I’m Blank

Lately I don’t feel that motivated to blog about things that happened during the week cuz it’s been nothing but full of procrastination and laziness. For today I bring in another freebie that came through my inbox. Bobbi Brown is having an event to promote their foundation. Just hop in any of their outlets and request any of the sales assistants to help you achieve perfect looking skin then take home a complimentary perfect foundation sample.

Very similiar to the Clinique event last month but this is one sample I’ll definitely ask my friends to try and grab as I’ve been worshipping their products eversince I went for one of their makeovers. It’s time to share the magic~ Bobbi Brown does give the impression that it caters towards the older women but it’s done wonders on my complextion compared to other brands XD. I’ll try and get a before and after picture to blog along when I can…. once the pimple rampage has passed that is.


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