Someone Deserves a Slap! >A<

My manager awesomely did not tell me I’m not needed at work on Monday =.= So I came to work just to be told that I’m not working wtf =.= At this rate, I might leave by January. Called Audrey and we headed to the Comma and Elianto warehouse sales. Damage to my pocket? Only RM6 =D

Either those are miniatures or the pencil is huge XD Your guess?

Mini lip gloss with a fairy charm =D

Mousse blusher, both items only cost me RM5 =D

Big pencillll *paws* for my Coffy cosplay =D and it’s only RM1!


Under The Starless Skies

Second part of my last entry. Pictures of the Christmas Deco in Pavilion. Sylvene requested that I took some pictures and I wanted to test my camera at night so why not.

LOTS of people there @w@


This picture took me ages to capture cuz there were many people taking pictures with it T_T

I love how the lights shine nicely in the photo.

The Christmas tree~ 4 at each corner.

Crocodile shirts of every colorrrr XDDDD

Saw Carven Ong’s boutique at Prince Hotel *screams* XDDD

Karaoke and Enju

Don’t mind me if my entries seemed very scattered lately. I’ve been handling too many things at one go I couldn’t focus entirely on making a proper entry. I like keeping my blog as updated as possible =/. Today marks the day I end my FYP shit 8D. I submitted my final draft today which means no more changes =D. After submission, I joined Sylvene and Zef at Green Box in Sungei Wang. 1pm to 4pm for only RM10, I’m so gonna miss my student privileges once I graduate *sigh*.

Free flow of snacks and drinks plus endless emo songs and screaming.

After karaoke, I met up with my parents to eat at Enju Japanese Restaurant as Citibank cardholders get 40% off XD. Honestly among everything we ordered (the usual udon, soba or chicken katsu don) the most worth thing to eat there is their Unagi Don (RM45)

So much unagiiiiii *screams*

I ordered some soba which tasted like char kuey teow =A= it was a huge disappointment that’s for sure. I believe the food at Enju is nice if only I ordered from the other sections like the grilled secion (there was cod and pike fish there). I saw a table that was eating one of the fish dishes and the portion is huge enough for 3 average eaters to consume. I took plenty of pictures but decided not to post it as most of them have a yellowish hue.

Next entry is on Carven Ong spazzing and Christmas Deco

*throws confetti*

Wohoo I’m done with me thesis! All that’s left is the submission~ =D and burning the CD. Today me and Sylvene decided to celebrate by using our facial vouchers XD. We purchase RM88 vouchers a few weeks ago which entitles us to receive a face treatment worth RM288 + RM50 cash voucher + mystery gift!

The salon is located on the first floor of Subang Parade.

Remember this puppy from months ago? XD Yep it’s the same place *_*b

We were treated to deep cleansing, extraction and a double mask which felt really minty and cooling! Sadly they don’t sell it to customers. Oh yes not to forget the short shoulder massage and pressure point which is not really my thing DX This is one salon I would definitely recommend as they take all their sweet time to extract all the blackheads out. After the treatment, they lead us to the consultation table and briefed us on the products used, no sales push which is another plus point =D

The result: No it’s not from my face >D but it definitely came from someone lol

My gifts, a serum and eye cream since my skin showed some irritation when I applied the sun block and moisturiser.

The most epic row of signboards everrrr. Took the picture at one of the roads near Subang Parade

Chrome and Gempak

In the middle of juggling my thesis but I have a huge urge to blog!


Cosplayers crowd was small since AFA stole them all DX but we had our share of fun with lots of dorama ensured.

Picture of yours truly by Lowies. I look like someone’s baby sister.

Christmas Collections Are Good Eye Candy!

Loads of Christmas sets are seen on the rack of every store. Some cheap and some sky rocketing high thanks to the pretty packaging TwT. Today I popped by to check Bobbi Brown’s Holiday collection 2009 and it’s really pretty. I’m in love with their selection of eye colors. Most of their colors are earthy chrome colors which is a nice change with all the purple I’m seeing lately.

Best eye candy evaaaaa. 10 eye color swatches and 4 lip colors with 2 mini brushes included. Chrome Palette retailing for RM310.

Can’t blog much since I’m rushing my thesis but I’m feeling much better now hehe~

MeowFest at Shu Uemura

Have you guys ogled at the latest Tsumori Chisato collection at Shu Uemura? There’s no need to rush over there if you haven’t cuz plusizekitten is giving you a chance to attend her Miu Kitty Cat Christmas party organized by Shu Uemura. Imagine, Cat themed AND Shu Uemura~~~~ ❤ *squees* The 15 lucky people will get to have fun at the Hands On Party Makeup using the Tsumori Chisato range of course! There will be a Puuurfect Kitty Contest, and the Best KittyContest with prizes of Shu Uemura hampers worth RM400! Owh did I forget to mention, you’ll have to be in a kitty costume for that party~ X3

Details of the party~

Now to qualify as one of the lucky 15 for the fabulous party~ you’ll first need a cat costume ready of course XD (at least the ears and tail) then comment on her blog with:

Follower ID:
Blog: (to increase your chances to be selected, you can blog about this party)

1. My favourite Shu Uemura product is __________
2. What I would do to attend this party?

Terms & Conditions:
1. Only followers of Plusizekitten can participate.
To be a follower click to follow me on my blog (right hand panel, somewhere in the middle of the blog).
2. Only 15 followers are invited to this party.
3. Contest ends 1st December, 2009 & emails invites will be sent out.
4. Please follow dress code to attend party.
5. I will and can change my contest conditions.



Horrors of Impulsive Buys *stones*

I walked out of Jusco, stoning at my most recent purchase *sniffs* I’m so surprised at how quickly I said yes for this promotion ;w;

Assata Acne Scar Serum. Voted as ‘Best Scar Serum’ by CLEO Beauty Awards 2008. Soften skin texture while it rescues and repairs skin tissues, scar marks and irritated sensitive skin with this award winner.

This baby costs RM158 and it comes with a lot of freebies~ For RM158 you get:

  1. Assata Ance Scar Serum 15ml
  2. 4 facials
  3. 1 shoulder massage
  4. 1 eye treatment
  5. 1 neck treatment
  6. 1 eyebrow shaping

I don’t need the eyebrow shaping D8 but yeah the salon is at Taman Maluri which is VERY convenient =D For those interested in the offer, their booth is at the Jusco Wellness pharmacy until the end of this week if not mistaken.

Early Christmas

Wohoo~ Look what arrived today =D

It’s the Starbucks Planner~~ *squees* and Jared got it for me 8D without failing to remind me how much he contributed to get this thing haha.

It’s so prettyyyyyy~ *hugs it to bed*

Christmas Drooling *screams*

Dammit I’m looking at too many gift sets that are popping out like mushrooms all around KL! The Kiehl’s holiday sets look good and I’ve screamed over the Crabtree sets in the previous entries. I’m also targeting a pair of boots I saw at Sunway D8

The Clinique lip smoothie looks so tempting too >A<

And this Loewe bag! There’s plenty of replica’s in Petaling Street. Just gotta pick the right shop to bargain =/

Gluttons Food Raid

Okay it’s not exactly a raid but me and Zef ditched Career Fair and went to Wai Sek Kai, Pudu for dinner. It was raining when we headed there but it subsided when we reached.

A graffiti on the walls of Pudu Jail XD I find it really cute.

Fried chickennnnnnn! Sadly I just got my braces fixed on the same day =/ The queue for this shop is kinda long.

Zef’s order of Herbal Pork Mee.


and egg custard @A@

While my date had a big feast, I got Fish Paste Mee for myself and a bowl of egg custard. The Fish Paste Mee was very plain =/ totally not tasty. Barely finished it but I ate all the seaweed ❤

His excuse? So that  he won’t get hungry in the middle of the night. As for me, I’m slurping instant mee right now lol.

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