Of Chopping Dicks and Skinning Balls

The title for today makes me feel like an evil person with a job that is both cruel and awesome. Of course, this title is a lot more interesting than me telling you I cut and peel hundreds of carrots and oranges twice a week so hit me XP. Initially this was suppose to be another review entry but there is more important news~ Taken from Anime News Network.

Manga creator Kazuya Minekura has launched her Saiyuki Ibun historical adventure series in the 11th issue of Ichijinsha‘s Zero Sum Ward magazine on Wednesday. According to Minekura in a July 16 blog entry, Saiyuki Ibun recounts how a man grew up to become the pivotal character Kōmyō, years before the first Saiyuki storyline.

Minekura had stated in a May 2 blog entry that her next series will be the final act of Saiyuki. However she had since downplayed that statement in a later July 12 entry. In that entry, she said that she will launch a series called Saiyuki Reload Blast in Monthly Comic Zero-Sum magazine in December. Monthly Comic Zero-Sum magazine is another Ichijinsha publication; it had serialized the Saiyuki Reload manga until its end in June.

Omg it’s like a dream come true but at the same time, I’m wondering whether Saiyuki will EVER end. I’ll go grab a copy of Zero Sum just to check it out. I can’t understand shit any Jap but what the heck XD I highly doubt this will be scanlated and if it will be, it’ll take months before it’ll be released. My favorite is still Saiyuki Reload among all the series =D Chuang Yi, I’m still waiting for the rest of Reload manga! *shakes them*


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