of her.

Curses! >w<

Heading back to Ipoh tonight as grandma fell down orz. I’ll be internet-less and suffering nose problems for a week TwT. On the bright side, it’s 1 week of leeching meals from my parents teehee.

The Truth?

I’m not happy (to put it in a lighter way) despite all the good things that happened. My mum’s rushing me to buy own car with a fresh graduate’s salary and pesters me with itty bitty chores while that stupid brother of mine bums in the house. Hope both of them end up in hell plz. Useless piece of shit…

And other factors….. I won’t bother to write them here…

Baskin Robbins shared among the 4 of us yesterday. I honestly prefer Lecka-lecka….

Today me and Audrey redeemed our facials from Skin 11, a sub of Cellinique. Their facials are at a standard price of RM139 and the treatments differ depending on your face condition. The beautician used a lot of products on my face that I totally lost count @_@ but I remember one of the masks smelled like pineapple tarts! She didn’t do much extraction on my face since there’s no way to pinch out the oil seed from my current pimples >w< but the masks help sooth the pimples.

Penyet Penyet~

I woke up at 12 in the afternoon yet I can still nap after buying lunch >w<;; Lucky Jon dragged me out or else I’ll be napping =A=;; We were suppose to go for cake but instead

We went to eat flattened food! Our food arrived unflattened, both the beef balls and the chicken, I feel so cheated!! @A@;;

They got the drink order mixed up too… I got Dinosaur Milo instead of my Ice Lemon Tea DX

I…. forgot to take picture of the food so I asked permission to take picture of the food before they served to others >w<\ and now Jon claims he doesn’t know me pfft.

Walked around The Curve bazaar and saw Garden opened a new branch along The Walk. Nicer place for photoshoot compared to the main branch in 1U since it’s outdoors.

Snug fit jeans!

My original plan was to try on those kiddy flower girl dresses since I’m confident I can wear the biggest size =D Turns our Debenhams doesn’t stock on those dresses, they only had casual clothes (and a very small selection I might add) for 3 – 8yrs and 11 – 16yrs (wth happened to the in between?). I tried on a pair of jeans suited for a 12yr old and they fit VERY snugly DX and I’m totally in love with them cuz it’s in boot-cut style ;w;. Very difficult to find this style since skinnies and straight cuts are the trend. To buy or not to….. it’s RM115 TwT

Vote Me For Cat President! XD

Remember the Shu Uemura Kitty party? Well now there’s a voting contest for best Kitty & Pose~ I have a favor to ask~ Please vote for me *w* cat no.3

Vote for me here~

Some might grumble about the hassle of being a follower to vote and ask ‘what is it in for me….?’ Well voters get a chance to win a Shu Uemura face mist worth RM80! =D Perfect for you Shu Uemura fans~ So pretty please vote for mweeeee *w*/

Thank you in advance XD;;

Drop By

Just want to say~

After 23 resume’s (whut? I thought I sent out more ><)
5 interviews (and the many times I got lost)
and 2 job offers
I will soon work at Hagley & Hoyle as an Account Executive =D

Contract signing tomorrow~

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