Packing To Penang!

I shall be away to Penang for 3 days~ Gone by Sunday morning and will be back by Tuesday evening =D The most frustrating thing about packing for trips is packing my toiletry bag XD;;

Ever wonder what’s in my make up briefcase? ><

First compartment from top left: Naturactor foundation (2 shades), Maybelline mineral foundation, Clinique eye cream, PureMild emulsion, M.A.C sponges, Inuovi eyebrow color, Estee Lauder duo blush, M.A.C primer sample, Clinique moisturizer sample, no brand blue eye pencil, Maybelline lip gloss, M.A.C concealer, Kajal eyeliner, M.A.C cream concealer, Clinique foundation sample, Benefit Dr. FeelGood balm, Revlon foundation + powder for Shaun, Johnson & Johnson powder.

And I discovered cracks on my lipgloss D8;;

Second compartment minus the mini toiletries and wig caring kit from the left: Brush set, PG fake eyelashes, Avene spring water, Skin Food makeup remover, mini Dior mascara, SunPlay sunblock, Make Up Store eyelash glue.

Final compartment from left: Various Maybelline eyeshadow (7 o_o), White and black nail polish, retractable brush, Maybelline lip gloss, Loreal Infallible lipstick, Maybelline cat eyes mascara, Maybelline eye shadow pencil, various Loreal lipsticks (3), super expired Dior lipstick (I keep it in case of any exchange programmes XD), Silkygirl duo eyeshadow, Majolica Majorca single eyeshadow.

From my handbag: Maybelline lip gloss, Beautilicious lip gloss, Majolica honey pump lip gloss, Crazy Rumors coffee lip balm, Za lipstick, SkinFood white grape fixer, Clinique powder, Ettusai wet tissue, Maybelline loose powder.

Conclusion from this post? Take pictures with a proper camera and… oh gods I have a lot of stuff TT_TT


Meet Tootsie

This is Tootsie! >w< A big fat lazy Golden Retriever. It’s blocking the door so I can’t get back in ;o;

and I caught her trying to yawn~ XD

Another picture~ She’s so fattttt ❤

The interview went well. I waited for a while and one woman came in. Turned out it was Denise, the Director @A@;; but she was very casual with me. The place is damn effing far, hopefully I won’t get the job TT_TT

I’ve been meaning to ask, how is everyone’s Valentine prep? XD

I R Amused

I never knew I was that active XD;; Only signed up for the clubs and never made it to any of their meetings 8D;;

I also found out that the inner wear section in Robinsons is awesomely pretty! *_* The collections there are far more sexy that the ones sold at department stores. Somehow…. the extra sexy lingerie comes along with a VERY ugly price tag =( but the place is prettyyyyyy TwT

Am not prepared for my interview at all XD;; the place is damn far and I haven’t photocopied my certs lalala~

Pests!!! *screams* >A<

Why oh why!!! >A< Last night a roach crawled up my leg. I looked down and saw something black on my leg so I just auto screamed! x_X Me and my bro equipped ourselves with our trusty Shieldtox, rolls of newspapers, torchlight and a white cane to prod places. We tried our best but it got away TT__TT. We turned my whole room upside down but it was nowhere to be seen =( so I stayed up all night with the thought of it still on the loose @A@;;

Much thanks to Jared who came by first thing in the morning, I got some sleep while he guarded me (by sleeping beside me on my bro’s pull out bed rofl). Thank you sayang!!!! ❤

There’s so many things I wish to rant but not very practical to do it here x_X

Clinique Review Again

Clinique gave me quite a generous amount of samples and I really like how interactive their site is =D. Few months ago, I dropped by their counter to redeem my 2 piece gift ended up got 5 pieces~ =D I got the 3-step skincare and foundation + pressed powder that suited my skin tone.

It wasn’t my plan to try their makeup since their 3-step skincare regime made my skin itch and the redness on my nose and forehead got worse. With all my interviews and work last week, I had to wear makeup almost everyday. I already wore my Naturactor foundation during my interviews which was my only foundation >< and a little too thick for daily use so I tried Clinique’s foundation for the 3 days I worked as a flyer girl.

Makeup A to Z for this neko~

A thin layer of moisturizer. For me, I use Garnier’s Aqua Defense Moisturizer.

Next comes my trusty Dr Feelgood from Benefit to help maintain a matte face. Applied extra on my nose area to last for the whole day.

Now comes the foundation. The SA gave me the Superfit foundation for oily skin =D

Touch up with Clinique’s Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed powder.

So far the combo works really well for me, I only touch up twice during the 9 hours of work =D. Will invest in the powder when I have money, the foundation is very light and barely any coverage though so I’m still leaning onto Bobbi Brown’s XD

Busy During ‘Vacation’!!!

Gods during the last 3 days, I hardly checked my Facebook and Twitter cuz work was tiring =(. The supervisor forced us to drag customers in but I failed anyways since I’m at a huge disadvantage (damn you to hell Mandarin!) Thank gods it’s over and I have incoming cash! It’s little but I’m hoping to get Jared a little something with it :3. Crossing my fingers that my next interview will be in Sunway area XD;; Now I have to suffer with back pains and feet that hurt like a bitch for the next few days. Those heels were really uncomfortable =(

Back to sending out resume’s! I’ve just sent out 2 and will send out another 2 after I sit on it for a while =/ cuz one of them is in Sri Kembangan >_>;; Why are all the job vacancies in crazy places!!! ;w; Spare meeeeee. Vacation sucks cuz I’m free but no marneeee XD. Actually I do but I just can’t stand the thought of spending it when there’s no inflow of cash D8. I’m buying my hair dye soon (when the bloody LowYat page finally loads) cuz my dye a year ago is starting to look ugly. Hair treatment will have to wait ><, hold on for a while my dear hair~~~

This is silly of me but I’d like to celebrate 2 newcomers in my underwear drawer! Say hello to my 2 first pieces of Pierre Cardin bra sets! XD I’m not silly enough to post pictures unlike Sylvene! XD;; Next goal is to get that corset I saw at Xixilli~

The List~

  1. Clean room (when I wake up)
  2. Ironing @_@;;
  3. Dye hair
  4. Send shoes for repair
  5. Wax and thread!!!

Respect!!! *salutes*

Work today was horribly boring and tiring!!! T_T Endah Parade is a dead place so it was difficult to push our products to people. Standing there in my not-so-best heels was a wrong decision, my feet hurt like crazy after 4 hours *groans*. It’s amazing how long the beauticians can stand during the roadshow and I’m even more amazed at their skill of persuading >< all thanks to the training from their Sales Manager.

It’s been ages I’ve last done any shopping and I need to get a few items D8

  • Scarffffff my checkered scarfffff (it’s always not thick enough, wrong color or shit expensive. RM59 for a scarf is NOT in my budget. I saw one for RM16 in Endah Parade but it might be a bit short, didn’t have time to check it out)
  • Loose shirt (Haven’t looked for it yet)
  • Prettia Hair Dye (some infamous foam hair dye I’m dying to try, placing order on Sunday hopefully)
  • Hair treatments (Saw it for RM70 for 600ml, buy 1 free 1. Might buy it for the sake of saving my dry hair ><)

*suffers from the withdrawal symptoms of shopping addiction* It’s hard not to spend TT_TT. The hair dye is a must D8 cuz my hair now is just… weird…. and I need to thread my eyebrows… and a WAX!!! TT_TT *looks at her pocket money*

Money Flows In!

Yessss I’ve got a part-time job thanks to Yanny! *kisses* Distributing flyers in Carrefour, Sri petaling this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I’ve stopped applying for jobs in case any company calls me for an interview during the weekend just like what happenned with A&D.

After my last dentist appointment, I can only eat soft foods due to the bite raiser and it throws my eating habits out of the window since I can’t eat leafy veggies =(

Yes I’m not blogging much since my camera is gone T_T. Hiatus till Monday!

And We Pick Ourselves Up~

Isn’t it a cutie? XD My new icon on Twitter~

I did much better during the second a third interview but both workplaces are very inconvenient to me and the pay ain’t that good =/ but the manager of the PR firm was willing to teach me from scratch if I got accepted. I’m trying to get more options by applying to other companies so looking at hotels and banks at the moment. Decided to take a break for Wednesday to photocopy my certs and apply for more jobs (I’m looking at you CIMB!). Thursday will be my interview with Mandain Oriental and I might be working on Friday till Sunday giving out beauty vouchers.

Ugh work! *o*/ I don’t know whether to be happy with my progress or headwall.

4 More!

I got a very unexpected call while I was doing my chores.

Me: Hello~
Person: Hi this is ___ from ___ Company. Could you come in for an interview on Monday?
Me: Sure, what time may I ask?
Person: 4pm
Me: Okay no problem
Person: before we end the conversation, may I ask do you understand the responsibilities of the job?
Me: Yes I do
Person: Would you mind telling me briefly what you understand about this job?

Well at this point I was a bit stuck cuz I sent my resume for this job 10 days ago! Not to mention by now I’ve sent out at least 25 resume and I don’t remember the position I applied for D8 so I gave a stupid answer…

Me: I’m sorry, I wasn’t expecting a long call. I’m in the middle of something right now so could we continue this during the interview?


Yes lame I know but I honestly forgot what position I applied for ;w; and I was in the middle of doing chores so can’t be quick enough to check what position I applied for XD;;;

I’ve got 4 interviews lined up for this week =D 2 hotels, 1 PR firm and 1 event company X3 Busy week then! >A<

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