Respect!!! *salutes*

Work today was horribly boring and tiring!!! T_T Endah Parade is a dead place so it was difficult to push our products to people. Standing there in my not-so-best heels was a wrong decision, my feet hurt like crazy after 4 hours *groans*. It’s amazing how long the beauticians can stand during the roadshow and I’m even more amazed at their skill of persuading >< all thanks to the training from their Sales Manager.

It’s been ages I’ve last done any shopping and I need to get a few items D8

  • Scarffffff my checkered scarfffff (it’s always not thick enough, wrong color or shit expensive. RM59 for a scarf is NOT in my budget. I saw one for RM16 in Endah Parade but it might be a bit short, didn’t have time to check it out)
  • Loose shirt (Haven’t looked for it yet)
  • Prettia Hair Dye (some infamous foam hair dye I’m dying to try, placing order on Sunday hopefully)
  • Hair treatments (Saw it for RM70 for 600ml, buy 1 free 1. Might buy it for the sake of saving my dry hair ><)

*suffers from the withdrawal symptoms of shopping addiction* It’s hard not to spend TT_TT. The hair dye is a must D8 cuz my hair now is just… weird…. and I need to thread my eyebrows… and a WAX!!! TT_TT *looks at her pocket money*


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